How To Clean AirPod Microphone: Some Valuable Tips 

How To Clean AirPod Microphone


Cleaning your AirPods microphone can fix any issues, but not every cleaning method is safe. Want to know how to clean AirPods’ microphones? The article explains

Most iPhone users enjoy wearing AirPods for professional and recreational purposes because they are small, lightweight, and tinny.

But we don’t enjoy the sticky dirt that gathers on these little wonders over time!

You may have trouble calling or recording audio if earwax, grime, and dirt are allowed to build up on your AirPods. This blockage can limit the microphone’s functionality which can be disturbing. It is often difficult to clean the microphone as it is a tiny area, and any unsafe method applied for its cleaning can damage your AirPods.

So don’t worry, you can easily clean them!

If you’re having issues while cleaning your AirPods microphone, we’ve devised a couple of solutions with thorough instructions to help you with the cleaning process.


How to Clean Airpods Microphone

If you’re unsure of the methods for cleaning your AirPods microphone, following detailed instructions will make it simple for you to do so.

Using a Dry Cotton Swab as Method 

One of the easiest ways to clean the mics on an AirPod is to use a dry cotton swab and follow these instructions.

  • Turn your AirPods around, so the microphone is facing up.
  • Try to clean your AirPods microphone with a dry cotton swab or Q-tip

Note: To get rid of the dust particles in your AirPods microphone, you can use a toothpick if you don’t have any cotton swab or Q-tip. 

Using a Brush for Microphone Cleaning 

Dust can also be eliminated from your AirPods’ microphone with a cleaning brush.

Use a cleaning brush and a solution of isopropyl alcohol on the smaller side.

To clean the microphone on your AirPods, use the moist brush gently.

Allow the microphone to air dry or quickly dry it with a lint-free towel.

The use of rubbing alcohol

Using the following methods, you can also use rubbing alcohol to clean the AirPods microphone.

  • Open the cap of a small bottle of rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub alcohol is applied to a dry Q-tip or microfiber swab to make it wet.
  • You can use a Q-tip or cotton swab that has been wet to clean your AirPods microphone thoroughly.

Note: Never wipe the microphone on your AirPods with water or another acidic substance, as this could harm the microphone.

Blowing on your microphone

As mentioned below, you can also blow through the microphone on your AirPods to remove any lingering dust or grime.

  • Invert your earphone so that the microphone is facing up
  • To remove the dust, forcefully blow through the microphone using your mouth.

By using the Automatic Washer for AirPods

The procedures listed below will help you clean your AirPods’ microphone automatically.

Activating the Washer

Using the Cardlax Washer, spritz the sponge and brush with the cleaning agent. Type-C cable should have one end connected to the Washer and the other to a power supply. To turn on Cradle, press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds.

Keeping the AirPods clean

For the Washer to operate, press the power button once more. You should thoroughly rub the microphone portion of the earphones around the sponge to remove all dust particles. Close the Washer’s lid after placing your AirPods vertically inside the sponge space.

After performing these steps, you will see a visible difference in the quality of your microphone; they will be more operational at this point, and cleaning the microphone will improve the audio quality. 

Why should you clean your AirPods Microphone?

If you use your AirPods frequently, it is more probable that any dirt will get caught in the microphone and limit its effectiveness. Thus, you must use caution when cleaning your AirPods and aim to do it twice a month to get high-quality audio.

Some of the main reasons for cleaning your AirPods microphone are listed below:

  • To enhance the audio recording and speaking quality of the microphone.
  • To prevent health problems brought on by accumulating filth.
  • To prolong the life of the AirPods.


Cautions while cleaning your AirPods

Because they are somewhat fragile, AirPods should be handled with care. Here are some suggestions you can use to simplify this procedure for yourself.

  • Avoid using metallic objects to clean the microphone to avoid damaging the earpiece.
  • Never clean with anything else than rubbing alcohol
  • To clean the AirPods microphone, avoid using harsh products, soaps, or chemical cleaners.
  • When cleaning the earpiece, do not harm any of its components.

It’d be beneficial if you thought about cleaning the AirPods case in addition to the microphone.

We’ll see how!


Cleaning an AirPod Case:

  • Alternately, use a cleaning wipe. Once more, gently clean the charging case with a dry towel. If it requires more power, dab the towel with a tiny bit of isopropyl alcohol before cleaning. NEVER get any liquid in the ports used for charging.
  • Please wait until the AirPods are completely dry before putting them in the case.
  • Use a clean, dry, soft-bristled brush, such as an old toothbrush, to carefully scrub any debris from the Lightning connector.
  • This cleaning technique will become second nature after a few uses!


Cleaning the lightning port of AirPods Case

Most commonly, a toothpick is used for cleaning the lightning port, but In my opinion, you should not use that because if you are too forceful, the toothpick could break off in the port. So, instead of this prefer using the Sim Ejection tool, which comes with every mobile phone now.

This tool is fragile, making it simple for it to enter inside the Lightning port. As it is composed of liquid metal, it is highly robust and does not breaks or bend. Gently scrape the dust by inserting the SIM eject tool at an angle into the Lightning port.

Connect your Lightning cord once you are finished. You’ll notice immediately that the cable and port connection is considerably better than in the past.

That’s all, then! Your AirPods or AirPods Pro should now appear brand new in their case.


What Should Be The Causes If Your Microphone Isn’t Working?

A lot of problems might cause your AirPods microphone to stop working. The cause could be a low battery to a blocked microphone port. Even if the cleaning doesn’t resolve the microphone issue try each of the suggestions listed below until you identify the one that solves your issue.

