How To AirPlay IQIYI?

Freemium service, iQIYI, allows users to enjoy streaming popular Asian television entertainment. Now, through familiarizing yourself with how to AirPlay iQIYI, you can watch your shows on the wider screen of your TV. 

iQIYI offers a plethora of genres, such as Korean, Chinese, Anime, and Thai movies and TV shows, including some of the originals produced by the streaming service itself. Using the AirPlay feature, you can now transfer these dramas and movies to the Smart TV, for which you would either have to stream the content online from the official website or install its app version on your device. 

However, for a superior quality outlook of the streaming content, you must upgrade iQIYI to the standard (1080p) or the premium subscription (4k). But how to AirPlay iQIYI to an AirPlay compatible or Apple TV? 

How To AirPlay iQIYI? (iOS devices)How To AirPlay iQIYI

Step 1: Enabling AirPlay On TV:

Before you start with how to AirPlay iQIYI, you must make sure to turn on AirPlay on the TV to which you will be connecting your iOS device later. Go to the TV settings, and from there, look for AirPlay & HomeKit settings and enable AirPlay.

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Subsequently, connect your Apple TV, iPad, or iPhone to the same Wi-Fi-providing network to establish the AirPlay connection. 

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Step 2: iQIYI AirPlay:

On your iOS device’s screen, swipe down to access the control center and choose the option for screen mirroring. A list of available devices will appear in front of you, and out of all the potential connection choices, select your Apple TV. 

Next, enter the code for AirPlay shown on your device’s TV screen to let the connection develop. 

Step 3: Playing Content: 

To play the content, open the app for iQIYI on your iOS device, which will then automatically be transferred to the AirPlay compatible or Apple TV for you to watch. 

Remember, stop the AirPlay on your iPhone after streaming. It is necessary to prevent further media sharing. 

AirPlay iQIYI To TV From Mac: 

Step 1: Same Wi-fi Connection: 

After turning on your TV and Mac, ensure both the devices receive network from a singular wi-fi modem. 

Step 2: iQIYI Website :

Open the web browser (Safari) on your MacBook and visit the official website for iQIYI. Here, you can play your favorite movies and Asian dramas by choosing your preferred content. 

Step 3: AirPlay To TV:

Access the control center of the Mac and tap on the option for screen mirroring. Enabling AirPlay on macOS versions differs, and you will have to find and click the AirPlay icon directly from the Mac’s menu bar. 

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Once the option is clicked, you will be presented with an available devices list from which you must select your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV. Additionally, if it will be needed, then to link the devices through AirPlay, you will have to enter the AirPlay code on your Mac. 

Again, do not forget to turn off your Mac’s AirPlay when done streaming. 

AirPlay iQIYI To Android TV With HDMI: 

The procedure to AirPlay iQIYI to TV from any device, whether a Mac or an iOS, remains the same. Nevertheless, to AirPlay to TVs that do not support AirPlay compatibility, you will have to use an alternative method: AirPlay to Android TV with an HDMI cable. 

Use an HDMI cable and a Lightning to Digital AV Adapter to stream iQIYI media on Android TV. Plug the Digital AV Adapter into your iPhone or iPad’s charging port, then connect one end of the HDMI to the Android TV and the other to the adapter. 

Then, in the Android TV’s source settings, choose the port for HDMI in which the cable has been plugged in, and once selected, progress to opening and playing content on the iQIYI app that will then be simultaneously streamed on your TV’s screen. 

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In this article on how to AirPlay iQIYI to TV, we have put forward several ways for our readers to stream content. Whether your TV supports AirPlay or not, you will regardless have a way of making sure that all your iQIYI content is viewed on the larger screen of your TV rather than the iOS or Mac’s limited screen size.

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