How To Airplay Twitter?

Now, with Twitter’s recent addition of their new feature to enjoy- video AirPlay, you can watch longer videos on the big screen of your TV. But how to AirPlay Twitter?

Though Twitter is a trending social media platform, it is not the social network it once used to be. Still, many people spend a significant amount of time reading and receiving real-time news and updates daily. 

AirPlay was not always available for Twitter, nor did it work well, but, with its inclusion, leave behind the no-fun scrolling of Twitter on your phone and switch to learning how to AirPlay Twitter to AirPlay-compatible devices. Even when the smart TV is not AirPlay compatible, you can still AirPlay with the workaround we have for you through an HDMI cable. 

How To AirPlay Twitter?

On every Apple TV, the feature for AirPlay comes built-in; however, it requires you to enable it every time you attempt to AirPlay Twitter to TV from an iOS device. 

Therefore, to turn on AirPlay, go to the settings of your Apple TV and select the settings for AirPlay & HomeKit, which will allow you to turn on the TV’s AirPlay feature. How To AirPlay Twitter

Step 1: Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The crucial step for how to AirPlay Twitter is to ensure that both your devices, meaning your iOS device (iPad or iPhone) and your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV, are connected to the same wi-fi network. 

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Even if the internet is pre-connected to your devices, double-check whether the TV and iPad are receiving connectivity from a mutual router. 

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Step 2: Installing Twitter:

Install the mobile phone application for Twitter on your iPad or iPhone and from the App Store. Supposedly, if you have pre-installed the app and it is already on your device, then launch Twitter. 

Step 3: AirPlay: 

Swipe down or up on the screen to open the control center, depending on your device’s model. From the control center, select the option for screen mirroring and then select your AirPlay-compatible TV to develop an AirPlay connection. 

If an AirPlay code prompts on the TV’s screen, enter that code on your iOS device to establish the connection between the devices. Once AirPlay is connected- open Twitter and view all your favorite tweets and videos on the enhanced screen of your television. 

If you are still confused, watch Video for further help regarding the procedure. 

AirPlay Twitter To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Link Same Wi-Fi:

After turning on your Apple TV and Mac, you must immediately connect your devices to the same network-providing modem. Undertaking this step guarantees to avoid AirPlay-related problems later in the procedure. 

Step 2: Twitter Web Browser:

On your Mac’s browser, Safari, or Google Chrome, visit the official website of Twitter. Then press FN + C together and simultaneously to access the Mac’s control center. Another way to open the control center is by navigating to the top menu bar of the Mac’s screen and manually selecting the option. 

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Step 3: Share Content:: 

From the display options in the control center, tap on the icon for screen mirroring, select your device’s name from the list of devices readily available for an AirPlay connection, and enjoy your daily tweets on the TV. 

Remember, disable AirPlay on Mac to stop screen sharing once you finish Twitter’s AirPlay to TV. 

AirPlay Twitter Using HDMI: 

For all those readers with a TV that lacks AirPlay support or cannot connect Twitter to a TV using AirPlay, we have an alternative route and an ideal solution for you, which is to AirPlay Twitter using an HDMI cable. 

An additional accessory needed for AirPlay of Twitter with an HDMI cable is a Lightning to Digital AV Adapter, which will help you connect HDMI directly to your iOS device by providing a suitable pathway. 

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to your TV, and the other end should be inserted into the AV adapter already plugged in with your iPhone. Once all the wires have been connected, from the TV’s source settings, select the HDMI cable that is plugged in, open Twitter, and continue using it on your iOS device while streaming it on the TV. 

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This article provides various roadmaps for how to AirPlay Twitter. Does not matter whether your television is AirPlay-compatible because we have got you covered in every scenario for sharing Twitter content on the TV’s screen through AirPlay.

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