How to AirPlay SYFY?

If you are searching for a way to view all the SYFY content comfortably on the big and wide screens of your AirPlay 2 or Apple TV, then there is no better way to do so than using the AirPlay feature introduced by Apple. This article will discuss how to AirPlay SYFY on Apple TV AirPlay 2 TV from iOS Mac. 

SYFY is a streaming service that offers different categories of entertainment, such as movies, shows, and live TV. Using a TV provider’s or cable TV subscription, you can easily stream SYFY content and watch channels like NBC network, CNBC, Oxygen, Bravo, and E!

How To AirPlay SYFY On Apple TV AirPlay 2 TV From iOS Mac?

First, we will begin by stating the step-by-step guide for How To AirPlay SYFY On Apple TV AirPlay 2 TV From iOS Mac from your iPad or iPhone. How To AirPlay SYFY

Step 1: Enable AirPlay and Connect To Wi-Fi:

You must always start to AirPlay SYFY by ensuring that the AirPlay feature on your TV has been turned on. If not, then go to the settings of your TV, find the precise setting for “AirPlay and HomeKit,” and from there, enable AirPlay. 

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Next, it is crucial to have your TV and your iOS devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network or else later in the procedure a discrepancy between Wi-Fi connectivity can become a prominent reason for SYFY AirPlay not working. 

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Step 2: Download SYFY:

Visit the App Store on your iOS device and install the application of SYFY. Once the app has been downloaded, launch it and sign up to your account using your specific SYFY credentials. Another way to sign up directly is by providing the TV provider’s details for the subscription you have been assigned to log in. 

Step 3: AirPlay:

On the SYFY app, play any content of your choice, and on the media player screen, tap on the icon for AirPlay. Since SYFY supports AirPlay, you will not have to go to the control center to AirPlay content. Once nearby devices have been scanned, a list will be formulated from which you must select your Apple or AirPlay 2 compatible TV’s name to stream SYFY. 

AirPlay SYFY To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Pairing Wi-Fi:

Connect your Mac and TV to a single Wi-Fi network router, and turn on AirPlay on your devices. 

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Step 2: SYFY Web browser :

In the Safari web browser or another that you prefer, type the URL for the website in the text box and open SYFY’s web browser—type in your login credentials to approach your account or the details of your TV provider’s subscription. Either would work as long as they have been entered correctly. 

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Step 3: Establishing AirPlay Connection: 

Then, choose any content from the SYFY web browser, and once it starts playing, enable AirPlay. Mac’s AirPlay will be turned on from the screen’s top right corner. Selecting AirPlay will bring you various devices to connect with, but you must choose your TV’s name to enjoy viewing SYFY content. 

Reasons Why SYFY AirPlay Is Not Functioning:

Internet Problem: 

AirPlay is not functioning with SYFY because of two reasons relating to the internet:

  • Devices have not been connected to a single Wi-Fi modem
  • Signal strength is weak. For AirPlay of SYFY content, your bandwidth must have at least 3 MBPS of internet, without which it will not support AirPlay.
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OS Outdated: 

When your Mac functions on an outdated software version, you will face issues launching AirPlay. So check for updates and immediately upgrade your Mac to its latest advanced version. 

Airplane Mode Enable:

The Wi-Fi network connection on your iOS device will be automatically disconnected if your device is in airplane mode. Therefore, check for the airplane mode and its activation. 

Glitches & Bugs: 

Often, a glitch or a bug in the devices may be a cause hindering AirPlay from working. To remedy this, restart your TV and your iOS device or MacBook to have them refreshed and cleared of all unknown problems. 

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This article has not only listed a step-by-step guide for How To AirPlay SYFY On Apple TV AirPlay 2 TV From iOS Mac but has also suggested ways to troubleshoot any issues with AirPlay. So, if you get stuck with SYFY’s AirPlay, you know what to do!

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