How To AirPlay QuickTime Player?

Now, on the latest OS X versions of your Mac, you can directly AirPlay a video from the QuickTime Player. By knowing how to AirPlay QuickTime Player to an Apple TV, using the wireless protocol of AirPlay, you can easily send videos to a larger screen from the Mac. 

AirPlay on Mac works almost like AirPlay on an iOS device to transfer videos. Fortunately, the AirPlay feature comes with support from third-party media players and apps like Kodi (XMBC), so now you do not need to have an Apple TV to utilize the feature and maximize its utility as long as there is an alternate media center or computer running the AirPlay receiver. 

How To AirPlay QuickTime Player?

Suppose you are familiar with how to AirPlay QuickTime Player from Mac to an Apple TV or another AirPlay-compatible TV; you are in luck. AirPlay is a great and commendable feature to display presentations, watch videos, and play movies on a wider screen. How To AirPlay QuickTime Player

Step 1: Opening Media In QuickTime Player: 

In the QuickTime Player and on your MacBook, open the video or movie you wish to transfer to another device through AirPlay. This media can be of any sort, downloaded or live streamed, but should be able to open up in QuickTime Player. 

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Next and as usual, over the video, hover the cursor of your mouse to reveal the buttons on the video player and select the icon for AirPlay. To recognize the AirPlay icon, look for an option resembling a TV or a square with an arrow pointing up at the bottom.  

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Step 2: Choosing AirPlay Device Destination: 

After clicking the icon for AirPlay, you must choose the device destination to which you want to AirPlay videos from QuickTime Player, and in this case, it is your Apple TV. Once the option has been selected, the media content will be transmitted and viewed on the Apple TV. 

It may often take a moment to populate the list from which you have to choose, and in the meantime, the screen of your Mac will display the message “looking for a device” until a collective list of devices in range appears. 

Using AirPlay On QuickTime Player: 

Using AirPlay on QuickTime Player could not have been more straightforward; we encourage all our readers to use the remarkable Apple-introduced application. QuickTime Player is easy to use and perfect for an individual with more than two Apple devices. 

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Specifically, it is an ideal option for families as QuickTime Player eliminates the need to hold on to keeping multiple copies of the same video or song, eventually clogging up everyone’s device’s memory and hard disks. 

Through QuickTime Player, media can be simply stored in one place, and through its AirPlay compatibility, anyone can stream what they want, whenever they want, at any given point. 

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Step 1: Connecting Wifi: 

It does not matter whether you use your iPhone, iPod, Mac, iPad, or Apple TV; ensure that the two devices are connected to a single Wi-Fi network. The consideration for devices here is the one that contains media and the other to which you want to stream the media.

Step 2: Enabling AirPlay:

Choose an app that supports QuickTime AirPlay. Taking the example of iTunes as an app, you need to enable it’s AirPlay, which can be directly done from the control center by accessing the option for AirPlay. 

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Step 3: Transmitting Media: 

Then, select the media you wish to play, which can be a music playlist, video, or photo album, and choose the device you want to stream it on. The device can be chosen from the list of all the available devices that will show up on your screen after you click on the AirPlay icon and decide the media you want to transmit. 

Automatically, playback will begin, so now you can sit back and relax while simultaneously enjoying the content being streamed on your Apple TV. 


QuickTime Player is a very valuable app; making the most out of it is your responsibility. One way to do this is to know how to AirPlay to QuickTime Player, and for this, we have suggested a simple and efficient methodology to follow.

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