How To Airplay PBC Boxing Fights?

One of the most popular and best ongoing series on television is the boxing fight event of PBC (Premier Boxing Championships). Though the PBC boxing fights are aired on FOX and Showtime, you can stream them from your iOS and macOS devices through AirPlay. But how to AirPlay PBC boxing fights?

Transmitting any content through AirPlay is straightforward and does not entail any complications. The same is the case for how to AirPlay PBC boxing fights, which can now be viewed on the big screen of your AirPlay-compatible smart TV or Apple TV. 

For all the boxing lovers residing in the UK, some events of the BBC boxing fights will be held in the UK this year, so using AirPlay, you can stream them live on ESPN or DAZN. 

How To AirPlay PBC Boxing Fights?How To Airplay PBC Boxing Fights

Step 1: Pairing Wi-Fi:

The most crucial step for AirPlay PBC boxing fights is to pair the devices to the same Wi-Fi network after turning on your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV. 

If this pre-requisite of linking the same Wi-Fi to your devices has not been met, you can encounter problems streaming live PBC matches to TV through AirPlay later. 

Step 2: Downloading Showtime: 

On your iOS device, iPad, or iPhone, search for the application of Showtime in the App Store. Hit the get button next to the application’s name to begin downloading on your device. When Showtime has been downloaded, open the app, and to further proceed, sign in with the required credentials: username and password. 

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Step 3: PBC Boxing Fights AirPlay:

In the Showtime app, choose the PBC events or the boxing match you would like to spectate, and once the video starts playing, tap on the AirPlay icon and select your TV’s name. 

AirPlay PBC Boxing Fight To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Linking Wi-Fi:

To develop your AirPlay connection effortlessly, ensure that AirPlay-compatible TV and Mac receive internet from a single Wi-Fi modem. 

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Step 2: Showtime Website:

On your Mac, open the web browser for Safari and visit the official website for Showtime. The website’s home screen will require you to log in to your existing account by entering your valid user ID and password. 

After accessing your account, search and choose the boxing fight match you want to stream from the website to your TV. 

Step 3: Establishing AirPlay:  

Hover to the top of the menu bar, where you will find the icon for AirPlay; click it and pick out the name of your TV from the list of available devices. Hold on and be patient until the content transmitting and receiving devices are paired. 

It is recommended that users turn off their Mac’s AirPlay when they are done streaming the boxing bout through Safari to save the energy of their device. 

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AirPlay PBC Boxing Fights To Android TV:

Android TVs typically come with built-in AirPlay support, which means that the AirPlay function is not only confined to products manufactured by Apple. The procedure for how to AirPlay PBC boxing fights on Android TV is more or less the same as the ones we have stated above. 

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However, the only additional step you will have to take before you commence with the process of AirPlay is to enable your Android TV’s AirPlay. 

From the settings of the Android TV, available at the top right corner of the screen, and in the menu list, select settings for AirPlay and HomeKit. Here, you will find the option for AirPlay- enable it, and then progress with the same streaming content methodology.

Remember that to pair your Android TV and the device through which you will transfer content to the TV, whether it be your iPad, iPhone, or macOS, you must not forget to connect them to the same Wi-Fi network. The Showtime app as a streaming service platform for AirPlay to Android TV will also work.

Conclusion :

In this article, we have given a roadmap to all our readers for how to AirPlay PBC boxing fights from iOS and macOS to any device. The only condition that needs to be met for AirPlay to succeed is for the other device to which the content is shared to have AirPlay support and rest assured, you will be good to go.

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