How To Airplay SiriusXM?

A common query is revolving among a lot of people whether you can Airplay SiriusXM or not. If yes, then another interlinked question came along which states: How to Airplay SiriusXM?

Well, first of all, one streaming account is an ideal option for you if you love to have audio entertainment around you through SiriusXM (SXM), which includes many exclusive features and channels like live sports, songs, podcasts, radio stations, etc. 

So, if you want to have fun listening to your preferred channels and shows in audio waves along with amazing sound quality and your desirable convenience then you are in the right place.

We will walk you through the effortless way of using Airplay to stream any SXM content you like so that you can take that content to the next level by attaching it to your speakers or other devices.

So, let’s dig in without further ado:

How To Airplay SiriusXM?

The streaming of audio songs has become the norm for music lovers around the globe and SXM makes it easy for them to enjoy their best-liked tunes by standing out with its diverse range of radio content. 

The fun thing about SXM is that it’s also compatible with Airplay technology which means you can easily stream your favorite content on your Apple TV or other Airplay-compatible smart TVs from any one of your iOS devices whether it’s an iPhone or iPod.How To Airplay SiriusXM

Other than that, you will require a few essential pieces of equipment before heading toward the main process of Air-Playing SXM on your TV. 

So, the necessary prerequisites are:

  • An iOS device
  • SXM App on your iOS device
  • Airplay-enabled speakers or devices like Apple TV or Airplay-compatible smart TV 
  • A stable and strong Wi-Fi connection with amazing running speed

Now, if you have all these above-mentioned essentialities then we can move one step ahead of diving into the details of how to Airplay SiriusXM on your speakers.

A Detailed Step-By-Step Process of Air-Playing SXM on a Compatible TV or Speakers:

So there are three main sources through which you can Airplay SXM including iPhone or iPad, MacBook, or Airplay-enabled Android TV. 

Note: The first and foremost thing you have to do is to install the SiriusXM app from the App Store.

Air-Playing SXM From an iOS Device:

First, you have to enable Airplay on your Apple TV

  • For this purpose, go to your TV’s settings and turn Airplay on
  • The next step is to pair both of your devices including your TV and iOS device to the same Wi-Fi connection that has a stable and speedy network to avoid any kind of future disruptions
  • Later on, launch SXM app on your iPhone or iPad

Note: For launching the SXM app on your mobile phone, you have to install it first from the App Store and then create an account on it by adding all your mail ID details just like you have to create an account for Air-playing music to a Samsung soundbar.

  • Once the App is open and ready to work, play any station you want
  • After that, go to the control panel of your iOS device and tap on the screen mirroring option 
  • A list of all available devices will appear
  • Select your Apple TV
  • Your TV is all set to Airplay all the content from SXM on it 

Air-Playing SXM From MacBook:

  • Switch your TV on and don’t forget to enable the Airplay from the settings
  • The next thing you need to do is to link up both your TV and Macbook with the same Wi-Fi
  • Here if you have installed the SXM app then open to proceed further but if your do not downloaded the App yet, then simply open the browser on your MacBook and search for the official website of SiriusXM
  • Log in with your valid credentials and play any content you like 
  • Now, go to the top-right corner of the menu bar on your Mac
  • You will find an Air-play option
  • Tap on it to enable Airplay on your device
  • It will start scanning all the nearby devices to which it can be paired with 
  • Once the scanning is done, you will find your TV among all the devices
  • Click on it and you are all set to have access to all the SXM audio

Air-Playing SXM From Android Smart TV:

Before starting air-playing on Android, make sure your Android smart TV is compatible with the Airplay streaming service.

  • Turn on Airplay on your TV from the settings
  • Make certain that your iOS device and your smart TV both are paired up with the same Wi-Fi network
  • Open the App Store and Install the SXM app on your iOS device 
  • Log in or sign in to your SXM account by adding all essential details of your mail ID
  • Once you have successfully logged in, play any one of your favorite playstations
  • Now, open the control panel on your iOS device and click on Airplay 2 icon 
  • Choose your Android TV from all the available devices to continue proceeding 
  • Voila, your devices are paired and ready to spread the audio waves in the air

You can always turn off the Airplay technology from your device after utilizing its streaming services. So, if you are interested then click to learn how to disable Airplay.

Major Differences Between SXM and Spotify:

Well, if we talk about SXM, it is a radio broadcasting service that is accessible only to the US population. Moreover, it offers packages including Select and Premium where Premium users have to pay 10$ for further use. 

SXM supports platforms like iOS devices, and Android devices as well as SaaS and it doesn’t offer a free version for their users. 

On the other hand, we have Spotify which is a global-level music streaming service that offers 3 types of subscription plans including Spotify Free, Spotify Premium, and Spotify Hi-Fi from which select and premium users have to pay 10$ and 13$, respectively. 

Furthermore, Spotify supports various platforms such as Windows, SaaS, iOS devices as well as Android devices and the amazing thing about this service is that it offers a free version as well. 

People Are Also Interested In (FAQs):

What To Do If Smx Is Not Linking Up With Airplay?

There are several things to do to sort out this issue like ensuring both of your devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi, your TV & your iOS device both are placed near to each other, restarting both devices, checking if there are any updates left, uninstall and download the SXM app once again, refresh your phone’s network, and lastly, make sure your phone’s air-plane mode is off.

Can You Play Siriusxm On Homepod Mini Using Airplay?

The precise answer to this query is “YES” as you can easily Airplay SXM on Homepod Mini to enhance your music listening through this fantastic streaming service.

Why Does My SXM Keep Pausing While Airplay?

The main reason behind this issue can be the Auto-lock feature. So, the only thing you have to do is to turn this feature off from your iOS device. For this simple and easy activity, go to your iOS settings >> display & brightness >> auto-lock >> choose “never” and you are good to go. 

Last Takeaways:

The bottom line suggests that you can take your SXM listening experience to a new height just by using Airplay technology. 

Simply because this streaming service will ensure that you enjoy your favorite audio content whether it’s a song, talk show, or any other exclusive material with exceptional audio quality on your preferred speakers or device.


So, what are you waiting for? Just dive into the world of Airplay and unlock the magic of SXM today!

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