How To Airplay Xfinity Stream?

The freemium service- Xfinity Stream allows all its users to watch on-demand and live TV content, but what if we tell you that all this content can be transmitted to the larger screen of your TV through AirPlay? With us, using a swift and convenient method, master how to AirPlay Xfinity Stream. 

The 250+ movies, DVR recordings, shows, TV channels, and sports are all reliable and accessible options for Xfinity stream’s eligible subscribers. With the plethora of featured genres and their movies, one is likely to ever run out of entertainment. 

Fortunately, all Xfinity Stream customers can utilize AirPlay to share and stream their favorite content from their iOS devices and to Mac to either an AirPlay-compatible TV or Apple TV. So, let’s get into inquiring how to AirPlay Xfinity Stream. 

How To AirPlay Xfinity Stream?

If you are currently streaming your beloved TV show or watching your Saturday night comfort movie on repeat, upgrade your screen size by following the stated method for how to AirPlay Xfinity Stream from an iOS device to an AirPlay compatible TV. How To AirPlay Xfinity Stream

Step 1: Connecting Wifi: 

Foremost and always, whenever streaming content onto another device through AirPlay, the crucial step that must never be skipped is connecting your iOS device, iPad, or iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. 

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Step 2: Linking Devices:

Once the internet has been connected to your device, open the control center and select the icon for screen mirroring. This will bring you a list comprising a range of available devices to AirPlay, but you should only pair with your compatible TV. 

After the iOS device is paired, it is ready to share and transfer the content. However, if it is your first time streaming Xfinity through AirPlay on the receiving device, a four-digit code is mandatory to be entered and will appear on the TV’s screen. Enter the code on the device’s prompt to further move on with casting. 

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Step 3: Launching Xfinity Stream: 

Launch the application for Xfinity Stream on your iPhone, and if you do not have it already download it from the App Store and download the latest version. Subsequently, log in to your Xfinity account by providing the requested credentials, and when done, select, play, and stream your media from the iPad or the iPhone to the receiving device. 

Supposedly, while watching a movie or a show, you want to switch the screen from one receiving device to another. Then, in the top right corner of the mobile’s screen, tap the casting icon and select the new device to start watching again. 

AirPlay Xfinity Stream From Mac To Compatible TV:

Step 1: Linking Wifi:

Again, after having turned on your compatible TV like the Smart or the Apple TV, make sure that your Mac and television are linked to the same Wi-Fi network to avoid any problems from materializing later on. 

Step 2: Logging in to Xfinity On the Web:

Instead of using the Xfinity app on Mac, through the Safari browser, access the Xfinity Stream website and sign in to your account by entering your account details. 

Step 3: Establishing AirPlay:

Next, on the menu bar’s top right corner, click the icon for AirPlay and select your compatible TV from the list of all the available devices. If asked, enter the displayed passcode on the screen of your Mac and proceed with casting Xfinity Stream’s content on your TV. 

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Remember to disable AirPlay from your MacBook to stop streaming on TV or when you have finished viewing Xfinity stream. 

Troubleshooting AirPlay In Xfinity Stream: 

Often, users complain about having issues viewing an AirPlay option in their Xfinity Stream app. Though AirPlay supports Xfinity and is compatible with the application/ website regardless, this can happen because of technical or connectivity issues on either of the devices: iOS or receiving. 

Other possible reasons could be internal bugs, outdated apps, or the device’s software. Whatever the cause, you must be able to remedy it by troubleshooting AirPlay in the Xfinity stream. 

Check For Internet: 

The reason why AirPlay is not showing up in the Xfinity Stream app could be because of the internet. Therefore, check the employed network’s speed and strength and examine for outages or unstable network activity. 

Also, see if you have connected both devices to the same network. If not, then do so or switch to a relatively stable network after restarting your internet. 

Change Permission Settings:

For all readers using an iOS device with 14+ iOS software, for AirPlay to connect to Xfinity Stream, you have to give the app permission. Go to the device’s settings, visit privacy settings, then select a local network, and the following screen will show a list of applications requesting permission to communicate and find your network.

From the list, find Xfinity Stream, tap the toggle, or swipe it to turn AirPlay on.

Update Softwares:

For AirPlay to work on Xfinity stream, it is a must-have to download the latest version of the application. If you have been using an outdated version of the app, uninstall the current application and reinstall it. Likewise, update software for your compatible TV and iOS device or Mac to the latest versions. 

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In the case where updating software does not work, try restarting your receiving device and the mobile phone as a last resort before contacting Apple Support.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Why can’t I AirPlay my Xfinity Stream?

You cannot AirPlay Xfinity Stream because the app’s version or your iPhone’s software is outdated. Refer to our troubleshooting section for further consultation.

How do I mirror my Xfinity Stream app to my TV?

Open the control center and select screen mirroring to mirror the Xfinity Stream app to the TV. 

How do I stream Xfinity to my Apple TV?

Using AirPlay, you can stream Xfinity to Apple TV. 

Can I AirPlay from iPhone to TV?

Yes, you can AirPlay from your iPhone to an AirPlay-compatible TV. 


With knowing how to AirPlay Xfinity Stream, there has to be no other instance where you have to spend your work night off streaming your movies, shows, sports, or news on the small screen of your iPhone. Immediately level up and AirPlay Xfinity Stream!

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