How To AirPlay To Bose?

Are you also looking forward to listening to your favorite playlist on your Bose Soundbar and speaker? Learn how to AirPlay to Bose. 

The AirPlay technology introduced by Apple lets everyone play their audio on an AirPlay-compatible device wirelessly. This means you need not connect wires but choose a speaker or a Soundbar like Bose’s. 

Bose Soundbar has multiple features, such as compatibility for voice control, wifi, Bluetooth, and the AirPlay feature. Similarly, the Bose speaker is AirPlay compatible and, because of this distinguishing characteristic, has snatched the ranking of the top position. 

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Learning how to AirPlay to a Bose Soundbar or a speaker is pretty straightforward. All you have to do is pick a music streaming app or have the Bose Music app installed on your iOS device. 

How To AirPlay To Bose?

To easily and through AirPlay, if you want to play music on your Bose Soundbar, you must first have downloaded the Bose Music app on your iOS device, such as the iPad or iPhone, which subsequently helps get the Soundbar set up. How To AirPlay To Bose

Step 1: Wi-Fi Connection:

After you have powered on your Bose Soundbar, ensure the device and your iPad and iPhone are all connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This step is high-value for avoiding any problems later in the AirPlay procedure. 

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Step 2: Managing Service On Bose App:

Now, on your iOS device, open the Bose music application and tap the icon for profile, which will be located in the top right corner. From there, under the product section, select “manage music services.” 

By tapping on the option for “add new service,” you can pick your preferred name of the music service, add it to the already available list of services, and provide any necessary credentials for login. If you want to add multiple music services to the list, follow the instructions on the screen. 

Step 3: Audio AirPlay To Bose Soundbar:

Navigate back to the home screen, and on the bottom of the screen, hit the icon for music, continue to search your choice of songs, and enjoy streaming your music on your Bose Soundbar via AirPlay. 

How To AirPlay To Bose Speaker From iOS Device: 

Step 1: Establishing Wi-Fi:

The foremost step to be taken immediately after turning on your Bose speaker is establishing it and your iOS device to a mutual network connection. Device transmitting audio and the one receiving audio must be getting signals from the same Wi-Fi network. 

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Step 2: Launching Streaming App:

Next, on your iOS device, install and launch any music streaming app such as Apple Music or Spotify. To access your Spotify account, log in to it and then select the playlist you want to play on your Bose speaker. 

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Step 3: Connecting Audio To Bose Speaker:  

At the top, tap on the icon for AirPlay to choose from the name of the wireless devices list, your Bose speaker. Supposedly, if the icon for AirPlay is missing from the Spotify app, open the control center and instead screen mirror by pressing the icon for screen mirroring. 

Again, from the list of presented wireless devices, select your Bose speaker, and once the connection has been successfully established between the devices, proceed to play music on Spotify but hear it on the Bose speaker. 

Fix Bose AirPlay Not Functioning:

  • Restart your devices: Soundbar, speaker, iPhone, or iPad, and then reconnect them to an internet connection that is more robust and has incredible speed. 
  • Recheck to make sure that the Soundbar, the speaker, and the device for AirPlay are connected to a singular Wi-Fi network; if not, improvise and switch the connection to the same internet device. 
  • Update the software of your iOS device and the firmware of your Bose speaker and soundbar. 
  • Speculate whether the Bose Soundbar and speaker are placed within an adequate range of the AirPlay-compatible device. Bose speakers should not be kept further apart from your iOS device; otherwise, there will be trouble with device recognition.
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In our article on how to AirPlay to Bose, we have proposed a simple method to connect audio through AirPlay from a Soundbar and a speaker. Remember to strictly abide by the steps to have a seamless AirPlay experience regardless of your Bose device.

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