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How to Enter BIOS on Acer Laptop

How to Enter BIOS on Acer LaptopSuppose you want to access the BIOS of your Acer laptop to do boot configurations, change basic computer settings, want to change system time and date, want to change boot order, or want to enable or disable hardware components. In that case, this article will help you how to enter BIOS on Acer’s laptop.

How to Enter BIOS on Acer Laptop

From a single keystroke to a combination of keys, accessing BIOS differs for different computers.

BIOS handles initial start processes and checks hardware before handing it over to the computer’s Operating System.

BIOS is the most crucial system menu, but unfortunately, there are no dedicated buttons to access BIOS on all computers. Therefore, we researched to help you effortlessly enter the BIOS on Acer’s laptop.

What is BIOS:

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System, a software program or firmware with basic instructions about a computer and its hardware components. Every computer comes with a pre-installed BIOS, whereas the OS is installed by either manufacturer or the consumer, which is not that big a deal.

Inside the motherboard, there is a small memory chip containing the BIOS in every computer. You can say that this is a basic operating system that will tell the bigger operating system to carry on by checking everything.

As soon as you hit the start button on your computer, BIOS kicks in and monitors the Power on Self Test ( POST ) diagnostic procedure to make sure everything is fine with the computer. 

If there is any issue in the BIOS, the system won’t start or load the Windows OS as well.

Many newer computers come with UEFI ( Unified Extensible Firmware Interface ) rather than BIOS.

Every computer has different BIOS accessing keys because every manufacturer has its own customized BIOS program. That means the settings of one BIOS are different from the other company’s BIOS.

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To enter BIOS on an Acer laptop, press F2 if you are using the latest model and F12 or Delete if you are using an older model.

Sometimes, you can see a popup during the startup that tells you to press certain keys, but if you don’t see that popup, start hitting F12 as soon as the system is turned on.

How to get into UEFI BIOS?

Modern computers are equipped with UEFI BIOS, an upgraded version of older BIOS, and it allows the computers to boot rapidly.

How to Enter BIOS on Acer Laptop in Windows 10:

Settings > Update & Security > Recovery > Advanced startup > Restart Now

You will get to choose boot options; then, a screen will appear.

Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware settings > Restart

Enter BIOS on Windows 8:

Restart the machine, then

Troubleshoot > Advanced options > UEFI Firmware settings > Restart to boot into your BIOS

Access BIOS on an Older PC:

If you are using Windows 7 or older Windows, you can use the traditional way of entering BIOS, hitting the right key at the right moment.

Right Moment for Entering BIOS:

Wen is powering up; you get a narrow window to access the BIOS before launching. Because BIOS initializes your hardware before handing it over to the bootloader, and during that, you can access BIOS.

Pressing keys like Press <Del> to Enter setup” reveals which key to press. If this message does not come, hit it when you see the manufacturer logo before booting OS.

Another easiest way is to press the right key before the power on and hold it until BIOS comes; something is broken if it does not work.

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The Right Key to Enter Setup:

It depends on the motherboards the BIOS is located on. F1, F2, F10, Delete, and Esc are common keys to access BIOS. Combinations like Ctrl+Alt + Esc and Ctrl + Alt + Delete are common on older machines, but F10 is for other purposes. So, to access the boot menu, this will be a process of trial and error by pressing multiple keys.

Acer BIOS Keys: F2 and Delete, older computers F1, Ctrl + Alt + Esc,

ASRock BIOS Keys: F2 or Delete if your computer uses an ASRock motherboard. So, these keys will help you access the boot screen.

Asus BIOS Keys: F2, Delte, Insert, F10,

Dell BIOS Keys: F2, F1, Delete, F12, F13, combinations Ctrl + Alt + Enter, Delete or Fn+Esc, Fn+F1,

HP BIOS Keys: F10 and Esc, F1, F2, F6, F11; pressing these keys will open gates to BIOS.

Lenovo BIOS KEys: F1, F2, Fn+F2, Ctrl + Alt + F3, Ctrl+Alt+Insert Key, Fn+F1

Microsoft Surfaces Tablets

First, connect the keyboard with a surface tablet. But, you can also access BIOS without the keyboard. Just press and hold the volume up button and press and release the power button before you see the Windows logo; you will be able to access UEFI BIOS.

MSI BIOS Keys: MSI motherboard, trigger BIOS, Delete Key, F2

Samsung BIOS Key: F2

Sony BIOS Keys: Sony VAIO, F2, F3, F1

Toshiba BIOS Keys: F2, F1 + Esc, F12

When you access the BIOS, reset BIOS to default settings to prevent any issues during startup.

So, these were the different ways to enter BIOS and use BIOS for different purposes.

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