How To Airplay WWE Network?

All WWE programming fans wonder whether they can or not AirPlay WWE Network. The short answer to the much-anticipated question is that you can AirPlay WWE Network. So let’s look at our brief overview of how to AirPlay WWE Network. 

The new and updated version of the WWE app features the option for screen mirroring, allowing individuals to watch their matches directly on the TV without holding up their phone’s screen in front of the TV. 

It does not matter if you are looking to catch some WWE matches from time to time or are a hardcore fan of the WWE Network, because now with learning how to AirPlay WWE Network, you can watch all its matches in 1080p on most of your AirPlay-compatible devices. 

How To AirPlay WWE Network?

AirPlay of WWE Network is one of the many ways to expand your viewing of the matches far beyond the small screen of your iOS device. WWE Network can be connected through AirPlay only on the latest versions of Apple TV. 

For that, ensure that your iOS device is running on the latest software. Then open the application for WWE Network, search select a match you want to watch, and play it. Once the video starts playing, reveal the control center by swiping up from the screen’s bottom and choosing the AirPlay icon, and from the multiple available options for devices, connect your iPhone/ iPad to your Apple TV. How To AirPlay WWE Network

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However, if you are currently using an older model of an Apple TV, then to AirPlay WWE Network, follow the steps we mention below, which, instead of AirPlay, uses screen mirroring as an option to share the iPhone’s screen. 

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Step 1: Connecting Internet:

Connect your iOS (iPhone or iPad) and Smart, Apple, or AirPlay-compatible TV to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Step 2: Installing the WWE Network App:

Next, on your iPhone, through the App Store, install the application for WWE Network. Launch the app and sign in by providing the required details when the download has been completed. 

Go ahead with streaming any match you wish to watch on your AirPlay-compatible TV. 

Step 3: Pairing Devices: 

Swipe down or up, per the model of your iPhone, to open up the control center. Here, tap on the screen mirroring icon, which will show you a list of all the devices available for an AirPlay connection. 

From the list, choose your TV and wait until the request to pair the devices has been forwarded to your Apple TV. As soon as the request is accepted, your devices will be paired, establishing an AirPlay connection for you to sit back and enjoy your WWE match’s screening on a broader screen. 

Visual Methodological Representation Of WWE Network AirPlay

We understand how, for some readers, the procedure for how to AirPlay WWE Network can be overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, we have a visual methodological representation (video) of WWE Network AirPlay, which can be of much assistance to you and can make sure that you follow the steps accurately and effortlessly link your devices through AirPlay. 

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AirPlay WWE Network Through HDMI: 

This section concerns all those people who want to AirPlay WWE Network on their TVs but do not have a Smart TV with built-in support for AirPlay. Do not worry; you can still AirPlay your WWE matches using an HDMI cable to build connections between your devices.

You must have a Lightning Digital AV Adapter to plug an HDMI into your iOS device and, if not, purchase the adapted from Amazon

Plug in one end of the HDMI cable in your Smart TV and the other in your AV adapter, which is connected to your iPhone. From the TV’s setting, choose the correct HDMI input and, following it, on your WWE Network’s application, play the match that you want to view on your TV. 

Once the HDMI has been selected and the match starts playing on your iOS device, all the WWE Network content will be automatically transferred to your TV screen. 


All passionate WWE Network fans, with the multiple ways we have put forth for how to AirPlay WWE Network and the AirPlay back-up we have provided you with via an HDMI, watching WWE Network on your TV’s big screen should not be a problem for you anymore.

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All we have to say now to you is- good luck! 

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