How To Airplay PBS?

PBS is a well-rounded, standalone, and well-known video streaming platform to view unlimited groundbreaking documentaries, thousands of full-length, iconic series episodes, and award-winning shows. So, the question we will explore in today’s article is how to AirPlay PBS.

Besides entertainment, PBS brings its viewers live TV and the latest news reported by PBS local member stations. Supposedly, if you are a Mac or an iOS device user, then more the merrier because now, as an added advantage, using AirPlay, you can stream your favorite PBS content very conveniently to the wide screens of your TV. 

Any AirPlay-compatible Smart TV or an Apple TV are the two primary options for the AirPlay feature. Therefore, let’s get to how to AirPlay PBS. 

How To AirPlay PBS?

Using AirPlay for transmitting content to TV through AirPlay is a very simple and straightforward procedure. You will face no difficulties or complications in watching your PBS content on TV through the AirPlay feature if you religiously abide by the process we will be stating below for how to AirPlay PBS to TV from iOS devices.  How To AirPlay PBS

Step 1: Connecting Wi-fi:

Once you have turned on your AirPlay-compatible or AirPlay TV, ensuring that your television and your iOS device, iPhone or iPad, are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection is crucial. People who miss out on this step often have problems connecting their devices through AirPlay. 

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Step 2: Pairing Devices: 

To access the control center on the screen of your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom or pull down from the top. When the control center is opened in front of you, tap on the icon for screen mirroring to enable it. 

You will immediately see a list of all the devices displayed before you. From your multiple options, select the option for your TV and pair the devices with each other to begin streaming your content. 

Step 3: Playing PBS Content: 

On your iOS devices, launch the application for PBS. If you have not downloaded the application, open the App Store and download it from there, and upon the completion of the installation, choose and stream any of the content you like and enjoy it on the TV screen. 

AirPlay PBS To TV From Mac: 

Step 1: Linking Wi-fi:

Open your MacBook and turn on your Apple TV to link both devices to the same Wi-Fi connection. Remember, you should not be skipping out on this step at no cost.

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Step 2: Visiting the PBS Website :

Then, on your Mac’s Safari browser, browse for the PBS official website. To further proceed with accessing the PBS website content, you are supposed to log in to your account by providing the required credentials, which include a username and password. 

Select and stream any content genres you want to display on your AirPlay-compatible TV screen from the website. 

Step 3: Establishing AirPlay Connection:

In your Mac, open up the control center. This can be done by clicking on the top of the Mac’s screen, where the control center is vividly displayed. Choose the AirPlay icon, and then tap on the option representing your Apple TV from the presented list of available devices for a connection. 

After the connection has been seamlessly established, you can start streaming PBS content through AirPlay on AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV. 

Downloading & Activating PBS On Apple TV: 

Even though the entailing procedure for AirPlay PBS is simplistic, some individuals want to skip through it and instead have PBS directly downloaded and activated on their Apple TV. 

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PBS on your Apple TV is to be downloaded in the same manner used for other applications. Nevertheless, we will walk you through the process so you can download and activate PBS on Apple TV effortlessly. 

PBS Download: 

To open the app store on your Apple TV, return to the home screen. Here, access the app store; and on the the menu’s right side, you will see a magnifying glass at the top. In this search bar, enter the name of the application you want to download- PBS.

From the list of results you will get for your search, select the PBS application, and then tap on the option “GET” to instantly begin downloading the app. After the app has been downloaded successfully, you can open it by returning to the TV’s home screen and searching for it in the applications or even directly opening it after installation. 

PBS Activation: 

Whenever, after the download, you will open the application of PBS for the first time, you will be mandated to activate it. For this, from the shown prompt, choose “activate now” and activate the app for utilization by entering the appearing code on the screen on the linked website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How do I watch PBS on my Apple TV?

One way to watch PBS on your Apple TV is by downloading the app from the App Store. Alternatively, you can use the AirPlay feature to transmit content to Apple TV from your Mac or iOS device. 

Why won’t PBS play on my Apple TV?

A likely reason for PBS to not play on your Apple TV might be because of an occurring glitch in the app. To remedy the situation, uninstall and reinstall the application, disconnect and re-connect wifi, or restart the wifi router. 

How do I stream PBS on my TV?

PBS on TV can be streamed through AirPlay from iPhone, iPad, or Mac. 

Can I watch PBS free on Apple TV?

Downloading PBS on Apple TV is free; however, you must subscribe to the app to access certain TV shows. 


Now that you have a method for how to AirPlay PBS to TV, you can conveniently watch all your preferred content on the TV rather than settling for the small screen of your phone or the Mac. 

Just remember to connect the devices to a single Wi-Fi network, and rest assured, as long as you do this, the process for AirPlay will be hassle-free for you.

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