How to Clean Roomba Charging Contacts

Although Roomba’s charging points are not the only option to charge your Roomba ( You can charge through the dedicated port as well. ).

But charging Roomba through the dock with these charging points is a breeze compared with setting it manually.

But suppose the charging points are treated improperly. In that case, those shining silver plates can quickly cover up in the dirt, debris, grime, and gunk that gets severe over time, hiding the silver ultimately and causing discoloration and rust-colored ring around the charging poles and preventing Roomba from making contact with charging poles of the dock so that Roomba can get a proper charge.

So when Roomba doesn’t get charged up, that means no cleaning sessions, and Roomba will be lying dead on the floor somewhere on the dock, making you feel like either the battery has degraded, or anything worse has happened.

So, it’s essential to look after your Roomba, especially the charging poles, so they block the Roomba’s way to juice up the battery and cause further troubles.

How to Clean Roomba Charging Contacts

How to clean Roomba Charging Contacts

To get rid of the filth and nasty stuff of the charging contacts, you need a melamine foam sponge, a microfiber cloth, and some alcohol.

  • Unplug the Roomba from the dock or the power source
  • Remove the battery from the Roomba for your safety
  • Use a toothpick or brush to scratch the silver plates gently gently
  • Avoid using liquids like harsh chemicals or detergents on the metal points 
  • Gently rub and wipe the stains with the microfiber cloth to dislodge them from the plates
  • Apply appropriate pressure because too much pressure can push the metal points inside the Roomba
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How do I clean the sensors on my Roomba?

Most of us care about cleaning the nooks and crannies of the Roomba on the top, but it’s the bottom where we need to pay more attention to where the critical parts are, like brushes, sensors, and charging points.

Sensors are the arms and legs of the Roomba because, without the sensors, Roomba won’t be able to cover an inch of a distance, and that’s why you are obliged to take special care of these sensors so that Roomba keeps performing nicely.

Roomba is equipped with a handful of sensors like forefront cliff sensors, two rear cliff sensors, two bin sensors, and inner and outer bin sensor ports, and with these sensors covered in dirt, Roomba won’t be able to navigate and prevent from falling.

Roomba has infrared beam and photocell sensors on the top, touch sensors on the bottom front bumper, and so on. 

Once you turn the Roomba over, you will see that the entire bottom will be covered in dirt and dust, and you will also feel why Roomba was moving strangely or erratically. Ensure proper cleaning of those sensors so they do not block the Roomba from receiving the infrared signals from the dock properly and can easily detect the port to recharge.

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