How To Airplay Music To Samsung Soundbar?

Do you love to listen to melodious sounds around the house? Well, in today’s era of wireless connectivity, you can surely enjoy your best-loved list of songs with pitch quality by air-playing music to a Samsung soundbar.

For this purpose, you’re lucky enough if you have a combo of a Samsung soundbar and an Apple device. 

However, if you want to create a harmonious audio sound around you but do not know how to Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar then no need to get anxious we have got your back. 

We have combined a step-by-step solution guide that will help you elevate your experience of listening to music in the air through an iOS or Apple device. 

So, let’s dig into this comprehensive guide and see how to Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar:

How To Airplay Music To Samsung Soundbar?

Air-playing your favorite music on a soundbar is a pretty effortless and easy task to do. However, the exception is in the model of your Samsung soundbar. Wondering how this is going to happen?

Well, here comes good news for you if you own an expensive model of Samsung soundbar as they are quite easy to connect with for the purpose of listening to your hot favorite list of songs.How To Airplay Music To Samsung Soundbar

For instance, Q-Series soundbars by Samsung are much easier to link up with Airplay 2 as they have great compatibility with this amazing technology which is developed by Apple Inc. to stream both audio and videos as well as other devices’ screens and photos. 

Sounds amazing, right?

Anyways, there are three main sources through which you can Airplay your favorite songs by linking them with your Samsung soundbar:

  • Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar from an iPhone or iPad
  • Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar from a MacBook
  • Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar from an Android TV or Apple TV

Let’s dive into further details to see how we can connect our Samsung soundbar system to all three prior mentioned devices.

Three Key Sources for Airplaying Your Favorite Songs to Your Samsung Soundbar:

Let’s unveil the magic through three significant sources that will help you listen to your hot favorite playlist of all time in just a few clicks.

Airplay Music To A Samsung Soundbar From An Apple Device:

The first and foremost thing you will be required to make a solid connection between two devices is a great Wi-Fi network with good running speed. 

  • Connect both devices including the soundbar and iPhone or iPad with a same Wi-Fi network
  • Launch any of your favorite music apps (e.g.; Apple Music App)
  • Now, play the song you want to Airplay on your Samsung soundbar 
  • Click on the Airplay icon which is shown on the media player
  • A list of wireless devices will appear
  • Among all devices, choose a Samsung soundbar and this is it, your favorite melody is in the air

You can always disable Airplay after using the device. Wondering how? Click to find out how to switch off Airplay on Samsung TV.

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Airplay Music To A Samsung Soundbar From A MacBook:

Just like connecting the soundbar to an Apple device, you need to link up exactly the same way to a MacBook:

  • So, pair both devices to the same good running Wi-Fi connection 
  • Install Apple Music from the App Store and create your account

Note: If you are a pre-existing user of this app then well & good as you just have to sign into your account.

  • Now, click on the Airplay icon showing on the menu bar of your Mac
  • A queue of all available devices will appear
  • Select the Samsung soundbar to mirror it with the Apple TV
  • Your device is ready to spread the melodious sounds in the air 

If interested, check out how to Airplay music on the Vizio Soundbar.

Airplay Music To A Samsung Soundbar From An Android Tv Or Apple Tv:

Before heading into the details, it will be good to know that there are a few Android TVs that are compatible with Airplay technology. So, if you have one of those few updated models of TVs then you are good to go. 

  • Link up your TV and Samsung soundbar with the same Wi-Fi connection
  • The second step is to download the Apple Music app to your Apple or Android TV
  • Either log into the account or create a new profile to proceed further
  • After launching the music app, click and play your favorite song 
  • Tap the Airplay icon that appears on the media player and click on the Samsung soundbar 
  • Voila, you are all set to stretch the audio waves around the house.
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A List of Airplay-Compatible Samsung Soundbars: 

There are four main types of Samsung Soundbars that can make up pretty well with Airplay technology that will help elevate your experience of streaming your hot favorite audio and videos as they are presented with built-in support. 

People Are Also Interested In (FAQs):

How Can I Confirm Whether My Samsung Soundbar Supports Airplay?

Confirming whether your Samsung soundbar supports Airplay or not is pretty simple and easy as you have to go through the product manual or description and find a piece of information about Airplay compatibility. 

To check the compatibility, you can also visit the official website of Samsung. However, it might be good to know that the majority of the newer versions of Samsung soundbars support Airplay.

Does Samsung Soundbar have AirPlay2 support?

The precise answer to this query is “Yes” as a few of the updated models of Samsung soundbars are designed to support Airplay 2.

What Should I Do If My Samsung Soundbar Doesn’t Appear When Trying To Airplay?

The first and foremost thing to check is your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure both devices including your soundbar and your Apple device or airplay-compatible device are connected to the same Wi-Fi. 

There are two more things to be ensured of: your Airplay should be enabled on your Soundbar and the firmware of your Soundbar should be up to date.

Is there any best alternative for the Samsung Soundbar that has AirPlay2 support?

Surely, there is. You can trust the JBL speaker as a substitute for the Samsung soundbar by using Airplay from your Apple Device.

Can I Stream Music From Third-Pa$rty Apps Like Spotify Or YouTube Using Airplay To My Samsung Soundbar?

Well, yes, you can surely use Airplay audio sounds from a compatible app on your iPhone, iPod, or Mac to your Samsung Soundbar. 

For this purpose, you only have to follow a few simple steps: first, open the app and select the Airplay option, and lastly, choose your Soundbar as the playback device.

The Final Takeaways:

Prior to this guide, we have mentioned all the possible ways of using Airplay to spread the voice of your best-loved list of favorite harmonious and melodious Audio songs around your house. 

This guide will help you become well-versed in the manner of how to Airplay music to a Samsung soundbar.

So that you can transform your house into a mesmerizing sonic paradise that includes wireless audio sounds to give rise to your enjoyment.

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