How To Find Dead Airpods Without Case?

How To Find Dead Airpods Without Case

Am I looking for the answer about Finding Dead Airpods Without Case? This is the article for you.

So you finally bought the Airpods everybody has been raving about. However, you might have underestimated how easy it is to lose those little buggers. Yes, they are convenient, portable, and so easy to use that they have become a staple in everybody’s lives. But at the same time, they can be lost in a flash! 

Do not be too hard on yourself if you lose your Airpods; it is common for anyone who owns a pair of them. What is important is that you find them and you find them quickly!

How To Find Dead Airpods Without Case

If you are also one of the forgetful ones and have lost your Airpods, do not worry. We are here to provide you with multiple solutions for different scenarios. 

Method 1: Using The Find My App 

You are probably aware of the Find My iPhone app as an Apple user. If not, Find My iPhone is an app in your iPhone; it can also be accessed by going to on your Mac and logging in with your Apple ID and Password. The purpose of the Find My app is to locate wherever your Apple products are. It locates your products by tracking their location and providing you with the exact location in seconds. 

Open your Find My app. Once you have opened it, you will see a list of all devices paired with your Find My app. Click on the Airpods. After you have clicked on the Airpods, you will track them with their exact location. Clicking on the car icon will provide you with directions that you can follow to locate your lost Airpods! Bear in mind; this is for when your Airpods are charged and within Bluetooth range, which is 150 feet. 

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Method 2: Play Sound Feature

You are fortunate if you have lost your Airpods without their case. Find My app has a feature made just for this situation! 

One of the most valuable features of the Find My app is ‘Play Sound.’ If your AirPods are outside of their case and you are having trouble locating them, this feature plays a sound on your Airpods so you can hear it and look for them accordingly.  

Open your Find My app and locate your Airpods in the paired devices section. Once you find them, you will see a green button next to them. Click on this to play a sound and adjust the volume enough so that you can hear it. Once you do, look for them, and you will be easily able to find them at the location you first lost them. 

Method 3: For When, You Don’t Have Your iPhone Either

So you have not only lost your Airpods but your iPhone is gone too. So what do you do? First of all, take a deep breath. Secondly, make use of your computer at home. Go to and log in with your Apple ID and password. After logging in, go to Find Me and check all your linked devices. Once you find your iPhone and Airpods, you should be able to see their last tracked location. When you have figured out your items’ last place, you can start looking for them. 

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Can I Find My Airpods With The Serial Number?

If you look to find your Airpods with their serial number, this might be bad news. You cannot find Airpods using their serial number. 

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What your serial number might help you with, however, is getting a replacement, but of course, this comes with a fee. 

What If You Cannot See Your Airpods On Find My App?

Perhaps the most disheartening thing is not seeing your Airpods current location on the Find My App. If you cannot track them, it is probably because they are out of range, their Bluetooth is turned off, or they have died. In this worst-case scenario, the best you can do is check their last location and try to find them at the last location. 

Simply put, your Airpods will simply be a hassle to find if they are dead and without their case. It is tough to locate their specific location once they cannot be connected to your Find My app. You can, however, try to work off of their last known location. 

What If Your Airpods Are Dead And Out Of Their Case?

If you have lost your Airpods without their case, while the first step is always to track them- it might be impossible considering their battery is dead. Again, all you can do is check their last available location and search accordingly. If you are hoping they might be able to play a sound, while it is worth a try considering they are not in their case- it may or may not work considering their no battery levels. 

All in all, your best course of action includes searching for them in their last known location and guessing where they might be since both of your technical ways to find them are off the course of actions to take.  

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