How To Airplay Jango?

Jango is the best, popular, and free internet application for a radio, offering users an unlimited access to all genres of music without any commercials. Though Jango is unavailable for Apple TV, you can still listen to the music through Apple’s AirPlay feature. So, let’s get into defining how to AirPlay Jango. 

Whether it is your smart TV or your AirPlay-compatible speakers, you can now take advantage of them through screen mirroring and AirPlay, respectively. Jango’s ability to offer music on various devices is a precise aspect of the streaming service, making it stand out amongst other platforms. 

Now, with how to AirPlay Jango, you shall listen to country classics, customized radio stations, and all-time loved hits on AirPlay compatible and supported devices. 

How To AirPlay Jango?

Since Jango radio lacks built-in AirPlay support, you must utilize the screen mirroring option on your iOS devices (iPad or iPhone). How To AirPlay Jango

Step 1: Connecting Wi-Fi & Enabling AirPlay:

Connect your AirPlay-compatible TV or speaker and your iPad or iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network before taking other steps to AirPlay Jango. Simultaneously, ensure you have enabled the AirPlay feature on all your devices. 

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Step 2: Installing Jango Radio: 

Next, open the App Store on your preferred iOS device, search, and install the application on your iPhone. Once the download is completed, launch the app and create an account through your email or use your Facebook account to sign up for the Jango radio. 

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Alternatively, if you already have an account, directly log in using your credentials, such as the username and password. 

Step 3: AirPlay Jango:  

Open the control center on your iPhone and iPad by swiping up or down on the screen and, from there, select the option for screen mirroring. Tapping the icon will allow your device to scan for nearby and compatible AirPlay devices to screen mirror with, but from the composed list, you must choose your device. 

After both devices have been paired, you can start streaming music on the radio and listen to it on your AirPlay-compatible TV or speaker. 

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AirPlay Jango To TV/ Speaker From Mac:

The procedure surrounding AirPlay of Jango to TV or speaker from Mac is more or less the same as the process we mentioned above for Jango’s AirPlay from iOS device. 

Step 1: Linking Wi-Fi: 

The first step for how to AirPlay Jango to a TV or speaker from a Mac remains the same: to link your Mac and AirPlay compatible devices to a singular Wi-Fi-providing modem and turn on AirPlay in your devices. 

Step 2: Opening Jango On the Web:

Instead of downloading the application for Jango on Mac, you can simply access Jango radio by opening its official website on the Safari web browser. Upon visiting the Jango web, create or log in to your account with the requested details. 

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Step 3: Pairing AirPlay: 

To open the control center, go to Mac’s menu bar and choose the screen mirroring option, which will again present you with a list of available and compatible nearby devices to stream Jango radio’s music.

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Select your device, and enjoy the radio on your AirPlay-compatible device. 

Troubleshooting Jango AirPlay: 

Users may sometimes find trouble with buffering and encounter sound-related issues and low-quality audio streaming when trying to AirPlay Jango radio on another device. In such a case, make use of our troubleshooting Jango AirPlay recommendations to resolve your problem immediately.

  • Check your Speaker and Smart TV to which you are trying to connect to see whether it is compatible with AirPlay. 
  • Ensure all devices (AirPlay compatible and iOS) are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. There must be no difference in internet connectivity here. 
  • When the network speed is slow, buffering and lagging issues will appear while you attempt to AirPlay, so restart your Wi-Fi router by turning it off and then on again. 
  • To correct the volume problem, examine Mac’s or iOS devices’ sound system settings and see if it is on a low volume or mute. 
  • Deactivate your browser’s blocker ID and connect Jango radio through AirPlay again.


If you are a music enthusiast, affiliating yourself with how to AirPlay Jango will reap fruitful outcomes because, with the trick of AirPlay by your side, you can stream any song of your choice to your AirPlay-compatible device in just a few minutes.

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