How To Airplay Plex?

Plex and AirPlay, together, make a great combination as the AirPlay feature in the Plex app lets all their users stream video and audio media from iOS devices and Mac to AirPlay-compatible, Smart or Apple TV or any other AirPlay-enabled device. So let’s look into how to AirPlay Plex. 

With Plex and its AirPlay, you can watch any movie or show on the wide screen of the TV without the need for you to use an external video input or cable. Similarly, if you cannot download the Plex app on your TV simply transfer the desired content from another device. 

Plex is a great tool and an American streaming platform that can be utilized for viewing and downloading movies. Make the most out of Plex, and it’s service with learning how to AirPlay Plex! 

How to AirPlay Plex?

Plex’s content AirPlay from an iOS device such as an iPad or an iPhone is easy. As long as you accurately follow all the steps we list below, you can AirPlay Plex to TV from iOS devices. How to AirPlay Plex

Step 1: Turning On AirPlay:

Supposedly, you are going to AirPlay Plex to an Apple TV; refrain from assuming that AirPlay is already enabled on your device. Whether it’s an Apple TV, another smart TV, or an AirPlay-enabled device, it is crucial and mandatory for you to turn on AirPlay from settings under AirPlay and HomeKit. 

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Step 2: Same Internet Connectivity :

Next, connect your Plex content-transmitting device and the one receiving content to the same internet network. If there are any differences between the networks and they do not match, then later on in the procedure, you will be running into AirPlay-related problems. 

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Step 3: Downloading Plex: 

If you have not downloaded Plex on your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store on your iOS device and install Plex’s application from the App Store. Once the application’s installation is complete, launch it and sign in to your account by providing the details that are asked for. 

Step 4: AirPlay Content: 

In Plex, browse for the content you want to stream later and view it on the larger screen of your TV. Subsequently, from the media player of Plex, tap the AirPlay icon. When the AirPlay icon is not displayed there, access the control center and choose AirPlay’s icon from there, and from the list of scanned, available devices, choose your TV’s name. 

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For further help regarding how to AirPlay Plex, watch this video: 

AirPlay Plex To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Matching Wi-Fi:

Once your Mac and TV have been turned on, there are two things for you to do: enable AirPlay and connect your devices to a matching network-providing modem. 

Step 2: Browsing Plex Web:

Select any of your preferred web browsers. It does not matter if it’s Safari or Google Chrome, search for Plex’s website name or just type the URL in the given text box.

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On the Plex website, log in with your account credentials and look for the content you want to be streamed on your TV. 

Step 3: Sharing Content: 

In the Mac’s top and right side of the menu bar, tap the AirPlay icon and enable it. To develop an AirPlay connection between both your devices, From the list of given devices, choose your TV and have fun watching your favorite content on television via AirPlay. 

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Remedying Plex’s AirPlay:

When attempting to AirPlay Plex, you must always be very mindful of how you perform the procedure because even the slightest difference can cause problems. 

The methods stated below will help you in resolving any AirPlay-related issues you may be facing when undertaking how to AirPlay Plex.

  • Check whether all devices receive an internet connection from a singular router. 
  • Confirm to examine whether your TV supports AirPlay and is compatible with the feature. 
  • Look at your devices to verify they are not connected with another device by AirPlay. 
  • Ensure to have a Wi-Fi connection that is stable, strong, and fast. 
  • Update all your devices, including your TV, Mac, and Plex.
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Master how to AirPlay Plex today and make your life easy and your content more entertaining to view by transmitting it all to a broad screen, offering an immersive volume!

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