How To Airplay Shazam?

Shazam is an application uniquely designed to identify the playing music around you. Find a song and AirPlay it in seconds, but first familiarize yourself with how to AirPlay Shazam. 

The increased popularity of a song can be credited to Shazam. Music playing on the radio is exposed to a large audience, including those who may not have ever heard it, and if upon hearing the person likes the song- they Shazam it!

Shazam is renowned for its permissibility of letting users discover a song. Still, it also allows everyone to uncover new playlists, videos, upcoming concerts, and artists, all free of cost and in one app. 

If you know how to AirPlay Shazam, you can use the browser to find a song and then AirPlay it to your Apple or AirPlay-compatible TV whenever required. 

How To AirPlay Shazam?

Using Shazam is simple; you only have to open the app on which the song is being played on your Android device and tap Shazam. Alternatively, Apple users can access Shazam through its dedicated icon in the control panel, press Shazam, and identify the song. Nevertheless, how to AirPlay Shazam to Apple TV from an iOS device?How To AirPlay Shazam

Step 1: Enabling AirPlay: 

Before you proceed with the steps to how to AirPlay Shazam to Apple TV, you must first enable AirPlay on the television, go to the settings of your TV, choose settings for AirPlay and HomeKit, and turn on AirPlay from there. 

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Step 2: Establishing Mutual Wifi Connection:

The next step is crucial as it ensures that the AirPlay connection seamlessly occurs between the iOS device and Apple, for which you would have to connect the iPad or the iPhone and your Apple TV to a mutual Wi-Fi network. 

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Step 3: Installing App:

From the App Store on your iOS device, install the application for Shazam. Shazam already is installed on all iOS devices, but download it if it is not on your iPhone! 

Step 4: Shazam AirPlay To TV: 

To AirPlay Shazam to TV, swipe down to access the control center on your device and select the icon for screen mirroring, which will essentially let you share your device’s screen on the Apple TV.

From the list of available devices to mirror the screen with, select your Apple TV, and enter the code appearing on your TV as a pop-up prompt on your device to further proceed with the procedure. 

After completing all the steps, you can now listen and identify all songs and their lyrics playing around you. Through Shazam, add your favorite songs to your Apple TV or Apple Music and simultaneously AirPlay them. 

AirPlay Shazam To Apple TV From Mac:

Step 1: Wifi Connectivity:

The basics for how to AirPlay Shazam from any device remain the same, such as having the Mac and the Apple TV connected to the same Wi-Fi connection immediately after they have been powered on. 

Step 2: Shazam Website: 

Instead of downloading Shazam’s application on your Mac, through Safari, open Shazam’s official website, which serves the same purpose and retains the same features as the app. 

Step 3: Screen Mirroring: 

Typically, the screen mirroring icon is available in the Mac’s menu bar, but to automatically select the option from the control center, press FN+C, which will bring you a list of all the devices around you for a potential AirPlay connection. 

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Navigate the list and choose your Apple TV, entering the appearing code on the TV’s screen onto your MacBook. After pairing between Mac and Apple TV through AirPlay, you can use the website to find the recorded music and, once done, turn off Mac’s AirPlay to stop its screen mirroring to the Apple TV. 

AirPlay Shazam Without Wi-Fi:

Remember how we said that a Wi-Fi connection, precisely a mutual Wi-Fi connection, is imperative for you to AirPlay Shazam on any of your devices, but what if the internet connection is poor and is not connecting to your iOS device or smart TV?

To AirPlay Shazam on your smart TV, use an HDMI cable or Adapter to screen mirror to a Smart TV from an iPhone. Any compatible HDMI and adapter that can easily be inserted into the smart TV and iPhone is recommended and will do the job. 

Step 1: Connecting HDMI:

The two ends of the HDMI cable are to be plugged in on one side to the charging port of your iOS device, and the other should be connected to the Smart TV’s HDMI port. Even if you are using an adapter, make sure both ends of the cable form a connection between your two devices. 

Step 2: Launching And AirPlay Shazam: 

On your smart TV, go to source settings and select the connected port of the HDMI inserted in the television. This will have the screen of your iOS device visible on the TV.

Afterward, either install the Shazam app or use it through the control center- launch it on your iPad or iPhone and continue listening and identifying the songs on your iPhone without relying on a stable Wi-Fi connection!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How do I connect Shazam to Apple?

You must turn on the sync in your Apple Music to connect Shazam to Apple. Go to my music from Shazam’s screen and open settings to enable sync. 

Can I Shazam a song playing on my iPhone?

Yes, songs playing on an iPhone can now be recognized through Shazam. 

How do I use Shazam with Carplay?

Unfortunately, Shazam has not yet been made available for use with CarPlay.

How do I AirPlay audio from my iPhone?

AirPlay audio from iPhone by opening the control center, selecting controls in the right corner, and tapping AirPlay to connect playing audio to other devices. 


In this article, we have not only detailed how to AirPlay Shazam from your iOS devices, Mac to an Apple TV but have also provided you with a solution to continue utilizing Shazam to its maximum capacity even in situations lacking internet. 

Now, whether you are with or without the internet, you can go ahead with how to AirPlay Shazam.

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