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How to Charge Oura Ring Without Charger ( Spitting Facts )

Your Oura ring’s charger may have gone missing, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without its tracking powers.

Discover how to charge it without a charger.

Oura Ring is a super-accurate, sleek, and trendy fitness gadget and this brilliant tiny device is intelligent and smart enough to track your body vitals while you are busy with your day-to-day activities.

Oura Ring is a wedding-ring-shaped fitness tracker which means the battery is also smaller but still the battery lasts for 7 days as per claimed by the Brand. Unfortunately, this rechargeable battery cannot be replaced, unlike other fitness trackers.

Charging on the other hand requires a specific dock and without the USB Type-A charging cable, you cannot charge Oura Ring. So if you are in the office, on the go, or traveling somewhere, must keep an additional dock with you as you won’t be able to charge Oura ring wirelessly or without the charger. Lack of power the outdoors can be a problem but the USB cable can be plugged into the laptop to charge the Oura ring, you can also place the cable in your mobile phone, or car.

How to Charge Oura Ring Without Charger

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the size of your ring as depending on the size of the ring, the charging dock will be different as the rings have different sizes so the port will be of different sizes as well so make sure to get the right charging dock for your size of the ring.How to Charge Oura Ring Without Charger

Can You Charge Oura Ring Wirelessly?

Oura Ring is not possible to charge wirelessly even the Qi-Wireless charging pad won’t be of any use. The thing is that the Oura ring lacks the technology for wireless charging and neither there is any wireless charger built for the ring. So the only option that you are left with is to charge Oura Ring with the required specific charging dock. Fortunately, you can charge Oura Ring 2 with Oura Ring 3 charger and vice versa.

Charging Oura With Laptop:

You can charge Oura Ring with your laptop using the required cable but without the specific dock, you cannot charge Oura Ring. Do remember that constantly charging with the Laptop can degrade the battery life of your Oura ring as it won’t get proper voltage from the laptop and that’s why you should consider charging the Oura ring with a wall mounted charger or mobile adapter to make sure battery lasts longer and never declines in the capacity of performance.

How Much Time Does does It take to Charge Oura Ring?

Oura Ring if charged by the original charger takes around 60 minutes to fully charge and that 1-hour charge will ensure the battery lasts for seven days. Charging time can vary depending on the model of the Oura ring you are using.

Similarly, if you have Oura Ring 2 then expect it to be fully charged in 20 to 80 minutes and once the charging level has reached a certain threshold you can also start using it if it’s not 100% charged. For quick charging, a technique you can use is to put the ring on power save mode or turn off a few features to optimize the battery set. 

Battery life entirely depends on what type of features you are using and how old the ring is. So if you keep using features like workouts, heart rate, SpO2 sensor, or explore lab, you are going to get less battery backup because these features will consume more battery and the battery will deplete quicker than normal and you may end up thinking that battery is damaged or the performance has decreased but it could be the use causing the reduce lifespan and shorter runtime of the battery. So must optimize the battery like using it in power save mode when not sleeping to extend the battery life.

In case you use the battery in power save mode and don’t also use other powerful features that suck a lot of battery and you still don’t get 24 hours of battery backup then there is something wrong with the battery. Either the battery capacity has declined due to frequent charging and discharging or it’s old. Most of the time overcharging causes such battery degrading but luckily you can get an Oura Ring battery replacement if it’s still under the warranty period of two years. Just contact support from the companion app or the website and you will be in touch with Oura support and they won’t charge you a thing for a replacement.

Extending Battery Life of Oura Ring:

Let me show you how to optimize the battery of the Oura ring to extend the longevity of battery life. I am going to share a few techniques with you that are going to help you to boost or enhance the longevity of battery life.

Never let the battery power go below 30% when you are using the Oura right at night. Especially before going to sleep, do check the battery percentage to make sure it won’t die at night as you will miss the important sleep data while sleeping, and waking up with a dead ring will be annoying for you.

Turn on low battery notifications for your Oura ring to make sure you get notified when the battery has reached a certain threshold and remind yourself of putting it on charge. Not turning on this feature will result in the battery dying at 0% and this is the biggest factor to reduce the battery performance over time when it constantly keeps dying. So to avoid this issue, access your three-line burger menu from the app, go into the settings, and from the notifications settings, set up the notifier when the battery reaches a certain minimum limit.

Exposing the ring to water ( It’s water-resistant only not waterproof ) is also one of the major reasons for the battery to dispose of early. Similarly, extreme temperatures of Saunas or cold temperatures of ice baths are also a reason to damage the battery. So when you indulge yourself in such activities, make sure to remove the ring for its safety.

Don’t forget after putting the ring on charge overcharging also kills the battery. Keep an eye on the charger when you see it. the charged LED stops pulsing, that’s a sign of a fully charged battery and you must take Ring off the dock.

Similarly, when you place it on the charging dock, put the ring on Airplane mode, and don’t forget to use an official USB charging cord with a 5V DC wall adapter that will ensure ample power.

How do you Charge Oura Ring?

To Charge Oura Ring, you need a Type-A USB cable and a wall mounter adapter that you will place in the wall outlet. If Oura ring isn’t charging there could be a handful of reasons like a dead battery, pending firmware update, or a few other reasons.

How Many years does the Oura Ring battery last?

Oura Ring features Lithium Polymer Battery that can last for 2 years but if the battery dies early, you can get a replacement for free from Company at no additional cost.

How do I Fix my Oura Ring Charger?

If you are facing charging problems,  then make sure the ring is resting properly on a size-specific dock. Similarly, try using different USB-A to USB-C charging cables. Turn the USB-C cable 180 degrees, and reinsert it in the ring charger. Finally, try using a different power brick or source or check the plug if it has the electricity or not.

Do you Need to Charge Oura?

Yes, Oura comes with a rechargeable battery so it does require charging as the battery lasts for 7 days depending on the use and once the battery levels have gone down, you must change it or it will die.


In the end, try to keep an eye on the charging levels of the Ring and always charge it with the specific type of charging dock. There is no way to charge it wirelessly or without having the charger. Similarly, using the Oura Ring in power-saving mode will preserve and extend the battery life and you will get higher battery runtime without getting annoyed by quick battery drains. When going outdoors, take the dock with your to charge it through your laptop, mobile, or car.

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