How To Airplay Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is a very useful and valuable app, and if you are looking for a way to transfer your incoming video calls to a wider screen, read through our article describing how to AirPlay WhatsApp. 

There are several advantages to learning how to AirPlay WhatsApp. It will allow you to stream all your videos and photos on a big screen, without any hardware, therefore wirelessly. Similarly, you can have an enhanced view of your conversations while connecting with family and friends on a video call, watching it live on the TV’s screen. 

Additionally, transferring WhatsApp with AirPlay can be a great tool for presenting and explaining documented work or playing and listening to audio files through the connected TV speakers. So, without further adieu, let’s elaborate on how to AirPlay WhatsApp. 

How To AirPlay WhatsApp?

Using AirPlay to view WhatsApp on a big screen can be achieved only by following a few simple steps. Whether it be your Smart TV or the Apple TV, to AirPlay WhatsApp, always remember to have both your devices, the TV and the iOS device (iPhone and the iPad), connected to the same wifi network to connect them seamlessly. How To AirPlay WhatsApp

With the easy steps below, you can enjoy your incoming video calls on WhatsApp on a larger screen. 

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Apple TV:

Supposedly, AirPlay is not turned on on your iOS device; then, turn the option on through the settings. Simply swipe down on your device’s screen, and after accessing the control center, tap on the icon for AirPlay. 

Next, select your Apple TV from the list of available devices and enable its mirroring to the TV. After this, your iPhone’s screen, including the ongoing WhatsApp call, will be mirrored and projected on the television. 

Smart TV: 

Some smart TVs support AirPlay and are compatible with it. For such a TV, it is a must to have AirPlay turned on from the TV settings, so visit and navigate the settings to enable AirPlay. 

Then open your iPhone’s control center and again choose the icon for screen mirroring, following which a list will appear showing available devices for an AirPlay connection. But, you must only tap on your smart TV’s name, and as soon as it connects with your iPhone, your device’s content will be transferred to the TV. 

AirPlay WhatsApp To TV From Mac: 

Step 1: Connecting Internet: 

As a prerequisite, It is mandatory to ensure that your Mac and TV are connected to a single Wi-Fi-providing router. Thus, connect the devices to one Wi-Fi connection. 

Step 2: Opening WhatsApp Web

On your Mac and your preferred web browser, open the website for WhatsApp by searching for it or typing the required URL in the provided text box. From the upper panel of the opened homepage, select the option for WhatsApp Web and continue to follow the steps to log into your WhatsApp account on the Mac. 

This is one way to access WhatsApp on Mac; another could be to download the application directly from the App Store, but you can choose any option, and it will work well for AirPlay. 

Step 3: Pairing TV & Mac:

In the top menu bar of your Mac, open the control center and tap the screen mirroring option from which you choose the TV to which you want to mirror your WhatsApp screen. Scanning will take place, and once completed, you can view WhatsApp on your television. 

Fixing AirPlay For Whatsapp: 

Encountering issues with AirPlay for a certain application or a web browser is a typical and commonly reported problem that could arise due to multiple technical factors. Though the details of the causes do not concern us, we are determined to fix AirPlay for WhatsApp. 

Hence, if AirPlay stops working for WhatsApp, try the listed solutions to fix your troublesome issue instantly. 

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Internet Connection: 

For an iPhone to connect to the TV to transmit the content of WhatsApp through AirPlay, you must have a fast, strong, and stable internet connection. We advise that if other devices use the same wifi, immediately disconnect them and only have your iPhone and TV connected to the network. 

Keep Devices Close:

While attempting how to AirPlay WhatsApp to TV, keep in mind to keep the Mac/iPhone and TV close enough to the wifi and each other; this often helps as no barriers hinder the transmission of signs. 

Also, check to see if WhatsApp has been having a severe problem of outage, then be patient and wait for the resolution of the issue.


Another way to fix AirPlay for WhatsApp is to update your devices and the app to the latest software versions. Recently introduced software contains cures and resistance against glitches. Once you have WhatsApp reinstalled on your iOS device, it is likely for the problem of AirPlay to vanish on its own without you taking further measures to resolve it. 

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Additionally, what sometimes can assist is clearing all files containing cache on WhatsApp and TV, eliminating possible bugs and obstacles that previously resulted in AirPlay not showing for WhatsApp. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS): 

How do I AirPlay WhatsApp to my TV?

Use the screen mirroring feature on your iOS device to AirPlay WhatsApp to your TV. 

How do I screen mirror WhatsApp on my iPhone?

To screen mirror on an iPhone while you are on a video call, use the screen sharing icon at the bottom of the display and choose the screen you want to share.

How can I mirror my WhatsApp video call?

After initiating a WhatsApp video call, tap the icon for screen-sharing in the call, allowing you to mirror your screen. 

Is it possible to cast WhatsApp on TV?

Yes, WhatsApp can be easily cast to TV. 

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By mentioning convenient procedures for how to AirPlay WhatsApp, we have made the lives of all our readers easy. Without facing hurdles, you can now AirPlay WhatsApp, and in the case an issue arises, you can always try to remedy it through our proposed solutions.

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