How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick

Oculus Quest 2 is an innovative invention and a fantastic source of enjoyment in the 21st century. But casting it with the Firestick becomes the biggest hassle when you do not have a complete understanding of developing a link between both devices. 

Well, providing you with the piece of Cake the biggest secret of casting with the firestick is to have 4G and 5G of internet connection that allow for smooth streaming. But the easiest way to connect these devices is by using an air screen,  air receiver, or Chromecast device.

So, to help you understand how to develop a secure and smooth connection between both devices let’s move toward the core of this article.  

How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick?

Let’s start the article by having a glance over the quick solution. 

  • The very first step to cast Oculus Quest to the TV with the fire stick is to set up a proper wifi connection.
  • Now connect both devices with the same Wi-Fi.
  • Next, go for the installation of an air screen to initiate the work of a fire stick.
  • Now turn on your Oculus Quest and go to the main menu. 
  • From the main menu choose the cast option.
  • Through the list of available devices select the Firestick and then click on a pair.
  • Once the devices are paired. Tv will provide you an option with the casting by using Firestick. 
  • Click allows and enjoy your casting on the Tv. 

How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick

To have a deep understanding of Casting with the Firestick let’s move forward without further due. 

Detail Insight On How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick:

Before starting let me clarify one thing that Casting the Oculus Quest 2 with the Firestick included 3 options 

  • Air screen 
  • Air Receiver
  • Chromecast

We are going to each of them individually. So, whatever suits you go for it.  

Casting Oculus Quest 2 to Tv with Firestick by using Air Screen:

  • Ensure proper Wifi connection among the devices. 
  • Go to the main menu of the Firestick then click Search Bar. 
  • Type Air screen in the search bar and click enter. 
  • Once you reach the Air screen. Download it on your Firestick. 
  • After the installation, click on the air screen to get it to start.
  • Now move to your Oculus Quest 2 and go to the main menu. From the main menu select the cast option. Here you will find a list of devices.
  • To Cast Oculus Quest 2 with Firestick choose the Firestick from the list of the devices you are having on your quest screen. 
  • Now pair both devices and let the Air screen mirror the Oculus Quest 2 by using Firestick. 

Casting Oculus Quest 2 to Tv with Firestick by using Air Receiver: 

Another helpful app to Cast the Quest with the Firestick is the installation of the Air Receiver. To learn here are the steps to accompany 

  • The very first time to install a receiver is to go on the main screen of your fire stick.
  • Then go to the search bar and search for an air receiver. 
  • Once you navigate this app click on it and allow it to download on your fire stick. 
  • Let the app complete installation before beginning. 
  • Once you open the app it will choose the option of fire stick. 
  • Now your fire sticks as a casting device. 
  • Next, move toward the Oculus 2 and switch it on. 
  • Now click on the share from the firestick. 
  • This app will automatically choose the Firestick as the casting device of Oculus Quest 2. 

Casting Oculus Quest 2 to Tv with Firestick by using Chromecast 

Casting by using a Chromecast device is one of the effective ways where you do not need any other sources. 

  • Connect the Tv with Chromecast by using the HDMI slot. 
  • Now on your TV, go to the menu bar and select the input with the name HDMI. 
  • Now install the google home screen on your Mobile phone or tablet. 
  • Create an account for it and install the Oculus app. 
  • To connect to Oculus Quest 2, sign in to the Oculus app. 
  • Now open the app and from the top right corner click on the Cast option. It will help you to navigate your Chromecast device. 
  • After the Chromecast device pair both devices and let the Chromecast work efficiently in casting the Oculus Quest 2 on the Tv. 

Advantages Of Casting Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick: 

Well you can use both devices for as numerous entertainment such as 

Watching Movies: 

One of the biggest advantages of casting Oculus Quest 2 on the Tv while using Firestick is that you can create the environment of a Cinema at your Comfort place; i.e. home. It acts as the best source to spend Time With family and friends. 

Playing Games:

Connect the Firestick to the Oculus Quest 2 and the TV provides you additional entertainment in the form of playing games on your big Tv screen. Or you can enjoy music streaming. 

Overcoming Phobias:

Most interestingly, these devices act as a therapist as well because help you to overcome your fear of darkness, closed room, height, etc by choosing the animations related to these weaknesses.  

Online Connections: 

It is the greatest source of creating an online connection with people. It allows you to enjoy live streaming or connect to a friend or family that is far away from your town. 

Possible Errors While Casting Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick: 

Here are the possible errors people encounter

Malfunction of the Installed App: 

Most of the users reported that the Quest does not cast while using a fire stick. It might be because people are using an unlicensed app instead of an Air Screen or AirReceiver. 

Unstable connectivity:

Another possible cause of a glitch is that people have connected both devices on a Wi-Fi connection that does not provide proper connectivity which makes them suffer a little. 

Use of different Networks:

Well using the fire stick and Oculus Quest for any other third-party app on a different network will stop these devices from streaming, and it won’t allow the devices to catch the proper signals. 

Huge Distance among the Devices: 

If you kept Firestick or Oculus Quest 2 at a distance then it will create a hindrance in their connection. As a result, you will face errors while casting. 

Ways to Overcome the Errors Casting Oculus Quest 2 To Tv With Firestick: 

Here are the possible ways to avoid ambiguity during the casting process. 

Using the Same Wifi Connection:

If you want to enjoy smooth, stable casting then make sure that all the devices such as Oculus Quest 2, Tv, Firestick, and Chromecast, are connected to the same network. 

Restarting the devices: 

If you provide the same connection to all the devices but still facing an issue then, go restart Oculus Quest 2 and other related casting devices to provide them with a fresh start. 

Checking the Router: 

If the restarting does not work, then investigate the wifi connection you use to connect the devices. It will help you to know whether the router is the main problem or not. 


Resetting the Oculus Quest 2 is the last way to get over the error. It will eliminate all the previous data. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the firestick act as a remote control while casting Oculus Quest 2 on the TV?

No, Firestick does not act as a remote control during the casting process; you need an Oculus controller to control the content you are casting on the TV. 

How can I cast Oculus Quest on Apple TV?

To cast on an Apple TV use a screen mirror or iPhone Screen that helps you to provide a visual look to your memories while playing it on the TV screen. 

What are the other devices that Oculus Quest uses for Casting instead of fire sticks? 

Other devices that Oculus Quest can use are

  • Google Home Hub 
  • NVIDIA Shield Tv. 
  • Chromecast Ultra

Is there any delay while casting Oculus Quest on the Tv using Firestick? 

Well, a delay or a lag depends upon the connectivity of your wifi. The faster the wifi will be the more smooth casting you will get. Other than this, if you face any delay there might be a malfunction in the devices. So, look for it as well, if the connection is not an issue. 

Final Crux:

To cut a long story short, casting on the Tv with the help of a firestick is a very easy and effortless process. All you need to ensure is the use of the right technique. Make sure that you are using the authorized app if you go for the Air receiver or Air Screen method. Otherwise, your Tv Screen will remain blank. 

Other than this, a secure and fast Wifi connection plays a major role, so make sure to use a good connective if you want a smooth stream process.

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