How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To PC?

Typically, Virtual reality headsets are not multiplayer and are only designed for a solo experience as the VR is strapped right onto your face and only enables an individual to encounter endless gameplay. 

All thanks to the Quest 2 and Quest Pro running on the forked version of Android with a casting function initiated and developed by Google, you can connect the VR to a wide range of devices, even your PC!

This means that the exemplary features of easy casting options allow you to share the view of your Quest 2 with the nearby audience. Thus, adding a new and whole level of immersion, eliminating the need to pass the headset around in the group for everyone to have a VR experience. 

Now when you host a party night of Beat Saber, you can conveniently also have your friends view the Meta Quest 2 screen by sharing it on your PC. For this purpose, we bring you an overview of how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to PC so you can effortlessly connect VR with PC and enjoy your VR gaming night! 

How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To PC?

Even though casting from your Oculus Quest 2 to other devices is not complicated, to your surprise, casting to a PC is even simpler and only done in a few steps. 

One method to perform casting to PC is through screen sharing; however, we will discuss the direct method, which is more precise and efficient and demands you to log in through Meta on the web. How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Pc

Officially, you will not find any built-in tutorial explaining casting from Quest 2 to your PC, but after having tested various methods, we have shortlisted the best one for you, which is as follows. 

Remember, while learning how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to PC, follow every step in the ascending manner they are dictated in. 

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Step 1: Same Network Connection

The first and foremost step you should begin with when casting Oculus Quest to PC is to start by ensuring that Quest 2 and your PC are connected on the same Wifi router. 

Take our word for it when we tell you that establishing the connection of the devices to a singular originating network is a very crucial thing to do and the one that will help you escape several unnecessary problems later on. 

Step 2: Open The Oculus Casting Portal 

Next, on your desktop or laptop browser, from whichever PC you are casting from, using either PC go to the Oculus casting portal. This portal will only be accessible if you try logging in to the Quest 2 portal through a Chromium browser. 

These browsers are inclusive of Microsoft Edge, Brave, Google Chrome, and Opera but, unfortunately, fail to provide any support for Safari or Firefox. Therefore, if you do not have any listed browsers qualifying as a Chromium browser, immediately download Chrome on your PC because you cannot stream Oculus on your computer without it. 

Step 3: Logging In Oculus Casting Page

Once through the Microsoft Edge browser, you have accessed the meta Oculus casting page; it is time to log in with your username and password credentials. 

Make sure always to use the login account that is logged in to your Oculus Quest 2; otherwise, connectivity issues are bound to occur. 

Step 4: Settings From Oculus Quest 2 

Initially, you set up your meta account on the browser by logging in, but in this step, you will perform settings on your Oculus Quest 2 to ensure it is compatible and easily connects with the PC. 

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Press the button on the Oculus towards the right of the controller. Upon pressing, a universal menu tray will appear on the virtual reality headset, there you have to scroll to the bottom toolbar and select the arrow icon indicating “sharing.” 

Again, after hitting the sharing button, you have to select “cast,” upon which you will see your Quest 2 appearing on the browser. However, the case may differ for some users, and they may be directed to the next page, where several casting options will be displayed, majorly depending on the type of devices they have connected beforehand to PC. 

From the varied list of VR connection options, select your computer and tap Done. You will find the “done” in the menu and at the bottom. Subsequently, a red dot will emerge in the top-right-hand corner of the field view on the Oculus Quest 2, indicating that you are successfully casting the VR content on your PC/ web browser. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I cast my Oculus into a computer without an internet connection?

No, you cannot cast your Oculus to a computer without an internet connection because then no network within the devices will be established, and you must log in to the web to the Meta casting page to proceed further. 

How to cast on the computer through my Quest 2 VR headset?

The most accurate manner of casting on the computer from Quest 2 is by logging in with your account on the browser on the Meta website and then connecting both devices. 

Is there any other way other than the web login to cast VR on PC?

Yes, there is by first casting on your smartphone and then, from there, sharing the screen with your PC. 

Why does my Quest 2 not connect with PC?

This issue may be arising due to an unstable internet connection. Also, check that on the Oculus Quest 2, your PC appears as an option for casting. 

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Now that you have the best method as a companion for how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to pc, performing casting on a game night with your friends should not be a task for you!

Simply follow the steps in our overview and let your friends judge the gameplay you are undertaking in your Oculus Quest 2 by having them view it on the PC.

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