How to Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop 

How to Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop 

Let’s take a look at How to Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop. 

Apple has always been a step ahead in impressing its users with the latest technological products and accessories, and Airpods are no exception. With the release of Airpods and Airpods pro, Apple has created a new hype of listening to favorite tracks and phone calls like a pro. The Airpods have attracted many customers globally because they are wireless, durable, have more extended battery timings, and offer outstanding sound quality.  

The only problem is, not everyone having Airpods own an Apple iPhone or MacBook. So, are Apple Airpods only for the Apple users or others can benefit too? The answer is, you need Bluetooth or a Bluetooth dongle in older devices to connect these with Airpods. But sometimes, you can face trouble connecting some devices, which could be due to any reason. In the article below, we’ll put some light on how to connect AirPods to Dell Laptops. 

How to Connect Airpods to Dell Laptop 

Let’s have a look at the possibilities;    

Is It Possible To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop?

The answer is yes; you can connect Airpods to Dell laptops but with one condition. But it does not mean connecting AirPods becomes impossible. Your laptop must support Bluetooth. However, it is seen that not every Dell laptop carries Bluetooth technology.

You cannot connect the Dell laptop with an AirPod because the Dell laptop does not have Bluetooth, or you are not adequately connecting them. Still, you can do this with the help of an external Bluetooth device. Before pairing both Dell laptops and AirPod to each other, always make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on the laptop. 

How To Connect AirPods To Dell Laptop

As described earlier, both your AirPods and Dell laptop need Bluetooth for pairing with each other appropriately. And to pair them, you have to enable Bluetooth of both devices and then connect them through windows settings. When you open the lid of your AirPod case, the Dell laptop starts searching for it, and then you have to click on the AirPods device for pairing.   

The first and foremost thing you have to do is, confirm that your AirPods are charged fully. After this, start following the below-mentioned steps.

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Step 1: Open the start menu of your Dell laptop and type settings. Either press the short key windows + I from the keyboard or simply select the app as it is shown on the list.

Step 2: From the settings menu, select devices.

Step 3:If you find the “Bluetooth & other devices” option, it means the Dell laptop is designed with built-in Bluetooth functionality. Otherwise, if you haven’t seen anything, it means the Dell laptop is not supportive of Bluetooth, and in this scenario, you have to use Bluetooth USB dongles. Click on the Bluetooth OFF toggle button if it is not flipped to.

Step 4: Choose Add “Bluetooth & Other Devices.”

Step 5: Add Bluetooth or other devices pop up on the screen. Choose Bluetooth.

Step 6: Now, pick the AirPods or AirPods pro with the case in your hands and look for the button present at the backside of the case. Press and hold the button for some seconds. Wait until the charging light on the AirPods starts flashing white.

Step 7: Go to your laptop, and from the “In Add a device menu,” choose your device and click on connect option. Here you will receive a notification, and that is “Your device is ready to go!”

Here you go, the AirPods have connected with the Dell laptop.

Note: Once you pair both devices, the pairing information will be stored on your laptop. So when the power turns on, it will automatically try to connect to the paired laptop.

How To Reconnect AirPods To Dell Laptop After Pairing

When you pair your AirPods with a Dell laptop already, reconnecting them again is much more comfortable. All you need to do is make sure that the Bluetooth of the Dell laptop is on and then open the lid of the case of AirPods, and it will connect with the Dell laptop automatically.

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In case they do not connect automatically, you have to move towards the settings of your Dell laptop to do a pairing with AirPods manually.

Here’s are the steps by which you can reconnect AirPods to Dell laptops on their own:

1. For opening the windows settings, press Windows key + I at once.

2. Click on devices.

3. Ensure that the Bluetooth is turned on.

4. Keep the lid of the AirPod Casing open.

5. From the already paired devices, click on your AirPods device.

How To Disconnect AirPods On Dell Laptop

To disconnect the AirPods from your Dell laptop, all you have to do is move to the windows settings and simply remove the AirPods device from the list of already paired devices.

The steps are mentioned below, through which you can get to know how to disconnect each other.

1. To open the charm bar, press A and the windows critical at once.

2. Expand the notification area.

3. Look for the Bluetooth icon and right-click on it.

4. Click the settings option.

5. From the list of paired devices, choose the AirPods.

6. Click on remove device.

Here is how you can disconnect the AirPods from Dell laptops.

