How to Control Fire Stick With TV Remote

How to Control Fire Stick With TV Remote

Learn How to Control Fire Stick With TV Remote from this article.

To use a regular remote for controlling a FireStick, follow this set of instructions carefully.

All you need to make a standard remote control capability to control Amazon Fire Stick is to enable HDMI CEC on your TV, and that you need to do before connecting Fire Stick to the TV’s HDMI port. Once the HDMI CEC is enabled, you can connect the remote with the FireStick TV, and you will see the TV has recognized the remote.

Now that same remote can turn the fire stick on/off, adjust the volume up and down, and change channels and inputs. 

Other than that, you can also get a universal remote for your FireStick TV.

How to Control Fire Stick With TV Remote

Doing this will enable you to use the Amazon Fire Stick with a remote that is not universal—confused about the HDMI CEC? Don’t worry; we are going to explain that as well.

What is HDMI CEC

As you know, HDMI is an interface used to transmit audio and video data from one point to another, which is usually a source to display. And, the CEC ( Consumer Electronics Control ) is just a feature of HDMI that is responsible for controlling multiple devices through one channel. That’s why this feature enables you to control the device with more than 15 remotes rather than switching between HDMI cables. Therefore, using the same HDMI cable, you will be able to use multiple remotes.

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Now, let’s discuss how to enable HDMI CEC on your TV. It is super easy to enable this feature, and you won’t have to spend extra money on a universal remote. Once enabled, you will manage volume, record, or put the device in sleep mode.

How to enable HDMI CEC 

Enabling the HDMI CEC depends totally on the television configurations. Sometimes a TV can automatically turn on the CEC, which is not possible with every TV but depends on what TV you use. The CEC option is located under the settings option for those using Vizio or Hitachi. Just visit the settings section, and you will find it there and enable it.

Now, if you are using Sony TV, the option for CEC will be under ‘Bravia sync,’ and for LG, there will be’ Simplink’ from where you will enable or disable the CEC. Another option for you is to look at your product specifications and learn how to do that. 

Connecting the Fire TV Stick to an HDMI port on the TV

Insert the fire stick into your TV’s HDMI port, but only after you have enabled the HDMI CEC, and any USB cable would be sufficient for this. Insert one part of the cable into the fire stick and the other into the power outlet. Sometimes your TV is connected to a power outlet, but you can learn more about extending HDMI cables.

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Ensure the Fire Stick connection is established correctly, and then you can turn on your TV and press Home on the remote. The screen will show you that it is searching for a remote. Then, follow the instructions, and the installation process will be completed.

The best approach is to do this process before your favorite show starts because later you can get stuck in the problem and miss the big sporting event or the vital show. Hopefully, the process is pretty short and straightforward. Just press the input button, and if you see Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, that’s the guarantee of the proper connection.

How to test the connection

If you notice that it is not showing Fire Stick, we can fix that, but it requires a little bit of knowledge about the Wi-Fi network. Don’t have that either? Don’t worry; we have got your back. Just press the ‘Home’ button and keep it pressed for at least 10 seconds, and the command will appear ‘Start’ on the screen. If you don’t see anything, then most probably the remote batteries will be dead; you should change them.

Once you press the ‘Start’ button, there will be an on-screen menu that you should follow to verify the Wi-Fi network. Now, for that, you should know your network’s password, and for that, you can call your ISP as well. This will help you connect your FireStick with the TV, and this is a one-time process; next time, it will auto recognize the FireStick.

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What if you’re connecting to a Soundbar or A/V Receiver?

If you’re trying to connect FireStick with Soundbar or A/V receiver, this is the process you can follow. Get a USB cable to connect with a power source and Fire Stick. And put the Firestick on the HDMI port on the receiver or the soundbar. That’s all for this process.


In the end, you will be able to use the Firestick with a TV with a standard remote, and this is the only convenient process you can follow. You can sometimes play with the factory presets as well. But, look for the Fire Stick input channel, and in case there is no CEC feature, make sure to get a Fire Stick that has Input channels.

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