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How To Factory Reset Lenovo Thinkpad Without Password

How To Factory Reset Lenovo Thinkpad Without Password

While laptops keep evolving and upgrading, some errors still occur that might halt your technological world. Sometimes something like a virus or maybe a system crash may lead you to reset it to factory settings. However, you might likely have forgotten your admin password, which is needed to do a factory reset. 

Let’s see How To Factory Reset Lenovo Thinkpad Without Password.

How To Factory Reset Lenovo Thinkpad Without Password

It is a standard human error to forget passwords, but when do you need them the most? Well, not to worry! We have a few solutions that might be what you need. 

Method 1: The Start-Up Reset 

Since you cannot access your computer due to forgetting your password, this way does not require you to go past the log-in screen. At your Windows sign-in screen, move your cursor to the lower right area of the screen and click the Power button.

Once you click on it, it will show you different options. Make sure to press the shift key while clicking on ‘Restart.’ This will lead to a different screen that will show you another set of options. You have to choose ‘Troubleshoot’ and then the ‘Reset This PC’ option on this screen.

By clicking on this option, you will have to choose whether to keep your files or remove everything. Choose to delete everything to make sure your laptop is rid of everything. This will open another set of options you have to choose to fully clean the drive, which will then start the factory data reset procedure.

After a few minutes, your laptop will restart itself and be factory reset. From this point onwards, you can use your Lenovo Thinkpad and have it work the same way it did when it first came to you.

Method 2: The Setup/Repair Disk

If the previous method did not work for you, another way to get to the Windows Recovery interface is by connecting your laptop to the setup/repair disk. Once connected, you will need to boot up your laptop through the disk. Once it boots, you will be led to the installation screen, and you will need to click ‘Next.’

After this, you have to choose’ Repair My Computer’ and ‘Troubleshoot’ and then ‘Remove Everything.’ It is essential to remove everything, so your laptop also deletes your password, which will then help you log in without using your old password. 

Method 3: Advanced Boot Option

Another quick way to get to Factory Reset settings is to do the advanced boot method. Firstly, you would need a bootable password reset CD. You will use this to erase the password you’re your laptop’s memory, after which you can start this process: Power on your laptop and wait for it to get to the Sign-In screen.

Once it opens, press F8 repeatedly till your screen shows you the Advanced Boot Options. Select the ‘Repair Your Laptop’ option and press ‘Enter.’

This will lead you to see System Recovery Options from where you would need to pick your laptop’s layout and then click ‘Next.’ The next screen will ask for your username and password. Since you do not have the password, leave it blank as you have already wiped it through the CD. Lastly, you need to click on the ‘Reset Your PC’ option. 

Method 4: The OneKey Recovery 

Firstly, you need to shut off your laptop. Your Lenovo Thinkpad already has a button next to the Power key called the Novo button; this functions by facilitating the OneKey Recovery process. This is especially useful for situations like the one you have in your hands.

You can do this by either pressing the ‘Power’ button or removing the power source and replugging it in. Using your arrow keys to navigate, go down on the list, click on ‘System Recovery,’ and press ‘Enter.’ After this, you need to press the ‘Novo’ button.

Once you get to the main interface of OneKey Recovery, you need to click on Restore From Initial Backup. Click ‘Yes’ and ‘Start’ as it asks permission to start the process, and wait for it to complete. After this, you can set up your Lenovo ThinkPad to your liking once again. 

Method 5: Windows Password Recovery Tool

This method requires you to download the Windows Password Recovery Tool, which removes your password and reset it if need be. Installing this app will save you a lot of trouble as factory reset is very frustrating. The greatest thing is, you do not have to lose everything you have ever saved on your laptop. 

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