How To Connect Clone AirPods To Dell Laptop

Connecting the clone AirPod to the Dell laptop is the same as the original. The primary and only difference is that you don’t need to press and hold the power button before the Dell laptop starts finding the clone AirPods.

When you open the lid of the clone AirPod case, it will start searching for your nearby Dell laptop for pairing. This is much faster to do than the original AirPods.

Here are the steps to follow for connecting clone AirPods Dell laptop:

  1. From the windows search, look for settings and open it.
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Turn Bluetooth on.
  4. Click on Add Bluetooth or other devices.
  5. Choose Bluetooth
  6. Take the AirPods in hand and open the lid of the case.
  7. From the list of searched devices, choose AirPods
  8. Click on done.

AirPods Won’t Connect To Dell Laptop: What should Be The Reasons.

There are many reasons why the AirPods are not connected with Dell laptops. But here, we will discuss three main reasons mentioned in detail below. Before going towards the solution, it is better to know the root cause of the issue. Let’s have a look!

The main reasons are as follows:

  • Bluetooth is not enabled.
  • Outdated Bluetooth driver. Corrupted Bluetooth driver.

1. Bluetooth Is Not Enabled

When the AirPods do not show any sign of connection with your Dell laptop even after many tries. The first and foremost thing to check is Bluetooth. Always make sure that Bluetooth is enabled both on the Dell laptop and AirPod before connecting. 

If your Dell laptop of yours cannot find your Airpod, it simply means the Bluetooth of your AirPods is not turned on.

In this case, you have to turn it on. Here are a few necessary steps to turn on Bluetooth on both laptops and AirPod.

  • Enable Dell Laptop Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth on a Dell laptop, follow these steps.

  • To open the settings, press Windows key + I.
  • Now look for the device option and click on it.
  • Simply enable Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth turns on a Dell laptop, it is time to enable it on the other device. 

  • Enable AirPods Bluetooth

Here are the steps to enable Bluetooth on AirPods:

  • Take the Airpods case in your hands and open the lid.
  • Look for the button present at the back of the case, press and hold it for a few seconds until the white light starts blinking. 

That is it, and your AirPods are all set to start searching for Dell laptops. 

2. Corrupted Bluetooth Driver

Another reason is corrupted Bluetooth drivers. There are many reasons why the drivers get corrupted easily, but some of the primary reasons are mentioned below. 

  • They get corrupted whenever you install a new program on your laptop.
  • Or when you update the windows of your system.
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If any of the reasons mentioned above happened recently and you have noticed it many times, you have to undo them before using Bluetooth correctly. 

We are here with the solution to fix the corrupted Bluetooth driver on your Dell laptop. 

All you need to do is follow some steps.

  • Go to windows search and look for device manager; after finding it, click on it.
  • Now double click on the Bluetooth inside the device manager for revealing a dropdown. 
  • Simply right-click on the first driver and click on uninstall.
  • To confirm, click on uninstall again. 
  • Now restart the Dell laptop. 
  • Once the laptop reboots, it will automatically reinstall the Bluetooth drivers. 

3. Outdated Bluetooth Driver

There are high chances that you have not updated your Dell laptop, and the outdated version is the main reason because of which the Bluetooth drivers also remain outdated for some time. An outdated laptops driver may remain missing in the needed update to help function the hardware correctly. If you don’t know how to update the Bluetooth driver, no worries, we are here with some steps by which it will become easy to update drivers. 

Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to windows search, look for device manager, and click on it.
  • To reveal its driver, you can double-click on Bluetooth.
  • Now right-click on the AirPods driver and click update driver.
  • Select searching for drivers automatically.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction until it finishes updating the drivers fully.
  • Shut down the laptop and restart it.
  • Now connect the AirPods to your Dell laptop. 

We hope next time you want to know how to connect AirPods to a Dell laptop, you will not face any difficulty.

What Type Of Connection Is Required?

The only connection needed by your Dell laptop and AirPods is the Bluetooth connection, without which it is impossible to connect both devices. The connection must be internally or via using an external Bluetooth device. 

