How To Airplay To JVC Smart TV?

Fortunately, the JVC Roku TV and the JVC 4k Fire TV are compatible with AirPlay, which means that now, even with more convenience and ease, you can share the content of your Apple devices with the television. But how to AirPlay to JVC Smart TV from Mac and iOS devices?

The procedures we will be stating in this article are straightforward to follow and will require you not to have a high knowledge of tech but rather know how to enable AirPlay on the JVC TV, and navigating a Mac and iOS device will suffice. 

So let’s further shed light on how to AirPlay to JVC Smart TV. 

How To AirPlay To JVC Smart TV?

To summarize the process for how to AirPlay to JVC TV from iOS devices, which is mentioned below, you will need to connect both devices to the internet, find and turn AirPlay on, and then progress towards establishing a connection between both devices using the feature. How To AirPlay To JVC Smart TV

Step 1: Connecting Wi-Fi:

A step that must never be neglected is connecting the devices: JVC TV and the iPhone or the iPad to a singular Wi-Fi network afterward. This is the first thing you should ensure after turning the JVC TV on. 

Step 2: Pairing Devices Through AirPlay: 

Next, choose and play, on your iOS device, the contents that you want to view on your iPhone and later on your JVC TV. After streaming the content, select the screen mirroring icon from the control center, and from the given list of compatible and available devices for AirPlay, click on JVC TV. 

Supposedly, if the app that you are streaming content on does not support the AirPlay feature, use the provided alternative of screen mirroring, which will serve you with the same function of exhibiting your iOS device’s screen on the JVC TV. 

Step 3: Controlling Content: 

Once the content is streamed, you can directly control the content on the TV through the JVC TV’s remote instead of opening up your iPhone repeatedly. Use the buttons for rewind, fast forward, and pause. 

To stop the content streaming altogether, tap on the icon for AirPlay in the device, or rather press the button for “home” on the TV’s remote. 

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AirPlay From Mac To JVC Smart TV:

Step 1: Single Wi-Fi Connection: 

If you are an owner of a Mac looking to AirPlay the content to your JVC Smart TV, then you must always start by making sure that the MacOS and JVC TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi router.

Step 2: Selecting Content:

Open up the content on Mac that you want to share through AirPlay on JVC TV. You can visit a website or navigate to a selected and desired section on Mac, as both can be transferred to the JVC Smart TV. 

Step 3: Linking Mac To JVC Smart TV:

Select the content you intend to transmit or play; in the menu bar, tap on the AirPlay icon, presenting a list of available devices, among which only select the name of your JVC Smart TV to AirPlay. 

The macOS screen will be visible on the JVC TV as soon as the connection is established. Nevertheless, whenever encountering trouble sharing content to JVC TV through AirPlay, always contact the JVC support team for help. 

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AirPlay Incompatible JVC TV: 

For some of the JVC TVs, you cannot directly AirPlay from your Mac or iOS devices as the television is incompatible with the function. However, to remedy the situation, the JVCKenwood corporation has offered another route to users through an application named mirroring for JVC, developed to mirror content to AirPlay incompatible JVC TV. 

The only pre-requisite to AirPlay on AirPlay incompatible TVs is to own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with the iOS version 11 or later. 

Step 1: Downloading Mirroring For JVC: 

After turning on your iOS device and JVC Smart TV, connect them to a mutual Wi-Fi connection and then pair both devices through Bluetooth. Subsequently, download the application mirroring for JVC through the App Store on your iOS device. 

Step 2: Modifying iOS Device settings:

On your iPhone or iPad, go to the system’s settings, find settings for the control center, and customize its displayed controls by including the icon for Screen Recording in the list. 

Step 3: Mirroring Content:  

Open any website or app whose content you want to mirror on the TV and the iPhone or iPad, and start playing the content. Locate the screen recording icon in your device’s control center while having the streaming content opened.

While holding on and touching the icon for screen recording, click on mirroring for JVC, through which you can now broadcast all your device’s media, audio, and video files on your JVC Smart TV. 

To assure that you seamlessly go through with how to AirPlay to JVC Smart TV, you must at all times have your devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If they are not, then immediately try and join them. 

Even after numerous efforts, you fail to establish connections of your devices to a single wifi, restart the JVC Smart TV and your iOS device. This will eliminate all the glitches and, after being restarted, might connect to the network and each other. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How do I use AirPlay on my JVC Smart TV?

AirPlay on JVC Smart TV by connecting both devices through screen mirroring. 

How do I set up AirPlay between iPhone and Mac?

You can quickly set up AirPlay on your iPhone and Mac from the device’s settings and by enabling the feature of AirPlay. 

How can I AirPlay from Mac to TV?

Go to the menu bar, open the control center, and tap on AirPlay on Mac to transmit content to TV. 

Why can’t I AirPlay to my TV from Mac?

It’s probably because the TV is AirPlay incompatible. 


In this article, we have not only assisted you with how to AirPlay to JVC Smart TV but have also given you a roadmap to sharing content with those JVC TVs that are AirPlay incompatible. 

If you abide by the procedures, we are sure you will face no hurdles when attempting to AirPlay to JVC TV through Mac and iOS devices.

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