How To Airplay Udemy?

Are you trying to determine a way to watch your business Udemy courses on the screen of your television? You can do so by casting the video of your courses from the Udemy mobile application through AirPlay. But how to AirPlay Udemy to an AirPlay-compatible TV?

Udemy is a platform for learning, providing easy access to plenty of online courses in slides, videos, and text formats. Many individuals, such as professionals and students, develop career knowledge and skills through this platform. 

With the subscription-based and free courses offered by Udemy, you can now take up a course you prefer from the comfort of your home and view it conveniently on the large screen of your TV by learning how to AirPlay Udemy. 

How To AirPlay Udemy?

Casting any Udemy video for your course on your TV through an iOS device, iPad, or iPhone does not require much effort. Rather, following the simple steps below for how to AirPlay Udemy to TV from an iOS device will get you through the procedure and assist you in accomplishing your goal of viewing lectures on the TV. How To AirPlay Udemy

However, before attempting to AirPlay, download the Udemy mobile application through the app store on your iOS device. 

Step 1: Same Wi-Fi Network:

The Wi-Fi network connected to your iOS device must correspond to the internet router connected to the television you anticipate to AirPlay Udemy course videos to. 

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Step 2: Choosing the Udemy Course:

In the Udemy app on your iPad or iPhone, open the course video you wish to view and search for the AirPlay icon on the media player. If the AirPlay icon does not appear in the video player, access the control center and press the AirPlay icon there. 

Step 3: Establishing AirPlay:

As soon as you choose AirPlay as an option, a dialog containing the available devices for a connection will be in front of you, from which you can select the device you want to AirPlay the media content. 

Within a few seconds, the AirPlay will connect your devices, and you will receive a notification of the established connection. 

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Though AirPlay is not problematic with Udemy courses and is compatible, opt for the screen mirroring option if you encounter any issues with trying to AirPlay a course video. Alternatively, you can also watch this video to see if you are following the procedure accurately or not. 

AirPlay Udemy To TV From Mac:

Step 1: Enable AirPlay & Link Wi-Fi:

After turning on your Mac, the first thing to do is to enable its AirPlay feature. Go to the system settings and open the precise option for “AirPlay and HomeKit,” where you must allow AirPlay. 

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Then, connect your AirPlay-compatible TV, or your Apple TV, and your Mac to the same internet router. Both these devices must receive internet connectivity from a mutual and matching modem. 

Step 2: Open Udemy Web:

On any available browser in your Mac, Safari, or Google Chrome, visit Udemy’s official website. Here, to access the course, you must select the option for signing up or logging in to proceed further by providing your necessary credentials, such as the username and the password under which the account has been formulated. 

Step 3: AirPlay Udemy:  

When done, search and select any informative video and AirPlay it by locating the icon for AirPlay on the top of the screen. A list after scanning will be presented to you containing the names of the devices to which you could share content, but you must select the name of your TV to AirPlay Udemy and learn the content through your compatible smart TV. 

Udemy Server Down: 

Sometimes, people face issues trying to AirPlay Udemy. This is likely to happen due to Udemy’s server being down, and as a user, you cannot do much about it as the issue needs to be resolved by the server’s developer.

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In the meantime, while waiting for the downtime to get fixed, you can visit Udemy’s Twitter handle or website for further details. 


Give learning a new dimension and make it more fun for yourself by casting all your course videos to television by mastering how to AirPlay Udemy. Whether you are on your Mac or an iOS device, it does not matter because Udemy is compatible with AirPlay on any device.

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