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How To Check Facetime Call History On Mac

How To Check Facetime Call History On MacIf you have an iPhone or MacBook, you have most likely utilized FaceTime, Apple’s underlying video and voice-calling application. While FaceTime has been helpful all of the time for staying in contact, it’s become considerably more significant for remaining associated with loved ones while noticing social removing measures.

How To Check Facetime Call History On Mac

You can utilize FaceTime over Wi-Fi1 or cell on upheld iOS or iPadOS devices.2 FaceTime isn’t accessible or probably won’t show up on gadgets bought in the United Arab Emirates. Bunch FaceTime and FaceTime Audio are not accessible in China’s central area on iPhone and iPad with cell.

One of Apple’s more novel and valuable highlights is FaceTime. Dissimilar to standard calling capacities, FaceTime lets iOS clients video visit with one another. The most common way of calling another client is tremendously straightforward. Any Apple Product proprietor realizes there are two separate applications for calling; the Calling App and the FaceTime App.

However, what you may not know is how to see the FaceTime calling history.

You can find information on a certain call through FaceTime history and it is recorded in the app itself. FaceTime is accessible in iOS gadgets and Mac PCs, and just a negligible part of clients put it being used every day. We will show you how you can look at the set of experiences and observe who settled on record or sound decisions on a particular day and time.

Apple presented remarkable sound and video calling highlights calling FaceTime on iOS programming and Mac programming, however, they decided to make it selective for Apple machines as it were.

I have settled on a couple of decisions over FaceTime, and it fills in as publicized. The product designers kept on improving the current elements and presented alterations over the long haul.

The calling application is pre-introduced on iOS programming and Mac programming.

If, on the off chance that you don’t know the best way to set up FaceTime on iOS and Mac programming, then, at that point, we covered an instructional exercise on it.

It’s not difficult to set up and settle on a bunch of video decisions from FaceTime.

It’s an opportunity to show you how you can take a look at FaceTime history on Mac and iOS gadgets.

For those iPhone and iPad proprietors who regularly use FaceTime sound and video, you may realize that individuals can utilize the two messages and telephone numbers while settling on a FaceTime decision. For this reason, it’s essential to see how to get to FaceTime call history that will just show FaceTime movement rather than with your customary call history.

The most effective method to View Your FaceTime Call History:

Seeing your call history on FaceTime is similar as review the standard calling history. Luckily, you can see the set of experiences on iOS or macOS gadgets. We should audit both.

Instructions to View FaceTime Call History iOS (iPhone and iPad):

Regardless of whether you’re utilizing an iPhone or iPad, you can follow these means to see your FaceTime history:

Open the screen on your gadget and tap on the FaceTime application. Note: If you can’t find the application on your home screen, swipe the whole way to one side and type ‘FaceTime’ into the Search bar.

at the point when you open the application, you’ll see a rundown of ongoing FaceTime calls.

Look down through the rundown seeing your set of experiences. Assuming you have iCloud set up, you can see all of your FaceTime histories from all of your Apple gadgets here.

The most effective method to View Your FaceTime History on a Mac:

All Mac PCs have the FaceTime application pre-installed in them, and you can take a look at call history in it. The product engineers planned the UI for fledglings, and it follows the iOS telephone application navigation framework.

As referenced above, you can see your FaceTime history on other Apple gadgets as long as you are signed in to your iCloud account. On the off chance that you’re utilizing your Mac, follow these means:

  • Open FaceTime on your Mac. Note: If you can’t find the FaceTime application on your Mac’s harbor, open the Applications organizer and type ‘FaceTime’ in the pursuit bar
  • Your FaceTime history will show up in the rundown on the left-hand side.
  • It’s as simple as that. Assuming you erase your FaceTime call history (which we’ll examine in the following segment), the data won’t show up.


  • Open FaceTime from Launchpad.
  • You can see all approaches to the dashboard.
  • Click on “Missed” to see missed calls.
  • The call time and date will appear.
  • You can decide if it is a sound or video call with the symbol. The telephone symbol involves that it was a sound call, and the camera symbol connotes a video call.
  • Assuming the call has come from another contact that you haven’t saved, then, at that point, it will show the number or email address all things being equal.
  • Macintosh FaceTime is like what you get in iPadOS and iOS programming. On the off chance that you have an iPhone or iPad, the route is not difficult to follow.

How to remove  FaceTime call History in Mac?

The most recent macOS version didn’t get a lot of changes to the FaceTime interface, which is something worth being thankful for. The Mac version FaceTime application follows the iOS telephone application, so you will not have an issue erasing the calls.

  • Open the FaceTime application from Dock.
  • Observe your desired call to eliminate from Mac.
  • Control-click the call.
  • Pick “Remove” from Recent.

That is it, the call records will be taken out from the Mac FaceTime application.

Primary concern:

That is the way you can eliminate or erase FaceTime history from iPhone, iPad, and Mac PCs. You needn’t bother with extra devices or applications to oversee FaceTime. Continuously remember that you can’t recuperate what’s being erased in the Apple gadget.

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