How To Airplay Mersive Solstice?

The ultimate platform for collaboration, meetings, and progressive learning space- Mersive Solstice has made communication much quicker and more convenient. Now, with its built-in feature for AirPlay, you can elevate the experience of your collaborations and meetings by relying on wireless projections. But how to AirPlay Mersive Solstice?

You can AirPlay Mersive Solstice to any device that supports AirPlay and is compatible with it; primary examples are Apple TVs, but other Smart TVs will also work. With screen mirroring, you can stream your Solstice’s screen wirelessly and in a real-time display without installing the application on your TV.

How to AirPlay Mersive Solstice?

Before you proceed with how to AirPlay Mersive Solstice from an iOS device to a TV, ensure to have AirPlay enabled on all the devices, AirPlay can be turned on in settings under the heading for AirPlay and HomeKit settings. How to AirPlay Mersive Solstice

Step 1: Link Wi-Fi:

The first step, which seems basic but is one of the most important steps of the entire procedure and prevents AirPlay connectivity problems, is to have your TV and iOS device linked to the same Wi-Fi network. 

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Step 2: Install App:

From the App Store and on your iPhone, install the application for Mersive Solstice. When the download is complete, launch the app and set it up by creating an account or logging in to your existing one. 

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Step 3: Share Screen:

Depending on the model of your iOS device, swipe down/ up to reveal the control center, and from there, choose the option for screen mirroring. After you select the option, a list of available devices for an AirPlay connection will show in a few seconds. Still, you must choose your Apple TV’s name to stream any media from your Mersive Solstice app to the television. 

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Visual Representation of AirPlay Mersive Solstice: 

Though trying to AirPlay Mersive Solstice is not a complicated procedure, some people still have difficulty establishing an AirPlay connection between the devices. Therefore, to assist all our readers and so that they can easily AirPlay their Mersive Solstice’s screen to a larger TV screen, you can seek help from the following video detailing how to set a seamless AirPlay connection. 

AirPlay Mersive Solstice To TV From Mac: 

The steps that entail how to AirPlay Mersive Solstice to the TV from a Mac is no different than the procedure for how to AirPlay Mersive Solstice to the TV from an iOS device. The only difference between the two is that on Mac, you do not download the application for Mersive Solstice; instead, you use the Solstice Website by browsing it on the Safari browser. 

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Once the web is open and you have signed into your account, tap on the menu bar to turn AirPlay on and to have it connect your TV and Mac.

At all times, ensure the Mac and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Troubleshoot Mersive Solstice AirPlay: 

Often, you will face problems with Mersive Solstice, sometimes during ongoing meetings, whereas in other instances, the application may crash when connected to multiple screens.

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Whatever the scenario may be, you can always troubleshoot Mersive Solstice AirPlay.

  • Turn on the discovery proxy for AirPlay. Use a discovery proxy if your network does not support Apple Bonjour. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth to enable other connections to be discovered and for your device to link to another via AirPlay.
  • Turn off the airplane mode of your iOS device, as when it is enabled, the Wi-Fi network cannot be connected to
  • Check the speed and signals of your Wi-Fi; both must be high to source the meetings held at Mersive Solstice. 
  • AirPlay on all devices must be enabled, and these devices should be placed close to one another and the Wi-Fi. 
  • Update your TV and device to the latest version, which will likely eliminate all glitches holding back AirPlay from connecting.
  • Restart your AirPlay-compatible TV and your iPad, iPhone, or Mac
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Make meetings more fun, and present your presentations on a wider screen without having to download an application all through only affiliating yourself with how to AirPlay Mersive Solstice.

Rest assured, the process is simplistic, so follow it correctly to avoid unnecessary problems. 

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