How To AirPlay MLS?

This MLS (Major League Soccer) season, watch the regular games live on your TV by learning how to AirPlay MLS through a simple and quick method.

This year, the 2023 season for MLS begins on the 25th of February and will end on the 21st of October. To not miss out on any game and watch all of them live on your Apple TV app, do not forget to purchase a MLS season pass because it is mandatory for streaming. 

However, if you already have a subscription to Apple TV+, you can buy the pass for the MLS season by paying $25 for the entire season or $12.99 for every month.

Alternatively, non-Apple subscribers can activate their subscription by paying $29 for the season or $14.99 monthly. But before you decide on the subscription you will buy, learn how to AirPlay MLS to your compatible TV. 

How To AirPlay MLS?

The method we will suggest for how to AirPlay MLS from an iOS device is simple and quick. All that you have to do is pay attention and strictly adhere to the stated procedure. How To AirPlay MLS?

Step 1: Installing Apple TV:

Every time you AirPlay from an iOS device to a TV, it is essential for you to have your iPad or iPhone and your Apple TV all connected to the same Wi-Fi router. Having the same Wi-Fi network connection prevents problems from arising later on. 

Next, from the App Store, install the application for Apple TV on your iOS device, and once installed, open the application and sign in to your account by providing details for your Apple ID and its password. 

Step 2: Streaming MLS Game: 

In the Apple TV app, search for the MLS Season Pass using the search bar. This search will represent multiple options of games that are being live streamed, so from the home screen, choose the game you want to spectate and click watch. 

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Step 3: Linking AirPlay: 

When the match on your iOS device starts playing, it is time to link AirPlay to your Apple TV. In the Apple TV app, first find the AirPlay icon and then click it. This will bring up a list of all the possible choices you have for a connection, but from the shown list, browse for the name of your Smart or Apple TV and link AirPlay to it. 

After establishing the connection, you can watch all your favorite MLS matches through AirPlay on a big screen. Also, it is recommended that once a match is finished and you are done live streaming, turn off AirPlay from your iOS device. 

AirPlay MLS From Mac:

Step 1: Browsing Apple TV On Safari:

First and foremost, connect your Apple TV and Mac to the same Wi-Fi connection. Afterward, open Safari on Mac, essentially the standard privacy browser available to all Apple users. 

Search for the dedicated Apple TV service and official website and visit the web browser. 

Step 2: Signing in Apple Account: 

On the webpage, at the top, click the option “MLS Season Pass,” which will require you to sign in to your Apple account. Provide all the details being asked for the sign-in requirement to continue, which typically includes an active Apple ID and password.  

Step 3: Connecting AirPlay:

From the MLS Season Pass, play any match you wish to watch, and as soon as the game starts playing, click the icon for AirPlay on the screen streaming the soccer game. If the AirPlay icon is missing, open the control center on your Mac menu bar and click screen mirroring from the options. 

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All nearby possible connections will immediately appear once AirPlay has been activated, but you must only choose the relevant connection for your Smart or Apple TV. 

Streaming MLS Game’s Recap And Replay:

Missing out on an MLS game is no longer such a big issue because, through your Apple TV, you now have the facilities of a short recap and a full replay instantly right after the game ends. 

Stream the MLS Game Recap:

Streaming an MLS game for a short recap is straightforward. Either browse the website or open up the app for Apple TV, and from there, select the MLS season pass, which will subsequently navigate you to a new homepage. 

From here, scroll through all the representations of past matches for the season until you find the one you want to recap. Choose your desired game, and then press on the watch to recap which will present you with all the vital highlights of the match. 

Stream MLS Game Replay:

Open Apple TV through the official website or in the application and choose MLS Season Pass.

Out of all the different listed matches, scroll down to find the game you wish to watch a replay for, and after having selected the match, click the option for “how to watch.” 

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Under this, press the button indicating “versions” to examine all the available and different versions of the game that you can view. Though most people go for watching a full-match replay, you can choose otherwise. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can I stream MLS on Apple TV?

Yes, you can stream MLS on Apple TV if you are subscribed to Apple TV+ or have a subscription to MLS Season Pass. 

How do I connect AirPlay to my TV?

Connect AirPlay to the TV through the option for screen mirroring in the control center.

How do I mirror my iPhone to my TV?

To mirror your iPhone to your TV, use AirPlay.

How can I watch MLS without Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch MLS without having an Apple TV on sports channels like FS1 and Fox. 


If you familiarize yourself with the steps for How To AirPlay MLS from iOS devices and Mac, streaming a soccer match and watching it on your Apple TV’s big screen will be effortless.

The only note to remember is always to have your compatible TV and the device you are using AirPlay on connected to a single Wi-Fi network!

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