How To AirPlay Telegram?

Despite Telegram being a popular social media platform with the most advanced features, it is yet to be officially available for Smart or Apple TV and other streaming devices. Until then, you must know how to AirPlay Telegram. 

Nowadays, millions of people are using the no-cost, user-friendly app to receive and send multiple media files with a capacity of 1024 MB, and it would be no entertainment to view these videos on your phone. 

Therefore, the only way out of the situation and to view the video files on your AirPlay 2 or compatible Android or Apple TV is to master how to AirPlay Telegram. 

How To AirPlay Telegram?

When it comes to how to AirPlay Telegram on a relatively big screen, there are no technicalities involved that would demand you to engage in installing apps or servers to make Telegram available on your televisions. 

However, the procedure is simple, and you only need to access Telegram on your compatible TV by AirPlay. Through AirPlay, you can mirror the screen of your iPad, iPhone, and Mac by following a step-by-step process, which is straightforward. How To AirPlay Telegram?

For this, the Telegram app needs to be downloaded from the app store for iOS devices, and for iMacs and MacBooks, you would have to use an online platform Telegram like the website or the online app. 

Telegram-ing From Mac To TV:

Step 1: Establishing Wi-Fi Connection:

Start by powering on both your devices, Smart TV and Mac, and ensure to connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi router. If both devices are not sourced through a single Wi-Fi connection, then in some cases, individuals will face problems later on while trying to AirPlay Telegram on TV. 

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Step 2: Setting up a Telegram Account:

Open the official Telegram website on your Mac through the Safari web browser. Enter your account’s credentials – username and password- to log in on the website. Visit the menu bar, find the AirPlay icon, and click on it to make AirPlay accessible. 

Step 3: Enabling AirPlay: 

Often, enabling AirPlay on Mac is not as easy as hitting the icon in the menu bar, but it will have to be turned on from the system settings.

For this, in the corner of your Mac, click the apple icon, choose the option for system preferences, and then browse through the list to find the option for the display’s menu, where you will discover AirPlay towards the screen’s bottom. 

Turn on the AirPlay, and in further settings, check the box present indicating “mirroring.” 

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Step 4: Connecting TV:

From the list on your Mac’s screen, select the name of your TV, and after having the connection established, you can now watch all your media on the big screens of your TV. 

Telegram-ing From iOS Devices To TV:

Step 1: Downloading Telegram: 

If there is no Telegram application already on your phone, then it is time for you to download it from the App Store. On your iPhone and through the App Store, search for the application in the search field, select Telegram, and right away, download it on your iOS device. 

Step 2: Signing up/Logging in To Account: 

Once the application has completed its download on your phone, open the app and set up your account. Supposedly, it is your first time using Telegram, so you must go through the sign-up procedure to begin using the application and provide your phone number for finalization. Alternatively, if you already have a Telegram account, just enter the required details.

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Step 3: Connecting Telegram To TV:

Before attempting to AirPlay Telegram to TV, do not miss out on having your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and your compatible Apple TV connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Next, open the app, and on the right corner of your screen, slide down to have the control center displayed in front of you. From the control center, click on the screen mirroring option, and from the presented available devices, select your Apple TV to form a connection. 

For all those AirPlay-ing Telegram on the TV for the first time, your TV’s screen will display a code for activation, which needs to be entered on the iOS device to move ahead. 

Telegram-ing From iOS To Android TV: 

Step 1: Activating AirPlay On Android TV:

A pre-requisite without which you cannot go any farther with Telegram-ing AirPlay on Android TV is activating AirPlay. Turn on the TV, go to settings, hit HomeKit settings and AirPlay, and choose to enable AirPlay on TV.

Step 2: Downloading Telegram App:

Connect both devices to a strong, uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection to ensure that Telegram is AirPlayed on your Android TV. If you do not have the Telegram app on an iOS device, download it from the App Store and log in or sign up to have an account by providing the required credentials. 

Step 3: Linking iOS and Android TV: 

While having the Telegram app open on your iOS device, swipe on the screen for the control center to be displayed and hit the icon showing screen mirroring. Subsequently, several names as options will appear on the iPad or iPhone’s screen, but you must select your TV’s name. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

How can I mirror Telegram to my TV?

An easy way to Telegram your TV is through AirPlay, also known as screen mirroring. 

How to turn on AirPlay?

AirPlay on your iOS devices can be turned on through the menu bar of your Mac or from the display settings.

How do I cast my screen to AirPlay?

Casting the screen to AirPlay can be done by opening the control center on your iPad/ iPhone and then pairing your TV to your device using screen mirroring.

Why are Telegram videos not playing on iPhones?

A possible reason could be full storage on your iPhone, hindering Telegram videos from playing. 

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There is a lot of conspiracy around accessing Telegram on a TV, but things have been made uncomplicated thanks to AirPlay. You do not need to bother yourself much about how to AirPlay Telegram because you will do just fine and AirPlay Telegram effortlessly as long as you abide by our stated procedures.

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