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How To Airplay World Baseball Classic?

Are you excited for the upcoming season of the World Baseball Classic but do not want to watch the live streaming of the matches on the screen of your iPhone or Mac? AirPlay! Grasp the trick of knowing how to AirPlay World Baseball Classic. 

The International and popular baseball tournament, the World Baseball Classic, is conducted every four years, and the official broadcaster is Major League Baseball. Fortunately, WBC is happening this year, too, so do not miss out on the opportunity to stream live baseball matches on your TV through AirPlay. 

Suppose you know how to AirPlay World Baseball Classic. In that case, it will automatically eliminate the need for you to go through the trouble of installing the MLB app on your televisions because the match can be seen on the TV after sharing the content via AirPlay. 

How To AirPlay World Baseball Classic?

For any World Baseball Classic match you plan to spectate, you have two options for live viewing: Fox Sports or MLB. By downloading either of the two applications on your iOS device, you can simply AirPlay World Baseball Classic on your compatible AirPlay TV. 

The procedure for how to AirPlay World Baseball Classic through an iOS device to the television remains the same. However, what differs is the app that you choose to utilize to stream the game. How To Airplay World Baseball Classic

Regardless of the application, the steps we state in this section will remain the same whenever attempting to how to AirPlay World Baseball Classic. 

Step 1: Connect To Internet:

Before streaming the game live on your television through AirPlay, ensure that your iOS device, such as iPhone or iPad, is connected to the same internet connection. 

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Step 2: Download Application: 

The second step is downloading the preferred application: Fox Sports or MLA (both support AirPlay). On your iOS device, launch the app store from the apps section, and in the search bar, search for the application you want to download. 

Select the app’s icon from the search result and download it right away on your iOS device. Once the download for the app is completed, it is time for you to open the app and go through the sign-up process, where you will be asked to provide your login credentials, such as the username and password. 

Step 3: AirPlay Device With TV: 

After the match begins playing on your phone, from the media player screen, click on the icon representing AirPlay. This will open up a list of all the nearby devices around you with which you can share your iOS device’s screen, but you must select the name of your TV. 

As soon as the connection between your iOS device and TV is successfully paired, the screen will be mirrored on the TV for you to watch the baseball game events live. 

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AirPlay WBC From Mac: 

Step 1: Establishing Mutual Internet Connection:

Ensure that your TV and Mac are connected to a mutual internet connection, meaning they use the same device for a Wi-Fi network.

Step 2: Browsing MLB Website: 

Next, on your Mac, through Safari, browse MLB’s official website and, if necessary, log into your account by entering the required details. You can browse through the MLB website to find and choose the WBC match you would like to play on your Mac and then through AirPlay on the screen of your TV.

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Step 3: Pairing Mac With TV: 

Following the live streaming of the baseball match on your Mac, in the menu bar on the top right corner of the screen, look for the AirPlay icon and tap it to have all the options for a possible AirPlay connection with your Mac displayed in front of you. 

Go through the options, pick out the name of your TV from the list, and pair both devices together. When the pairing is complete, your WBC match will be streamed live on the big screen of your AirPlay-compatible TV. 

AirPlay WBC To Android TV:

Previously, the AirPlay function was only limited to and fro Apple devices; now, it has also been extended to Android TV. Anything you see on your iOS device or Mac can now also be represented on the screen of your Android TV.  

Step 1: Enabling AirPlay: 

A prerequisite to AirPlay WBC on Android TV is to have AirPlay enabled. In the settings of your Android TV, navigate to AirPlay and HomeKit, and from there, select the option of settings from where you can enable AirPlay. 

Step 2: Wifi Connection:

Check your iOS device, Mac, and Android TV to see if they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This step is mandatory to be fulfilled for a seamless AirPlay to Android TV. 

Step 3: Screen Mirroring:

Launch the game on your iOS device by using an application allowing you to live stream the WBC game. Then go to the control center of the iPhone or the iPad and click the tab for screen mirroring, and from the list appearing in front of you, select your Android TV and enjoy your match. 

Often, after pairing, some additional on-screen instructions to pair iOS devices and Android TVs might show, and if they do, then adhere to them. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

How can I watch the Baseball World Classic on my TV?

You can either AirPlay the game or watch it on sports channels like Fox, FS2, FS1, Tubi, and Fox Deportes. 

How can I watch the World Baseball Classic on my phone?

Watch the World Baseball Classic on your phone on MLB or Fox Sports App. 

How can I watch the World Baseball Classic without cable?

Stream the baseball game online or on streaming services like Fubo TV. 

Can I watch WBC on Apple TV?

Yes, you can watch WBC on Apple TV. 


During the World Baseball Classic season, everyone must know how to AirPlay World Baseball Classic. It is not always possible to watch the baseball game live on a sports channel or download the required apps on the TV. Thus, AirPlay is a lifesaver for World Baseball Classic fans in such scenarios!

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