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How To Airplay Google Meet?

If you are looking for a way to watch your Google Meet meetings on the bring screen, then there is no better way than to share the content through the function of AirPlay. However, you need to know how to AirPlay Google Meet. 

Google Meet is owned and developed by Google and is one of the top rivals to Zoom and the best video conferencing application for online meetings. Logging in using your Google credentials lets you conveniently attend all your meetings from a phone or laptop. Whenever you feel the screen size is small, you can AirPlay the meeting to get a better view of the meeting’s participants. 

This application, in other words, is like Google’s hangouts but a rather business-oriented version, which, for business purposes, is highly well-suitable. Therefore, to watch all your meetings from the big screen, learn how to AirPlay Google Meet with us. 

How To AirPlay Google Meet?

Before attempting to AirPlay Google Meet, remember you must have a TV compatible with AirPlay or simply an Apple TV. Otherwise, your efforts to stream your Google Meeting’s content on a larger screen will be futile. 

Through an iOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone, you can easily AirPlay Google Meet to your compatible televisions by following the simple steps listed below.  How To AirPlay Google Meet

Step 1: Connecting Wi-fi:

Begin by turning on your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV and then connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your phone. You must ensure that your AirPlay-compatible television and iOS device are connected to a single network for the connection between Google Meet and AirPlay to be successful. 

Step 2: Setting Up AirPlay:

Open the control center of your iPad or iPhone, and tap on the option indicating screen mirroring, which will present you with a list of devices. Select the name of your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV from this list. 

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Step 3: Sharing Meeting With TV: 

After your iOS device is mirrored onto the TV, you should launch your Google Meeting through the Google Meet application from your iPhone. As soon as the meeting starts, It will be shown, and you can view it from your TV’s big screen. 

Likewise, if you wish to stop casting the meeting on your TV, click the icon for screen mirroring on your iOS device. 

AirPlay Google Meeting From Mac:

The procedure employed for how to Airplay Google Meet from Mac is the same as the one utilized for iOS devices. The only difference is how you access Google Meet which on an iPhone is through the application, but on a Mac, through the official website. 

Step 1: Establishing Wi-fi Connection:

First, perform the most important step of establishing both devices’ Wi-Fi connection to a network. Your Mac and AirPlay compatible TV must be connected to a singular Wi-Fi. 

Step 2: Connecting AirPlay:

On the home screen of your Mac, through the menu bar, access the control center and tap on the screen mirroring icon. From here, then, out of the list of available devices, choose your TV and connect it to your Mac through AirPlay. 

You can also choose your preferred size of the desktop to be displayed on the TV from the options of screen mirroring. Supposedly, if it is your first time connecting your Mac to the TV through AirPlay, then you will be asked to enter a passcode in your Mac for a connection that will prompt on the screen of your TV. 

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Step 3: Launching Meeting: 

After the pairing of Mac and TV is done, on your Mac, navigate to the official website of Google Meet, from where you can either launch or attend a meeting that will broadcast on your AirPlay-compatible TV. 

Audio, Google Meet And AirPlay: 

Although you can AirPlay Google Meet from any of your Apple devices to a compatible AirPlay TV, it is still not possible for you to transfer the audio output. You can watch your meeting being live streamed on the TV from your iOS devices and Mac, whereby the icon for AirPlay will continuously appear in blue, but you should not expect to hear other participants speaking. 

Alternatively, you will have to listen to the audio of the Google Meeting on your iPad, Mac, or iPhone while viewing the ongoing meeting on the TV. Nevertheless, you can contact Apple Support for further assistance when connecting Apple TV and Google Meet through AirPlay. 

Troubleshooting And Reconnecting: 

Sometimes, after launching their meeting, users complain about their TV not showing in the available devices for a connection through AirPlay. This problem can be easily remedied through reconnecting with Google Meetings.

Go to the control center and open up screen mirroring. Check the options to see whether your TV is available for an AirPlay connection. If not, return to your Google Meeting, leave it, and revisit screen mirroring.

As you have left the meeting, it is likely that your TV will appear as an option for screen mirroring. Once it does, connect the iOS device and the TV, and join the meeting again by tapping the rejoin button. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How do I stream my screen on Google Meet?

To stream your screen on Google Meet, click the option for “present now,” which is located at the bottom, choose the window/ tab you would like to stream, and finally, press share. 

Does the iPhone support a Google cast?

Yes, iPhone is compatible with and supports Google Cast. 

How can I share my screen with the TV?

Screen sharing can be easily done on TV through AirPlay. 

Can I cast Google Meet to my TV?

Yes, casting Google Meet on a TV is possible. 


You can enjoy your meetings on a bigger screen by learning how to AirPlay Google Meet. With this, you will no longer have to struggle with zooming in on the participant’s screen to view the displayed media, as the TV’s huge screen will be providing you with a clearer view!

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