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How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone – ( 3 Quick Steps )

( An Informative Guide )How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone

Are you wondering How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone? Are you looking for the most reliable steps? Then this piece of writing is for you – read ahead!

I am sure you would agree with me if a good quality pair of headphones can give you an excellent listening experience with your iPhone. It will make your music time more enjoyable, more relaxing; indeed, great fun. 

The iPhone mobile set and Sony headphones are a great combination to experience the best quality sounds. But here is a problem; many users complain about the problematic ways of connecting Sony headphones to the iPhone. Are you also in the same boat?

No need to be worried; we have got your back and shed light on How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone? 

So, stick along and read till the end!

How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone

The Way how to Connect Sony Bluetooth Headphones to iPhone is here step by step as:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone
  • Select pairing mode in your headphones
  • Enable Settings
  • Tap Bluetooth
  • Tap on your headphones

This article has more information on pairing wireless Bluetooth headphones with your iPhone.

Why Won’t My iPhone Connect To My Sony Headphones?

People usually ask why my Sony headphones won’t connect to my iPhone. Or why won’t my Sony headphones connect to Bluetooth? Or can Sony headphones connect to Apple?

There are some possibilities; it may happen that both the devices, to be paired, are far away from each other. It would help if you placed them close to connect them. Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is turned on and fully charged. If it is battery powered, then the battery is working correctly, or otherwise, you need to change it.

It may be possible that headphones have automatically connected to some other previously connected audio device, or the pairing via Bluetooth isn’t set correctly. You may need to disconnect the device to pair the headphones with your iPhone in such a situation.

Before jumping on How To Connect Sony Headphones To iPhone, let’s know what pairing mode is?

How Do I Put My Sony Headphone In Pairing Mode?

Pairing headphones to a mobile set means establishing a connection between them by Bluetooth. 

The phone is set to ‘discoverable mode,’ and the headset is set up to pair by pressing one or more keys for some seconds. In this Way, both the devices get connected.

You can use Bluetooth to connect your phone with several devices without a wire or a cable. Once the connection is set up, you don’t need to set it again; it will be paired automatically next time. 

Now, the question is still there: How to connect Sony headphones and your iPhone? 

Pairing the Sony Headphones with an iPhone and Bluetooth 

This step-by-step article is specifically written to tell you how to use Bluetooth to connect your iPhone and your Sony headphones. The headphones also come with a wire that you can use instead to connect them to the headphone jack at the bottom of your iPhone if you want to prefer that option instead.

  •  Confirm that Bluetooth is enabled in your iPhone’s Settings menu.
  • Press and hold the Power button on the Sony headphones for 7 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode.
  • Touch the Settings icon on the iPhone.
  • Tap the Bluetooth option.
  • Touch the MDR-10RBT option.

After a few seconds, the headphones will pair with the iPhone and display a Connected message on the phone screen. Your Bluetooth headphones are connected to the iPhone and now, are ready for your use.

Note that some Bluetooth headphone models may demand you to set a pin to complete the pairing procedure. You can quickly enter any pin of your choice at this point but, if it does not work, go and check the details for your specific model of headphones to see if there is a specific pairing pin that you should use to complete this process.

Enjoying A Hand Free Call

You can enjoy a hands-free call with your iPhone via Bluetooth connection.

The operation may vary depending on the model of your phone but take care of the operating instructions given with the phone.

Only simple phone calls are supported; applications for phone calls on iPhones are not supported.


When you have an incoming, a ring tone will be heard from the headphone, and the indicator blinks quickly.

While you are listening to music, if you get an incoming call, playback music will be paused, and a ring tone will be heard from the headphone. You can talk to the caller without getting worried about the position of the microphone.

If the headphone hears no ring tone, check the connection status on the iPhone.

If playback music is not paused automatically, set the headphone to pause playback.

Adjust the volume by touch sensor control panel.


 Swipe up or down repeatedly until you get the volume to the desired level.

Swipe up or down, hold the volume button, and then release at the desired volume level.

An alarm will sound when the volume reaches the maximum or minimum level.

During the call, the volume can be adjusted quickly.

The headphone volume can be independently adjusted during a call and music playback. Changing the call volume does not change the music playback volume and vice versa.

End The Call

To finish your phone call, quickly double-tap the touch sensor control panel.

Quick Way To Turn Bluetooth On Or Off On Your iPhone

Are you looking for a quick way to turn Bluetooth on or off on your iPhone? This article will help you use Bluetooth without even unlocking the phone screen.

Three ways to turn on or off Bluetooth On the iPhone

The three possible ways are as under:

How to turn on Bluetooth on iPhone or iPad from Settings

  • Open the Settings app by tapping on its icon.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • Press the switch next to the iPhone Bluetooth setting on top to turn it on.

How to turn off Bluetooth on iPhone from Settings

If you don’t need Bluetooth frequently, you can keep it turned off permanently to save the phone battery.

  • Open the Settings app by tapping on its icon.
  • Tap on Bluetooth.
  • Press the switch next to the iPhone Bluetooth setting on top to turn it off.

2. How To Turn On Bluetooth On iPhone From The Control Center

The Control Center is faster to turn on the iPhone’s Bluetooth. How? Let’s see!

  • Access the Control Center to find the iPhone Bluetooth shortcut
  • Touch the iPhone Bluetooth shortcut to enable it, turning the icon blue.

    How To Turn Off Bluetooth On iPhone From The Control Center

  • Open the Control Center 
  • Tap on the (blue) iPhone Bluetooth shortcut from the upper-left section
  • The button becomes light-gray, and you get a notification
  • Disconnect your iPhone Bluetooth until the next day

3. How to use Siri to turn the iPhone Bluetooth on or off?

If you know how to use Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, you can also enable or disable the Bluetooth setting on the iPhone. Activate Siri and say “Turn on Bluetooth” the Bluetooth will be turned on.

How to use Siri to turn on or off the iPhone Bluetooth?

To disable the Bluetooth, tell Siri to “Turn off Bluetooth,” and she will immediately do it.

The Ending Words

As now you have read up about all your confusions and ambiguities regarding How to connect your Sony Headphones to iPhone? Do you have all the reliable and easy steps in your mind to pair your Sony headphones to your iPhone? 

You can now quickly attend a call on your iPhone while enjoying music via Sony headphones.

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