Retry after putting the Airpods back in the case

Believe it or not, this little fix can fix many issues with your AirPods. If the AirPods aren’t functioning properly, put them back in the charging case for around 30 sec, then take them out and repeat this process. However, by resetting the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone, things can get back to normal.

Ensure that your AirPods are fully charged

Your AirPods may begin to act strangely if their batteries are almost drained, which may seem like a major issue. In this situation, put your AirPods back inside their case and let them recharge for at least 30 minutes until they have enough battery to function correctly. 

Check the settings on the microphone.

Each AirPod contains a microphone; by default, they are set up to use the microphone in the best earbud. You could have mistakenly changed this setting because AirPods have an extraordinary feature that lets you choose which earpiece they should always use. Allow the AirPods to switch between microphones on their own for the greatest results. 

Switch off your iPhone

Restarting the iPhone may be the quickest way to get things working again if your AirPods are having difficulty with something within your iPhone, such as software that allows the microphone to function with a specific app.

Contact Apple support if you think your AirPods might be damaged

The news is not good if you have reached this point and your AirPods’ microphones are still fiercely refusing to function; they might be broken, faulty, or otherwise need repair or replacement. To find out if they qualify for repair or replacement, get in touch with Apple Customer Care.



In this cleaning guide, we have covered some of the rationales for cleaning the AirPods microphone and discussed several techniques for removing clogged dust or dirt particles from your AirPods microphone and cleaning precautions. We hope one of these techniques worked for you, and you may now successfully clean your AirPods microphone and enjoy the enhancement of the audio recording and speaking quality.



Are you feeling trouble while using microphones? There could be several reasons behind this issue; perhaps, your AirPod is dirty? Yes, a dirty AirPod can create distortion issues, hassles in configuration settings, bugs, and glitches.

How To Clean AirPod Microphone: Some Valuable Tips 

So, if your AirPod stops working; along with checking other parts, clean your AirPod microphone too. Do you know how to clean the AirPod microphone? If not, no worries! Nothing is challenging!

Here we have got you covered; this article includes the ways to clean your microphones smoothly.

Follow this guide to reduce your microphone cleaning troubles!

Microphone Not Working: What Should Be The Reasons?

Continuously using Airpods without cleaning them may cause some problems. It is possible that ear wax and other dirt particles gather inside and as a result microphone stops working completely, or you may face a low voice. Here questions arise, why the AirPods sound muffled, or you may listen to a shrinking voice. 

When speakers become dirty due to earwax and other particles, their performance suffers greatly, and the sound level is reduced. Other reasons for low voice might be the Bluetooth interface, and it may be possible that the AirPods need to be reset. In all these situations, the basic question users ask across the globe is How To Clean AirPod Microphone? We are trying our best to future out the solution. Let’s have a look!

Don’t ever try to run AirPods underwater. It is always suggested to use a dry, clean and soft lint-free cloth to clean them. Ensure that you do not use any liquid with the cloth. Clean the meshes of speakers using dry cotton swabs. Avoid using abrasive materials and sharp objects for cleaning the AirPods. 

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How To Fix Microphone of AirPods:

If the Microphone stops working, here are a few tips that will help you get rid of this issue. Read them carefully. 

  • Put Your AirPods Back in the Case and Reconnect:

It is recommended to put the AirPods in the case for some time, then open the case again to reconnect them again. Now check whether the microphone starts working or not.  

  • Clean The Dirt Particles:

Open them if the problem still exists and gently remove any dust or debris. Try using a soft and clean cloth for cleaning. 

  • Check the Active Microphone Settings:

The next thing is to check the microphone settings and check the volume level from your connected device. 

  • Update the AirPods Firmware:

Most of the time, outdated firmware is the main reason the microphone stops working. Always try to update the firmware, and now try to use it again. 

  • Restart Your iPhone:

If the microphone is well and good, then the problem may lie with your iPhone or any other device to whom you are using the AirPods. Turn off the iPhone, restart it, connect it with the AirPods and check the microphone. 

  • Reset Your AirPods and Reconnect:

The next thing is restarting AirPods and reconnecting them again with your Apple devices. Sometimes the problem is not severe, and simple restarting will help you. 

  • Repair Your AirPods or Get a Replacement:

If nothing works, then the problem might be out of control. In this case, contact Apple support and spend some more bucks to get the replacement. 

How To Clean AirPod Microphone: Some Necessary Instructions:

Apple devices are unique, and therefore their cleaning methods are also different. Appel instructs users to use slightly dampened cloth or soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning the AirPods surface and microphone. The instruction also clearly mentions that avoid using shampoo, soaps, or solvents, and don’t put them underwater. Always use a dry cotton swab or a soft-bristle brush to clean the debris and dust from speaker meshes and microphones.

In the case of AirPods pro, you are allowed to remove the ear tips and rinse them underwater. But here, also don’t try to use any soap or cleaning agents. After this, take a dry lint-free cloth and wipe the ear tips, and then let them dry completely before re-assemble the parts. 

For killing out germs from the AirPods surface, Apple says it is good to wipe the outer surface gently, but not the speaker’s meshes using Clorox disinfecting wipe or 70% isopropyl alcohol. 

Try these tips yourself and see the results. We hope these methods will completely clean your AirPods outer and inner surface, including the microphone, and you will be free to enjoy your favorite music. If you don’t want to experience the bad voice coming from the microphone, it is advised to always clean the AirPods from time to time. 

Our Summary:

Often AirPod users think cleaning the AirPod microphone is time-consuming or effort-taking but in actuality, it is not right. Here we have enlisted some easier ways, you can follow the blog to crack some reliable steps for removal of the dirt!

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