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How to Disable Touchpad on Lenovo Laptop ( Windows 7 & 10 )

How to Disable Touchpad on Lenovo Laptop


In this article, we are going to help you with how to enable or disable the touchpad of the Lenovo Laptop. Well, the reason is pretty obvious that the touchpad will be malfunctioning or the mouse cursors might be getting unresponsive or you must be getting frustrated with unwanted movements of the cursor.

In this article, we will help you to unstuck the mouse buttons and the best part is that you will be able to disable the touchpad permanently as well as temporarily depending on the requirement and needs. 

Let’s discuss the different methods of how you can suspend the function of a touchpad.

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How to Enable or Disable Touchpad on Windows 10 Lenovo

Among all the different options and methods we are going to use for touchpad deactivation, the simplest and the most effective one is using the laptop keyboard.

But other methods or enabling or disabling the touchpad in Windows 10 are mouse and touchpad settings, device manager, hardware settings, BIOS setup.

Let’s discuss how to enable or disable the touchpad on a Windows 10 Lenovo

1- Disabling the Lenovo touchpad using a dedicated keyboard button

As mentioned earlier, this is the very first method we will be using and for this method, there are distinct function keys dedicated for enabling touchpad and if you are using IdeaPad or ThinkPad, both of these laptops have this option and this can be done with F6 or F8 keys for enabling or disabling the touchpad or Lenovo Laptop.

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A combination of Fn key with F8 can help you disable the touchpad and doing this again will help you enable the touchpad again, 

A keyboard manual can help you understand all the keys and the functions they represent,

Enabling the touchpad through function keys is a temporary method and as soon as the laptop reboots, the touchpad will be working automatically again

2- Enabling or Disabling touchpad through mouse or touchpad settings

This is the second approach and this is obvious that you are trying this approach because the first approach didn’t work for you.

In this situation, you can

1- Go to your System’s Mouse Settings

2- Go to the devices window and find the settings related to the touchpad

3- If you find nothing, search mouse in the search bar and you will see the touchpad settings, wizard

4- Click on additional mouse settings

ThinkPad owners will get the window name as UltraNav and the Ideapad owners will get the name as Device settings or it will be named Touchpad

In the case of Thinkpad, Click on Enable touchpad and uncheck it

Another method is to click on Settings, and select TrackPoint Only

For IdeaPad, under Device Settings, you will see Enable and Disable buttons for the touchpad, do what you intend to do

3-  Device Manager or Hardware Settings

The next approach to enable or disable the touchpad is using device manager

For that, you can go to 

1- Device Manager

2-Pointing Devices > Touchpad Driver > Uninstall Device

3- Mouse Settings > Additional Settings > Hardware

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4- Touchpad Driver > Properties > Change settings

5- Drivers > Disable it

4- Enable or Disable Touchpad through BIOS Settings

You can enable or disable the touchpad of Lenovo laptop through BIOS settings and this will be your final approach for doing this in Windows 10.

The process is 

1- Reboot your laptop or computer

2- During the restarting process, press F1 or F8 when you see the ThinkPad logo on the laptop screen, which will lead you to the BIOS settings

3- Click on Configuration > Keyboard and Mouse

4- Enable/Disable toggle will leave you with one option to pick from

5- Save the settings and exit the BIOS

6- Hit enter when the popup shows about “ Save Configuration Changes”

7- You are all done

This is the final step of enabling or disable the Touchpad or Lenovo Thinkpad or Ideapad.


These methods we have discussed in the article above will help you with unwanted customer movements so that you can muddle up your work easily. We helped you with enabling the touchpad from one single keyboard key to a complete installation of the hardware.  So, if you see your touchpad malfunctioning, either uninstall or disable it, depends on you.

In the end, you should be satisfied with your question of how to enable and disable the touchpad of the Lenovo laptop.

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