How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To TV Without Chromecast?

Are you also looking forward to having a unique and worthwhile experience playing games or viewing VR-supported content using your virtual reality headset but without the Chromecast? 

Though the most typical and easiest way to cast your favorite content is through Chromecast, some modern-day televisions do not support Chromecast nor enable casting. 

Regardless, it does not matter if your smart TV is supporting Chromecast or if you are facing issues because we have alternative methods for Quest 2 casting for you.  

Therefore, It’s time you stop bothering yourself with whether you can cast your Oculus Quest 2 to tv without Chromecast because it is possible. The following article will detail how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to tv without Chromecast. 

How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To TV Without Chromecast?

To opt for casting without a Chromecast on your Oculus Quest 2 is a very ingenious technique to use for casting. This is because when Chromecast is removed from the casting equation, all the delays and the lags that would have occurred otherwise are also gone. 

When casting from Quest 2 without a Chromecast and using your Samsung TV, you must ensure that the Oculus operates on the 10.0 version. Only then it will connect to your Samsung TV not using the Chromecast option.How To Cast Oculus Quest 2 To Tv Without Chromecast

Assuming that your Oculus is running on the required version for casting without a Chromecast, casting through the Oculus will be no difficult task, whether on your Samsung TV or the Android Phone. 

Casting Without Chromecast On Samsung TV: 

As previously discussed, to cast your content on your Samsung TV without a Chromecast, you must update your Oculus to the 10.0 version. If your Oculus is already updated, you can proceed with casting, whereas, if not, then first update and cast. 

Another pre-requisite for seamless casting on Samsung TV without a Chromecast is to have both devices- the Oculus and the TV- connected to one wifi network. Therefore, connect them both to the same router first to avoid any connectivity issues that could later hinder the casting. 

You may begin casting without using a Chromecast by first switching on your Oculus virtual reality headset and your Samsung TV. Then enable the settings for casting on the TV to ensure the Quest 2 VR headset successfully detects the device. 

Subsequently, open settings on Quest 2 and go to the section of utilities where upon scrolling, you will find the option “Cast to.” Here, a list of all the nearby and detectable devices will be displayed that you can cast with. 

Select the name of Samsung TV from the list and then choose the next option. Once the connection has been established and both devices are connected, a notification will notify you that casting has started. Immediately your chosen content on the Oculus Quest two will be cast on tv. 

Casting Without Chromecast On Android and Then TV: 

In the preceding section, we talked about one method of casting without a Chromecast; in this one, we will be considering another method for casting on your television which is known as- screen mirroring. 

The only time screen mirroring should be used as a solution is when you have an Android phone and a well-suited wireless internet connection, operating at a fast speed, enough to aid the mission of your casting without a Chromecast. 

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You can easily cast content from Quest 2 on the Android phone and then to your TV by using screen mirroring, but for that, you must religiously abide by the procedure we state. Start by turning on the smartphone, your Oculus Quest 2, and the Samsung TV. 

Once all the devices have been turned on, connect all three devices to the same and one wifi network connection with an excellent speed to handle three devices at the same time. Following this, install the Oculus mobile app on your Android smartphone, and upon installation, instantly open the app and connect it to your virtual reality headset. 

Now through the application, enable the feature for casting so that content can be cast from your Oculus and be displayed on the smartphone. From this point onward, you have accomplished casting from Oculus to Android.

Nevertheless, screen-mirroring is your only way to go forward to further cast on the Samsung TV. A default screen mirroring application on your Android is accessible and can be used to cast content on tv. 

Supposedly, by some random chance, screen mirroring is not available on your Android. In that case, you can download MirrorOP, which is a reliable app and can be downloaded from the google play store for free. 

After having all three devices interlinked through a successfully developed connection, you can now cast from Oculus Quest 2 without a Chromecast, simultaneously displaying content on the smartphone and the Samsung TV through screen mirroring.

Casting Without Chromecast On Computer And Then TV: 

Have you ever thought of how exciting it will be to view everything displayed on your Oculus Quest 2 on the screen of your computer? Even more exciting will be to have all of the content of the PC be viewed on television! 

If you thought that doing something like this was not an option that you could go for, you were highly mistaken, and we are about to dictate a guaranteed method. 

To make the proposed method work effortlessly, you must ensure that the TV, PC, and Oculus Quest 2 are connected to the same wifi router. Likewise, it is also mandatory to use the same account on both devices, meaning sign in with the same account on the VR headset and the computer. 

On your computer, open Meta’s casting website, where you must log in to your Facebook account. Upon entering all the required information, and if you are logging in on the website for the first time, you will be asked for some permissions to which you have to grant access, only if you want to. 

