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Do you want to clean your Shark cordless vacuum? Here is our instruction on “how to clean shark cordless vacuum brush roll” to improve performance and clear any clogs.

Shark cordless vacuums require little maintenance, but cleaning is still needed to maintain power, suction, and appearance. Your vacuum first gathers debris on the roller brush, leading to a significant buildup of dirt and hair in this area over time.

A junk buildup could leave your vacuum inoperable, stop the brush roll from turning, and reduce suction. If the brush roll of the Shark cordless vacuum does not twist and turn, your floor and carpets will not be agitated or swept. The vacuum won’t be able to collect dirt and particles from the floor as a result.

If this occurs, don’t worry; we have some alternatives. Before taking your vacuum to a specialist, try wiping the vacuum’s brush roller or replacing a few parts yourself. Continue reading to learn how to clean the Shark vacuum’s roller brush and get your vacuum back to working correctly.

How To Clean Shark Cordless Vacuum Brush Roll

How To Remove Shark Cordless Vacuum Brush Roll?

A revolving brush can become worthless if there is too much hair or dust wrapped around it because it won’t be able to rotate and collect dirt and dust. Learn how to remove the roller brush from the shark vacuum roller before you can clean it.

  • Disconnect the Shark cordless vacuum.
  • Take away the main nozzle.
  • Taking out the roller brush
  • Remove additional nozzle areas

To learn more about it, you may visit “How to remove roller brush from Shark Cordless Vacuum.”

How To Clean Shark Cordless Vacuum Brush Roll?

Many different cordless vacuum cleaners are produced by Shark. The IZ251UK DuoClean is a widely accepted model with many design elements with other Shark vacuums, so we’ve chosen it as our sample vacuum for the cleaning operations below. However, your model may have different specific cleaning instructions.

Shark Dust Cup

Empty the dust cup into a dustbin using the slider after detaching the vacuum’s wand. You’ll see that the metal cover within the dust cup frequently becomes dusted and covered in hair.

It’s crucial to occasionally wipe the dust cup because the interior quickly becomes covered in dirt. Use the “Dust Cup Release” button to remove the dust cup from handheld mode. To remove the dust cup, you’ll need to tilt it.

After separating the dust cup from the vacuum’s main body, rinse the cup’s interior with cold water. To remove filth and dirt, you may use a microfibre cloth, but you should not use soap or detergent.

Before reattaching the dust cup to the vacuum cleaner, give it at least 24 hours to dry. Use a soft bristle brush to eliminate hair and dust lodged around the metal cover within the dust cup if you do not want to clean your dust cup thoroughly.

Helpful Advice: To prevent dust from escaping back into the house, we always advise dumping bagless vacuums into an outside bin. This is crucial if you have an allergic person in your home.

Sanitise The Shark’s Filter

Both a post-motor and pre-motor filter are included with the Shark. The pre-motor filter is made up of two parts—layers of foam and felt—while the post-motor filter is made up of just one piece. The Shark vacuum’s filters can be cleaned as follows:

  • Take out the pre-motor filter placed at the top of the dust cup.
  • Tap extra dirt into a trash can.
  • Only use cold water to rinse the filter. Avoid using soap or detergent.
  • Remove the vacuum’s post-motor filter from the vacuum’s main body.
  • Rinse once more until the water is clear using only cold water.
  • Before reinstalling the filters in the vacuum, give each one at least 24 hours to dry completely.
  • Maintaining the felt filters requires caution because they are vulnerable to harm. 
  • The filters may appear discolored, but this is normal. 
  • The filters should not be scrubbed because this could damage them.
  • While the filters are drying, use a brush to clean the filter housing for your Shark thoroughly.

Check For Vacuum Blockages

Obstructions, even partial ones, might hamper airflow through the Shark cordless vacuum. Suction power is decreased, which has an impact on cleaning effectiveness. Some of the most important places to check for a blockage include the ones listed below:

  • The vacuum’s main body’s inlet into the dust cup. Although you’ll undoubtedly notice an obstruction here while unloading the vacuum, it’s still worthwhile to inspect the opening to the dust cup itself.
  • The floorhead’s suction entrance is one of the most frequent places for a blockage, be careful to inspect and clear out any debris that has amassed here. You may have to remove the floor nozzle’s base plate to gain entry to the entrance. 

Eliminate Tangles

Removing entangled hair, thread, or rug fibers gathered around your vacuum’s bristle roller is essential. Make sure to read your manual for details on removing a Shark brush roll because this is another place where Shark cordless cleaners can differ significantly based on which version you purchase.

Only the soft and smooth roller of certain Shark vacs’ DuoClean floorheads can be removed. Others use a DuoClean head that allows for the cleaning of both rollers. A few entry-level Shark vacuums also have just one standard brush bar.

Generally speaking, a DuoClean floorhead has a hook on the top that can detach the soft roller. If the bristle brush roller can be removed, you can get to it by removing a panel on the floorhead’s top.

The three bottom plate locks on the Shark vacuum IZ251UK must be unlocked using a coin. After this is taken out, you’ll have better accessibility to the brush rolls. Here’s how to clean the brush rollers on your Shark.

Use scissors to trim and remove entangled hair or thread from the brush roll. The brush roll should be easy to remove and cut through knots without removing it. This process may take a while because removing all of the hair and carpet particles that have become lodged in the bristles might be challenging.

To remove hair that has looped all around the brush once more, use scissors, but take care not to harm the finer fabric of the brush roll. After that, clean the soft roller of any remaining dust with a dry cloth. 

Non-Motorized Equipment

Check your Shark’s crevice device and other attachments to see if they must be washed while everything else dries. While you can often wash items in cold water, we don’t advise using Shark’s Pet Turbo Tool.

However, if there is any hair entangled in the turbo tool’s tiny brush roll, you should clip it off because it may start to affect operation. Make sure to give the tools 24 hours to rest before utilizing them again, just like you would with any component.


How to clean shark cordless vacuum brush roll?– It’s not difficult to maintain a Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, but it’s crucial to ensure you’re doing it correctly. By doing this, you can retain performance while avoiding unintentional vacuum-related harm. My comprehensive advice will be beneficial to you in cleaning your vacuum.


How To Clean The Pet Cordless Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

Shark vacuums vary from one another. The above-mentioned are meant to serve as a basic overview; however, for particular cleaning instructions for your machine, check the instruction book.

How To Clean Shark Vacuum Brush?

Keep tapping off to loose debris, wipe the vacuum brush roll clean with a dry cloth, and remove any dirt lodged in the slots behind of brush roll to wash the soft top roller.

How To Remove Roller Brush From Shark Cordless Vacuum?

Plug the vacuum cleaner out and use the button to take off the cover. Unwind the screws and locate the brush roller within the vacuum. Take your roller out and do whatever you want with it, like wash or replace it.

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