It is a known fact that Apple designed AirPods with Bluetooth technology, but there is a problem; it might be possible that this Bluetooth is missing in the Dell laptop. And if the Dell laptop does not support Bluetooth, it means both devices won’t be paired correctly. 

To get to know whether your Dell laptop supports Bluetooth or not. Follow the steps below. 

  • Press A and the windows key at once to open the charm bar.
  • Now click on expand to learn about more options in the notification area. 
  • If you see a Bluetooth icon in your notifications list, be happy it means your Dell laptop supports Bluetooth technology. 
  • But the issue arises if you have not seen any Bluetooth icon, which means the Dell laptop cannot support Bluetooth. 

What Happened If Your Dell Laptop Doesn’t Support Bluetooth

It does not mean that if the Dell laptop is unsupportive for Bluetooth, you start losing hope. Remember, nothing is impossible in this world. Everything has a solution, and here you can still resolve this issue by taking help from an external Bluetooth device.  

We know you might feel tension by hearing the word external Bluetooth device. You may think it is a massive device that cannot connect properly. Because sometimes, using separate accessories does not match your Dell laptop’s design. 

But no worries, this is not a big deal; in actuality, this is a cute tiny USB that can easily connect to a USB port of your choice. But one thing to keep in mind is that you have to sacrifice one of your Dell laptop’s USB ports, but it will satisfy your need to connect the Dell laptop with the AirPods. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Will my AirPods Work as smoothly as they Do On My MacBook or Other Apple Devices if I Connect them to a Dell laptop?

Yes, to some extent, the AirPods may work smoothly. Apple is known for offering stable pairing connections to customers with other devices belonging to Apple such as iPhone, iPad, Macs, and others. 

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But it would also fulfill your dream of connecting the AirPods with a Dell laptop, no matter for what purpose. As mentioned throughout this article, all you need is a Bluetooth connection enabled on both devices.  

  1. Will My AirPods Lose Battery Faster if I Connect Them to My Dell Laptop?

Yes, the AirPods will lose the battery quickly when connecting them with a Dell laptop. Because both are incompatible devices to some extent, and AirPods are mainly designed to pair with other Apple devices.

But it won’t be a significant drop in the battery life that you will notice, but still, there is an impact.

  1. How Do I Connect My AirPods To My Dell Laptop?

Open the windows settings and turn on the Bluetooth of the Dell laptop. Now search for the Bluetooth devices nearby you. During searching, keep the lid of the AirPods case open to look for the Dell laptop. When the laptop shows the AirPod, click on it to select. Then click on done to end this process.

  1. Why Can’t I Connect My AirPods To My Dell Laptop?

You do not connect your Dell laptop to AirPod because of the trouble in Bluetooth connection either in one or both devices. All you need to do is make sure that the Dell laptop’s Bluetooth is on first before turning on the Bluetooth of your AirPods. Once the issue with Bluetooth gets resolved, you’re all set to pair them with each other. 

  1. Do AirPods Work with Dell Laptops?

Yes, they do, but not smoothly as they work with other Apple devices, and one thing more, they may lose battery quicker than when used with Mac, iPad, or iPhone. 

  1. Will Using My AirPods With a Dell Laptop Long-term Affect the Lifespan?

No, it’s not, but you may have seen a drop in battery life and sometimes experience a drop in the audio when moving around while listening to songs or anything else on the AirPods.

  1. How Do I Turn On My Bluetooth On My Dell Laptop?

To turn on the Bluetooth of the Dell laptop, go to the settings and click on the device. You will see your Bluetooth inside the devices; here, click on the toggle button; it will enable Bluetooth.

  1. Why Is My Bluetooth Not Working On My Dell Laptop?

The main reason for Bluetooth not working on the Dell laptop is the issue with the driver. They may be corrupted or outdated. 


You can connect Airpods to any device using Bluetooth connectivity, but still, there can be issues. If you cannot connect your Dell laptop with Airpods, it might be due to disabled Bluetooth or a corrupted or outdated Bluetooth driver.

Most of the time, all the underlying issues can be resolved to connect the Dell laptop with Airpods. As mentioned above, you can pair and connect Airpods or Clone Airpods with your Dell device in some easy steps. And even when your Dell laptop doesn’t support Bluetooth, you can use a Bluetooth Dongle to connect these two devices. Conclusively, the connection is easy and functional. 

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