How To Airplay Peloton?

Peloton, with its users surpassing 6 million, is a worldwide popular fitness application. Out of the various ways to view Peloton content on another more comfortable and enjoyable screen, such as the TV, is to use AirPlay and familiarize yourself with how to AirPlay Peloton. 

A lot of great content is featured on Peloton, which ranges beyond yoga and includes strength training, biking, stretching, meditation, boot camp, and much more. To access these activities, you must have a subscription to its premium membership, priced at $12.99 per month, and a stable Wi-Fi connection to practice without intervention. 

When exercising, viewing the content from your seated location is hard and not ideal, so know how to AirPlay Peloton to any Smart or Apple TV.  

How To AirPlay Peloton?

Follow the following steps to view content streamed on Peloton on any television through AirPlay from your iOS devices. How To AirPlay Peloton

Step 1: Pairing Wi-Fi:

After you have turned on your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV, instantly connect the television to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection. However, ensure that the internet you connect to on your TV matches the internet source on your iOS device. 

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Step 2: Downloading Peloton App:

On your iPad or iPhone, visit the App Store and search from the suggestions for the application of Peloton. Click the app to get it installed, and once the installation has been completed, launch the app to log in to your account by entering your required details. 

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Step 3: Content AirPlay :

Meanwhile, access the control center to open the option for screen mirroring. Click the icon for screen mirroring, and out of the list of available devices shown for an AirPlay connection of your Peloton content, select the name of your Smart or Apple TV. 

Then, on the Peloton app, play any video of the ride you like and watch it stream on your TV through AirPlay. Remember always to disconnect AirPlay on your device after you are done with your rigorous workout session. 

AirPlay Peloton To TV From Mac:

Before you head on to trying to AirPlay Peloton content to TV from your Mac, the prerequisite of enabling AirPlay on your MacBook stands. 

Step 1: Enabling AirPlay On Mac:

Turning on AirPlay on a Mac is straightforward; all it requires is for you to navigate through the system settings. On the home screen of Mac, click the tiny Apple menu icon to open system preferences. 

From the list of icons, tap on the option for display, and from here, check the box of screen mirroring to have it listed as an option in the Mac’s menu bar. Also, while altering settings, check to ensure your TV and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

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Step 2: Opening Peloton Web:

On Mac’s Safari browser, search for Peloton’s official website. In the top right corner, click the icon for your profile and sign in to your Peloton account with all the details that are asked for. When you access your account, play any video file you anticipate to AirPlay on your TV. 

Step 3: AirPlay :

To initiate Mac’s AirPlay, tap the icon for AirPlay in the menu bar, and from the devices list, select the name of your TV. You may be required to enter a passcode for AirPlay to establish the connection and for your devices to connect. 

Once you enter the four-digit code appearing on the screen of your TV on your Mac, your Peloton video will be transferred and automatically played on the wider screen of your television. 

Controlling Peloton On TV:

Typically, individuals who use AirPlay Peloton on TV are concerned about controlling content and whether they can monitor the video from the device or directly from the TV. 

To control the video casting and playing on TV, you must go back to your iOS device or Mac to play it. On your TV screen, you cannot control the pause and play of the video from the TV’s remote, but that all will have to be done from your device where the content is streamed initially.

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However, the TV remote can adjust, raise, or lower the volume. 


Now that you have learned how to AirPlay Peloton, make your lives convenient and your classes more entertaining by viewing them on a large screen. Use the AirPlay feature to your advantage, and AirPlay all your Peloton rides today!

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