How To AirPlay On PS5?

There are so many passionate Tech users who want to learn how to Airplay on PS 5 which is one of the most famous gaming consoles. Are you one of them? If yes, you are in the right place.

In this digital age of connectivity, so many methods have been devised through which we can view our PlayStation 5 (PS 5) on a more prominent and bigger display by having a smartphone, probably an iOS device. 

Well, we know “Airplay Technology” as a pretty famous and effortless streaming service to share media files on a larger screen.

Although this technology was introduced more than 10 years ago by Apple Inc. it’s still one of the smoothest routes toward sharing content such as sports-related content like the FIFA World Cup and Yahoo Sports, or other different TV channels like Pluto TV, SiriusXM, LG smart TV, Sky Go, etc. 

You can simply mirror your favorite content from an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch) to a big screen (Apple TV, Airplay-compatible smart TV, or Computer) through Airplay technology. 

However, let’s dig in to learn more about how to Airplay on PS 5 so that we can have a better gaming experience. 

How To Airplay On PS 5?

One thing that you should be mindful of is that PS 5 is not only non-supportive of Airplay 2 technology but also does not groundless against casting features. How To Airplay On PS 5

However, this is not something you should be worried about as you can still use the screen mirroring option because so many third parties have been introduced through which you can share or mirror your iOS device’s screen on a broader picture. 

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Regarding the prerequisites, whenever it comes to screen mirroring your iOS device to a PS

5, the required tools are:

If you have all of the above-mentioned things in your possession then we can move in peace toward our very next step in which you will be encountering all the tiny details about how you can utilize Airplay technology on PS 5 to streamline your game on a wider screen by your smartphone. 

Quick & Easy Step-By-Step Process of Air-Playing PS 5:

The first and foremost thing you need to have on your iOS device is a PlayStation App that is easily accessible on the App Store.

Furthermore, there are two different ways of streaming your PS 5, including:

  • Air-playing from an iOS device to PS 5
  • Air-playing from MacBook to PS 5
  • So, let’s dive into the details without further ado:
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Utilizing Airplay Technology To Stream PS 5 From an iOS Device:

To use Airplay technology for streaming PS 5 from iOS devices, there are three further ways including:

  • Through PS Remote Play
  • Utilizing the Screen Mirroring options
  • Using LetsView

Let’s have a detailed insight of each and every step:

Using PS Remote Play:

  • Take your iOS device and go to the App Store 
  • Go to the search bar and hunt for PS Remote Play
  • Once found, start downloading the App
  • After the installation process is completed, go to the settings of your PS 5 and tap on “Select System”
  • There you will find an option for “Remote Play”
  • Use the PS remote to enable the Remote Play to proceed further
  • Now, it’s time to launch the PS app on your iOS device, tap on the app’s icon, and sign in to your PS network account by adding your valid credentials. 

Note: If you are a newbie, sign up to create a new account so that you can proceed to the next step.

  • Finally, after signing into your account successfully, your iOS device will be connected to PS 5 and you are set to cast the screen. 

Using Screen Mirroring Option:

There are many applications available through which you can easily mirror your device’s screen based on your personal preferences. 

However, there is one thing you need to make sure of before heading into the details, the app you are going to use should have compatibility with your device as well as with the PlayStation 5 gaming console.

Let’s start the connection:

  • So, first of all, you need to go to the Game Base on your PS 5 console and select a friend 
  • A list of menus will appear in your selected profile 
  • Tap on “Messages” and choose “Send a quick message”
  • Here you have to add a URL and send it to your selected friend.
  • The next step is to choose the URL to open the site
  • A QR Code will appear on your screen
  • Now you have to install the screen mirroring app on your iOS device and start scanning the code afterward
  • Lastly, follow all the instructions coming on the screen, at the end the screen or your iOS device will start mirroring on your PS 5

Using LetsView:

To whom it may concern, people who do not know about LetsView, it is a universal screen mirroring App that is mainly used for sharing or mirroring the screen of your device to a PC, Laptop, TV, or other smartphone.

Viewing your gaming console through your iOS device has become pretty easy through the LetsView app. So, to get this amazing application, you only have to:

  • Go to the App Store
  • Search for the LetsView App
  • Once you have found it, start the installation process
  • Now, all you need to do is to follow the on-screen instructions 
  • And Voila, your device is ready to mirror with another device.
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Note: You will not regret having this application on your device because it comes with so many super awesome features including screen recording, capturing screenshots, and many more.

Utilizing Airplay Technology To Stream PS 5 From a MacBook:

First of all, before Air-playing your PS5 from a MacBook, you have to make sure that the model of Mac you own has a few essential things, including more than 2 GB RAM, above 40 MB storage space, and high Sierra and above macOS model.

If your Mac is manufactured with all these things, we are good to move further:

  • The first thing you need to do is to install PS Remote Play on your MacBook and turn on Remote Play on your PS 5 console
  • Now, enable Bluetooth to make a link between your PS 5 controller and your Mac
  • After the connection is built, open the Remote Play App on your MacBook and sign in by adding your valid credentials to proceed next. Or, Sign up if you are a newbie to this connection.
  • After the completion of the process of signing in, your device will automatically hunt for the console and get paired up
  • Finally, the screen of your PS 5 will start casting on your MacBook

Note: You can use the controller to control the moves and play on your PS5 console. Plus, you must have signed into your account in less than 60 days otherwise, your Mac won’t recognize your account and you can not connect directly to the console.

Ways to Sort Out the Issue of Screen Mirroring Not Working on a PS 5:

There is no doubt in mentioning that you can not share the screen for showcasing your content on the gaming console from any iOS device whether it is an iPhone or iPad when your device is experiencing a technical glitch.

However, there are several ways and troubleshooting methods through which we can easily sort out this issue. Some of the suggestions are listed below:

  • The first and foremost thing you have to check is your internet speed and network. Make sure to own a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection to avoid such glitches and interruptions. 
  • If your device is taking too much time sharing the screen or there is a delay in enabling the screen mirror option then try to restart your device and application.
  • When you head toward a third-party app for screen-sharing purposes, the first thing to make sure of is whether the app is compatible with both of your devices including the PS 5 and iOS device.
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Note: In case any one of your devices is non-supportive then you must update the app to get it’s newer version.

  • Lastly, if your screen mirroring keeps on crashing often then it is suggested to update your iOS device (iPhone or iPad), your tablet (MacBook), and your PS 5 gaming console to the latest firmware.

People Are Also Interested In (FAQs):

Does the PS5 have AirPlay?

Sad to say that the PS5 gaming console is not compatible with Apple’s Airplay technology. However, you can still cast your device’s screen to the PS 5 by using third-party apps that we have mentioned above in this guide.

Can you Airplay on PS4?

The precise answer to this query is “You can not directly Airplay on PlayStation 4” but you can utilize third-party applications to make this happen.

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The Final Crux: 

The bottom line suggests that you can not directly Airplay PS 5 from an iOS device but you can use third-party apps like screen mirroring applications to share your PS 5 screen through an iOS device. 

We have devised all methods through which you can create a very good connection between your iOS device and your PlayStation 5 gaming console. 

Just give this guide a thorough read and you will become the knower of every bit of detail about linking up your PS 5 to your device.

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