How To Airplay To JBL?

If you are a music lover and enjoy hearing music through a speaker equipped with an advanced audio system, then there is no better choice for you than a JBL speaker. Fortunately, all JBL speakers offer Airplay support, so let’s look into how to Airplay to JBL. 

Everyone likes listening to their favorite albums, songs, and original podcasts on their computers and smartphones. Still, to enhance and further immerse in this experience, you must switch to listening to music on a JBL speaker through convenience with Airplay. 

All playlists can be easily shared on a JBL from any music streaming app and device like an iPad, iPhone, or Mac to the speaker. How to Airplay to JBL?

How To Airplay To JBL?

The quickest and shortest way to Airplay to JBL is through using an iOS device, which could be your iPad, iPod, or iPhone. All these devices come with built-in support for Airplay and will transfer the audio to your JBL speaker effortlessly. How To Airplay To JBL

Step 1: Wi-Fi Connectivity: 

Begin by connecting your JBL speaker to a power outlet and then press and hold on to the TBL button on your device to have it turned on. Once the speaker is in operational mode, you should connect it to your home Wi-Fi or the Wi-Fi to which your iOS device is connected. 

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Supposedly, if it is your first time using a JBL speaker and you are having trouble setting it up, consult the manual guide the company has prepared to assist all their devoted JBL users. 

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Step 2: Choosing a Music Streaming App: 

JBL is compatible with almost all music streaming applications, so it does not matter if you use Apple Music or Spotify; the streamed song will be played on your speaker. Taking the example of Spotify, download the application from the app store or another music streaming application of your choice. 

Once the app’s installation is completed, launch it and sign in to your account by providing all the required details, including a username and password. 

Step 3: Airplay:

Play whatever you want to listen to on the app and share the music by tapping on the icon for Airplay. If the music app lacks support for an Airplay connection, it will not show the icon. 

Therefore, access the control center, and from there select the icon for screen mirroring, and from the narrowed results showing a list with the names of available devices, choose the name of your JBL speaker. 

As soon as the connection between your iOS device and your JBL speaker is established, you will be able to hear the music playing on the speaker. 

Airplay To JBL From Mac:

Step 1: Linking Wi-Fi:

After your MacBook is powered on, connect the macOS and JBL speaker to a single Wi-Fi connection. 

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Step 2: Music Web Browser: 

Use the Safari web browser of your Mac to visit Spotify’s official website, where you will have to sign in to your account to get ahold of any playlist or album that you would like to hear. The music service does not have to be Spotify but can also be any other that is of your personal preference. 

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Apart from music service, even if you are viewing a video on YouTube or are doing anything on your Mac, the sound of that video or movie will be automatically transferred to the JBL speaker. This is bound to occur when the Mac has been paired with a JBL speaker through Airplay. 

Step 3: Establishing Airplay: 

In the menu bar on the home screen of your Mac, find the option for Airplay. Hit the icon for Airplay, and from the list of devices displayed on your Mac’s screen, choose the option that indicates the name of your JBL speaker. 

Once the connection between the two devices is developed, music on the website or app will be transferred to the JBL speaker and heard from there. 

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Now that you have learned how to Airplay to JBL, you must always utilize every opportunity you get to listen to your music amplified and louder on the speaker. 

For further help regarding the JBL speaker and why it might not be streaming your music, visit JBL support.

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