How To Connect Airpods To Zoom On Mac?

How To Connect Airpods To Zoom On Mac

Do you want to know how to connect AirPods to zoom on Mac? No worries, this article contains all the information you are looking for to connect Airpods to zoom. 

Are you in a hurry for your online class? As we all know, the whole world is facing the Covid-19 situation, and due to lockdown, everyone is attending their class or meetings online. But, what? Are you facing any issues while connecting the Airpods to zoom? We clearly understand that facing difficulties while connecting Airpods to zoom is one of the most annoying tasks. Right? 

Therefore, connecting a device with a laptop might be irritating as you would attend your essential conference call, but the AirPods connectivity just ruined it all.

How To Connect Airpods To Zoom On Mac 

The question is arising in your mind: Do Airpods work with Mac or not? Can I connect the Airpods to zoom on Mac?

To find the answer to all these questions, read down this article until the end and find how you can connect them and what to do if you face any issue. 

Do Airpods work with zoom on Mac?

Yes, Airpods do work with zoom so that you can connect the Airpods with Mac or PC through BlueTooth. So that you can select the audio option from the zoom app settings, and by connecting it, you can have the Audio from the Airpods instead of the Mac speaker. In short, you can connect the AirPods to zoom on Mac just by selecting the correct option from zoom’s setting. 

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How to connect AirPods to zoom on Mac?

Here we arranged the steps that are necessary for connecting the AirPods to zoom on Mac, so just follow the below steps; 

  • First of all, disconnect all the other devices connecting with the Airpods as it might cause any problem, so to avoid any issue while connecting it to zoom on Mac, just disconnect all the other attached devices. 
  • Now, tap on the Apple logo from the top left side of your screen and then press on the System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  • Here you will see the Bluetooth option, here you will see your Airpods name listed in that list, so double click on it, and your Airpods will be connected to zoom. 
  • Otherwise, link it with your Mac and then double click to connect it to zoom. 
  • For connecting, open your zoom app and then click on
  • From here, select the preferences option and then tap on the Audio. 
  • Here, you will see the Microphone and speaker option, select your Airpods, and connect your Airpods to zoom. 

This is how you can connect the Airpods to zoom on Mac. 

How can we enable zoom to use a microphone?

You can allow zoom to use the Microphone so for this, you have to follow the below steps; 

  • From the Apple menu, go to the “System Preferences.” 
  • Select the tab “Privacy 
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I connect my AirPods to my Mac on Zoom?

You can connect the Airpods on the Mac to the zoom by enabling the audio option. First of all, open the zoom app on the Mac. Then, click on and tap on the preference here. You will see the audio option click on it and tap the list, then connect your Airpods. 

  • Can you use AirPods with Zoom on Macbook?

Yes, you can connect the AirPods on Mac. All you have to do is connect the AirPods to zoom by opening the zoom app setting. Here you have to enable the Audio by tapping the list and clicking on your AirPods name. Double click on your AirPods name and connect it with the zoom. 

  • Can you use AirPods for zoom meetings? 

Yes, you can use the Airpods for zoom meetings as the Airpods are wireless and provide perfect sound quality. As the AirPods fit perfectly into your ears and are undoubtedly the best choice for zoom meetings. But the only legging point of the AirPods for zoom meetings is that it doesn’t provide the efficient microphone quality that usually affects the zoom meetings. 

  • How do I get my AirPods to work with zoom?

You can connect the Airpods to zoom on Mac by clicking on the Apple logo here; you will see the tab “System Preferences.” From this tab, you have to select the Audio option, and then you will see the list of devices connected. Just double-click on your AirPods name, and this is how you will connect the Airpods with zoom. 

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Connecting AirPods to zoom on Mac is possible. All you have to do is to follow the steps precisely, but before connecting, you must disconnect all the other devices so that you will not experience any functional interference. We hope you find this article; connecting AirPods to zoom on Mac helpful and informative. 

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