How To Airplay Stremio?

Stremio is a media managing application that permits all its users to watch TV shows, movies, documentaries, Live TV channels, and much more from extendable video catalogs by add-ons. Unfortunately, Stremio does not have AirPlay support, nor is it available for Apple TV. Regardless, we have a workaround for you on how to AirPlay Stremio.

All those wishing to AirPlay their Stremio content to an AirPlay-compatible Apple TV, can do so, and it is made possible by utilizing the feature for screen mirroring, which is a backup for AirPlay. 

You can stream all the content on your television through screen mirroring as the screen will be shared. So let’s go to describe a quick and convenient way for how to AirPlay Stremio.

How To AirPlay Stremio?

Before you go ahead and proceed with how to AirPlay Stremio, it is crucial to ensure that the iOS device and your AirPlay-compatible TV, which could be a Smart or Apple TV, are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. How To Airplay Stremio

Step 1: Installing Stremio:

Start with installing the application for Stremio on your iPad or iPhone through the App Store. After the application has been installed, do not forget to log in to your account by providing the information that is asked for. 

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Step 2: Screen Mirror To AirPlay:

On your device, navigate to open up the control center. For this, you would have to swipe up or scroll down; however accessed, click on the option for screen mirroring.

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Your iOS device will now search for all the in-range and enabled devices to connect to AirPlay. A list will be formulated and appear on the screen of your iPhone. You must select your Apple TV from the list, enter the alpha-numeric password shown on your TV’s screen into your iOS device, and press OK. 

You will have to wait a few minutes to have your iPhone or iPad’s screen mirrored onto your TV. 

Step 3: Select Content: 

In the Stremio app on your iOS device, search and select your favorite TV show or movie and play it to enjoy the content being streamed on a larger screen! 

AirPlay Stremio To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Pairing Wi-Fi:

Once your MacBook and AirPlay-compatible TV have been turned on, immediately connect the devices to a singular Wi-Fi network. Even if both devices are connected to Wi-Fi, double-check whether it is the same router. 

Step 2: Download Stremio: 

The Stremio application on Mac cannot be downloaded directly through the app store. Therefore, you must re-route and download Stremio by visiting its online website. The application is safe to be downloaded on your macOS from this website, and when the download is complete, to access your Stremio account, sign in with your credentials. 

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Step 3: Establishing AirPlay: 

To establish AirPlay with your MacBook and Smart TV, you must first play the Stremio content that has to be mirrored later on and that you anticipate viewing on the wider TV screen. 

In the top menu bar of the Mac, click on the icon for the control center, which will present you several options, but choose the option for screen mirroring, and from the list of devices available for an AirPlay connection, tap on your AirPlay-compatible TV’s name. 

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Enabling AirPlay On Apple TV:

It does not matter which TV you will share content with through AirPlay; if it has not been enabled, then the name of your TV will never appear on your iOS device or Mac. Hence, the importance of allowing AirPlay on Apple TV can be gauged by this, and many individuals often neglect this trivial step. 

Visit the Apple TV settings, and from there, select the precise setting options under “AirPlay and HomeKit.” Subsequently, choose the AirPlay option and enable it. Next, you need to choose who can access AirPlay, and we recommend you allow access for all devices by tapping on the option indicating everyone. 

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When you have enabled AirPlay on your Apple TV, the procedure that is to be followed to connect Stremio to the television remains the same as we have mentioned above. 


Though Stremio is not available for AirPlay, we have still given you a quick and convenient way for how to AirPlay Stremio. The only considerations to be made are enabling AirPlay on the TV and having the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi.

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