How To Clean AirPod Mesh: Figure Out The Methods

How To Clean AirPod MeshYour AirPod mesh got dirty? Is something stuck over there? Are you wondering how to clean this sensitive part? 

How To Clean AirPod Mesh

Well, Apple has provided clear instructions about how to clean the AirPod mesh and other sensitive parts of AirPods. It is recommended to use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning the AirPods. Another thing that you can use is a dry cotton swab or Q-tip to clean the speaker mesh. There are various other ways; to explore them, you need to decipher the steps distilled down this article.

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How To Clean AirPod Mesh: The Apple Method:

If your AirPod mesh seems messy, you can clean them by following Apple instructions. If we crack, these instructions guide us that neither AirPods nor AirPods Pro is waterproof. AirPods Pro are resistant to water but a certain degree. 

Remember that gunk can gather inside the AirPods and accumulate the speaker mesh. If you put your AirPods in the bag or pocket, the hinge area becomes filthy within weeks. These sensitive areas aren’t easy to clean using just a piece of cloth or swabs.

You have to clean the deep inside of charging bays because it is so easy for dirt and debris to fill the area. Like iPhones and iPad, the lightning port present at the bottom of the unit also gets blocked because of debris and dust particles. 

Always be very careful and clean them with soft hands; otherwise, chances are higher that AirPods gets damaged. Let’s discuss in detail how to clean the AirPod’s different parts.  

Cleaning Your AirPods: Mesh and Other Parts :

Cleaning the AirPods mesh and other parts is a common and much important question asked by users. Remember, the earbuds are certainly the most sensitive part of AirPods and need special care. Try not to put pressure on the speaker’s mesh. By doing so, you may spread the dust deeper inside and block the speaker mesh fully. 

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So try to follow Apple’s instructions and clean the outer surface of earbuds with a dry cloth. If the grim is a little stubborn, you can also dampen the cloth a bit and then try. Also, try to clean the sensors. 

Another part of cleaning must be the grill area using a Q-tip. If it won’t work, pick a sharp toothpick and remove the dirt with soft hands. Use its tip for cleaning the wax and dirt from the speaker’s mesh. Again be very careful, and do not press it too hard; otherwise, you may suffer a loss. 

People also use the Blu-tack method for cleaning the AirPods. For doing this, take a piece of Blu-tack or another reusable adhesive, and warm it in your hands by rubbing it for some time. Press the Blu-tack into the speaker’s mesh, and pull it back quickly. Repeat the step until the mesh cleans fully. Again be careful not to put too hard and too fat into the earbuds. 

Another method might be the use of a spray-on Qtip with isopropyl alcohol. Now use it to gently remove anything that might be stuck with the speaker’s mesh. Remember, surplus alcohol will evaporate in seconds. If all the methods mentioned above don’t work for you, try to wipe down the AirPods using a dry sponge, then take a medium bristled toothbrush to remove gunk. 

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How to Clean the AirPods Pro?

AirPods Pro is built with silicon tips that help keep the AirPods tightly in your ears. Appel suggests removing them after some use and running them underwater until they clean full and looks brand new. Before going to re-attach them, check that they dry completely. 

Never put the AirPods underwater directly; remember, they are water-resistant to some extent, not waterproof. After removing the silicon tips, it would be a lot easier to wipe down the AirPods Pro via a damp or dry cloth. If you notice any gunk inside the speaker surface, try opting for any aforementioned methods and remove it. Avoid pushing anything too hard during the cleaning process. 

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Things You Should Avoid Using While Cleaning AirPods:

Just for a recap, you can use cotton balls, Q-tips, pieces of soft dry cloth, toothbrushes, toothpicks, moisture,  isopropyl alcohol, or Blu-tack for cleaning the AirPods carefully. 

However, there are certain things you should avoid while cleaning the AirPods or AirPods Pro. First and foremost, it is suggested to avoid using compressed air, especially on the charging port and speaker mesh. Remember to exert high viscosity air will damage the important parts, and Apple has a clear warning for users about this. Apple said that don’t try this on any product, including iPhones, iPods, Macs, etc.

Likewise, harsh cleaning agents such as bleach are damaging in the long run. They may give your AirPods a brand new look, but plastic may get damaged. These are toxic chemicals that leave residue on the surfaces, and also, you don’t like to contact the bleaching agent with the ears. 

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We are finishing the discussion by saying that try to keep the AirPods away from direct water contact, even if they are water-resistant. Also, try not to overcharge or fall from the height, these things can cause severe damage, and we are sure you don’t want to lose your heavy investment. 

Final Words:

Getting AirPods’ mesh dirt is pretty normal but cleaning it is a bit confusing – if you do not have clear instructions. This article includes a detailed guide that you can explore for smooth and quick cleaning. Trust me, cleaning mesh is not that difficult; you can understand it by reading this post!


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