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How to Delete Samsung Keyboard History? ( 3 Steps )

Delete Samsung Keyboard History

This article talks about how to delete Samsung keyboard history.

The keyboard is the most vital element that is present inside almost every computer and smartphone. This is a must-have thing for the devices; otherwise, you are unable to type anything. You can use it to take notes, chat, search on the web, save contacts, write text messages, e-mails and much more. Whether you like it or not, whatever you are typing, is stored in the history of the keyboard and produces a cache inside the phone. Cache unnecessarily chews the storage space of your devices. It does not matter if you are using a Samsung Galaxy series phone, Google Pixel or iPhone. 

Like it or not, most of the predictive words on the keyboard helps you to type fast. But they are not helpful all the time, sometimes it also interrupts you, and instead of making typing faster, it makes several mistakes again and again. So that is why you want to clear or delete the keyboard history of your devices, especially phones. So now we are going to discuss How to delete Samsung Keyboard history? This is important; otherwise, it will become frustrating because of mistakes in typing and eating up space in the form of cache. 

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Clear or Delete Samsung Galaxy Keyboard History

You know Apple systems are different from all other devices; this company offers specialised products and systems. Compared to iPhone, Android is so customisable, making it easier to delete the keyboard history without any big problem. You can finish this process in seconds. Let’s see how you can do this:

Step 1: The first and foremost step to clear or delete Samsung Galaxy keyboard history is to open the settings. Then tap on general management. In the next step, select language and input, flowing by on-screen On-Screen Keyboard.

Step 2:  Here, you will see the all available keyboards on your phone; all you need to do is tap on a Samsung keyboard. Keep scrolling down until you get the “reset to default settings” select it. You will also see two more categories here. The first is to reset the keyboard settings once and for all, the second is to erase the personalised predictions. Our main point for which we are here is how to delete Samsung keyboard history, so for this purpose, choose: erase personalised; the predictions.

This is it, but one thing that interrupts you while typing is predictive text, due to which you will face a lot of typing errors frequently. No worries, you can turn off this feature and learn how to do it. Continue reading, and you will find the answer is the next method.

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Turn Off Predictive Text on Samsung Galaxy

You don’t want to spend time deleting the keyboard history every time. Turning off the predictive text on your Samsung Galaxy keyboard will help you in the sense that you will experience fewer typing mistakes. Here are the steps to do this. 

  • Go to the settings app of your Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Tap on general management.
  • Now tap language and input.
  • Next, tap the on-screen keyboard
  • Now tap smart typing
  • Here you simply turn the Predictive text 

How Do I Delete My Google Keyboard History?

Here are a few steps by which you can also Delete search history from the Google app & Account. Let’s have a look.

  1. Open the Google app on your iPad or iPhone.
  2. Tap on Settings that are present at the top left side.
  3. When you see the settings menu, tap on Gboard.
  4. Tap on Clear Gboard search history. 
  5. Click OK.

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