At this moment, you can start casting, but for that to happen, you will have to find and press the button of Oculus on the controller and survey the options to find the universal menu. In the menu, you must choose the sharing option. 

Then go ahead with selecting the casting option to start casting, and on the other screen where you would have to select your PC. You will notice that the Oculus Quest 2 has begun casting on your PC with a Chromecast. 

Taking further the casting on your television from the PC, windows users can do this simply by using Chrome, whereas Mac users will have to benefit themselves by using screen mirroring. 

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Casting Without Chromecast On Ordinary TV:

Are you considering casting from Oculus Quest 2 without Chromecast on an ordinary TV? Unfortunately, without a Chromecast and with your ordinary Television, there is no designed technique for you to achieve your desired wish. 

Although ordinary Television does undoubtedly serve the purpose of entertainment, allowing you to play movies and watch your favorite streamed shows, it cannot cast any content compared to the advanced, smarter Television available today. 

This is because ordinary Television lacks the few must-have features for casting without Chromecast, such as the convenience of having a wifi connection, input ports for streaming devices, a high-quality resolution to support casting, and the different apps for streaming and casting. 

Sadly, Without these characteristics in your ordinary TV, it will not be able to handle casting content from your Quest 2. 

Casting Without Chromecast Using Firestick On TV:

Remember how we said you could not cast Oculus Quest 2 without a Chromecast on your ordinary tv because it lacks all those smart and essential features that serve as pre-requisite for casting?

This can be changed for you, and you can cast on your ordinary TV that has no wifi-connection, a screen mirroring option, or availability for casting all through and only with the availability of a streaming stick. 

Streaming sticks are a very handy device; just through a plug-in, your ordinary TV can be updated to a smart TV with more than just a defined number of channels and shows. 

An example of such an exemplary device is the Amazon Firestick, which is a great way to enhance your limited options for viewing television and enable casting through Oculus Quest 2 on your rather basic TV. 

First and foremost, you must power on the TV and plug the Amazon Firestick into it. Ensure the Firestick is appropriately plugged in and connected to the power source.

Next, connect the Firestick to the internet, and, with that, also have your other devices like the mobile and the Oculus Quest 2 connected to the same router to avoid any technicalities that might materialize later on. 

When done, progress to installing the mobile application for Oculus either on your ios or Android device from the app or the play store, respectively. Sign in to ensure the Oculus app is connected to your headset on installing the app. Login with the same account on the app as that on the headset! 

If you are using an Android smartphone, you will be viewing the button for cast right at the top of the application. On the other hand, if operating on an ios sourced device, before proceeding more, you will have to check for the TV to support the operation of Apple AirPlay 2. 

Scan through the application to locate your Smart Tv’s availability option, and then upon viewing the name of your smart tv, tap on the option for start casting. Whenever you want to stop casting, choose the alternate option for “stop casting.” 

Casting Without Chromecast On TV With Facebook:

You may not even have thought about it, but it is as real as it sounds- you can cast your Oculus Quest 2 without Chromecast and on your tv through Facebook. The method we are about to guide you is also one of the simplest ones, though it requires you to log in to your Facebook account. (You might be at ease with it, but not everyone.)

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Still, if you want to continue this method, you can choose one of the two ways. One is that if your TV has an option for Facebook or you can log in to your account through the internet, you can directly open Facebook on the smart TV and stream the content of your Oculus Quest 2 content from there. 

Or you can first share from within the headset to your Facebook by logging in, opening up Facebook on the computer, and extending the screen to the TV. Extend the screen through screen sharing from your laptop or through the traditional method of connecting an HDMI with the TV; this is at your discretion and for you to decide! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you stream Oculus Quest 2 to TV without Chromecast? 

Yes, you can conveniently stream Oculus Quest 2 to tv without Chromecast, primarily through screen mirroring. 

How do I Cast Quest 2 directly to my TV? 

To directly cast your Quest 2 on the television, you need to have a Chromecast because direct casting is not a viable option without it. However, if you prefer to cast indirectly, you can choose any option in this article. 

How do I connect my Samsung Gear VR to my TV without Chromecast? 

For casting Samsung Gear VR to TV without Chromecast, you will have to connect the VR to the television from settings directly. 

How can I watch my VR on my TV? 

To watch your VR on TV, you need to connect the VR to the TV by choosing your TV in the available casting options on the VR. 


Following a thorough analysis of all the available ways for you to cast on your tv without Chromecast, in this article, we have only mentioned the ones that will be the most suitable for you to work with. 

Hopefully, now you are no longer confused with how to cast Oculus Quest 2 to tv without Chromecast and can undertake the task without encountering any complications.

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