How to Clean New Fridge Before Use

Are you perplexed How to Clean New Fridge Before Use? No, worries, we have mentioned some straightforward – unwind them for your ease!

Cleaning a new fridge – what? Does a new fridge need cleaning? Yes, a new fridge needs a thorough cleaning. Perhaps, it is intriguing, but it is a fact! 

Every new appliance has a by-default smell that makes you clean before plugging it in for the first time. If you don’t clean it, the chances are it’s stinking aroma will get absorbed in the food items, and you will not be able to eat them.

So, the question is How to Clean New Fridge Before Use – the fridge is sensitive, and you cannot use any liquid, cloth, or detergent for its cleaning; hence, you need a thorough guide to complete the process correctly.

You can dig out this article to unveil the steps to make the new fridge cleaning process seamless. We have also mentioned dos and don’t to avoid any severe damage.

So here you go!

How to Clean New Fridge Before Use

How To Clean New Fridge Before Use: All That You Want To Explore

You may listen to the well-known proverb” All that glitters is not gold,” which means not everything that looks precious at first sight is special. The same is the case with the new appliances, and one of the most used appliances is the refrigerator. Experts said not to use the new fridge immediately after bringing it home from the store. 

Every new appliance needs a little cleaning, but the fridge needs a thorough cleaning. But do you know how to clean a new fridge before use? Well, no hard and fast rules are to be followed for accomplishing this task. Gently remove the packaging material, mix soap and water and clean the interior and outside parts with a soft piece of cloth. 

Continue reading to pour every single detail into your mind. 

How to Clean New Fridge Before Use: A Brief Overview 

All new appliances have a specific odour that is not good for health. Therefore users need to clean them properly before use. Below we mentioned a complete process of how to clean a new refrigerator before use in detail. If you follow the steps, we hope the fridge will be all set to store food items and provide you with chilled drinks and water. 

Users must start the cleaning process from outside, soak a clean piece of cloth in soap and gently clean the side walls, top, and front door. Always use soft hands and don’t put extra pressure. 

Next, you have to clean the inside of the refrigerator thoroughly. Properly rinse the boxes, shelves, and walls. Don’t forget to clean all parts of the freezer. Clean the doors and frames thoroughly. 

After cleaning, wipe all the wet parts with a dry cloth and leave the door open for a few hours. Remember that the back is also essential as the compressor and motor may have dust and other particles.  

It is suggested to dip a cloth in detergent and clean all interior and exterior to get rid of unpleasant odour. After that, wipe it with another cloth and let it dry for some time. Doing so will not leave the smell of detergent and refrigerator again.  

Important Note:

As per the suggestions of experts, don’t try to store the food after you finish cleaning; every new refrigerator needs a time of 24 to settle down. So keep patience, and after a wait for the whole day, plug it into the wall switch. 

What Should You Avoid While Cleaning?

One must be very cautious while tackling home appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, air conditioners, etc. Especially when you clean the fridge, be very cautious and avoid certain things.  

Don’t ever try to use cleaners that have chlorine in them as it is very damaging for the plastic parts, sealings, and rubber doors. The chemical detergent will leave scratches and is not pleasant to the eyes, and also, no one wants to damage the new appliance after unpacking. 

You also don’t have to clean the fridge’s inside with hard hands and cloth. Always use a soft and clean cloth. This rule is applied to both interior and exterior parts.

Tips to Clean Stains from the Refrigerator 

It would help if you cleaned a fridge at least once before starting using it. But when you start using it regularly, it needs cleaning once or twice a month. Users store drinks, water, food, and other meals on various pots.  

While storing some food and drinks, food may spill on the drawers and shelves. That is why it needs proper cleaning so that this hefty investment will keep with you for many years.  

Here are some crucial tips that you have to use and clean the fridge in the best possible manner. 

  •  If there are tough stains, mix water with salt and dip a clean cloth on that stain; and better to do it one or two times. The salt will help to clean the stains quickly. 
  • Sometimes, the fridge leaves an unpleasant odour that becomes very smelly and unbearable afterwards due to spoiled food and stains. Don’t waste time and follow this tip to get rid of this. Take a baking soda and place it in an open box; now, put it inside the fridge. It will surely capture this unpleasant odour. 
  • To clean the door from the outside, sprinkle a few vanilla extracts on a sponge and wipe the door with it. It will leave a pleasant fragrance and also the door looks shining. 
  • To stay away from unpleasant odours, always store food in sealed containers, and better to finish the food after some days. If food gets spoiled for any reason, it is better to discard it immediately.  

It is better to remain cautious while dealing with refrigerators. Always follow these simple hacks and keep the food and fridge fresh. 

When To Turn On The Refrigerator After Cleaning it For The First Time? 

Once finished cleaning the whole refrigerator from top to bottom, leave the doors open for at least six hours. Ensure there is no debris inside and outside, no unpleasant smell is left, walls are clean along with backside, door and top are also shining. After confirmation, wait until it dries thoroughly. 

It is always recommended to plug the new refrigerator in the wall socket after 24 hours, so be patient; after the time has passed, plug it in and let it cool completely. Now store food items in it and enjoy. 

Keep kids and pets away from the refrigerator after plugging it because its backside has a current and heated compressor and motor. Place it in an area where the kids and pets don’t reach easily. 

How Daily Care Will Increase the Refrigerator’s Lifespan?

Your refrigerator works day and night to provide chilled water and ice and store the leftover food for days. So daily care is what it needs from your side and makes it a worthier investment.  

It is better to clean the door from the outside and if there are any minor stains inside, wipe them immediately with a soft wet cloth. If you notice any foul odour due to spoiled food, quickly remove it. 

Some Useful Tips 

  • Do not overstuff food, nor leave the fridge empty.
  • Do not let more ice cover the freezer walls; set the defrost timer or clean the ice manually after days if the model does not have this timer.
  • For better air circulation, store food in proper order.
  • Do not place hot food; let it cool to room temperature first.
  • Shut the door entirely, so the cool air does not get out
  • Consume food before it gets spoiled and makes the fridge smelly
  • Always clean the fridge with soft hands.
  • Don’t try to use chemical detergents.

Final Words

When someone says I have to clean a new fridge, it seems odd but don’t be surprised because it is something crucial. You cannot directly put your food items inside the new fridge as its dlul smell can be absorbed into your food and ruin its quality. So what you need to do is, go through our above guide and find an easier way of fridge cleaning. It is time to make cleaning maneuvers a straightforward task! Here you go!

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