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  How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number – An Insight For 2022 

How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number

Are you looking for a solution to How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number? No need to browse more; go ahead and find your answer!

Want to know how to find a stolen MacBook with a serial number? In this article, we will have a look at the steps that can be taken to track a stolen MacBook by using a serial number. 

It is difficult but not an impossible task to find a MacBook. 

Before starting this article, we know that only a serial number cannot make you out of this situation (stolen MacBook). There are some alternative methods available to get back a stolen MacBook.  

How To Find Stolen Macbook With Serial Number

Here, we provide information on How To Find Stolen Macbook With a Serial Number and some precautions on protecting a MacBook from a thief. But before that, let’s have a look at what is a serial number? 

What Is A Serial Number? 

A serial number is a unique number used for identification and inventory purposes. Sometimes a serial number is abbreviated as S/N, SN. It may contain letters and other typographical symbols. Whenever a person loses his MacBook, the first thing police officers require is a serial number. 

Ways to Find A Serial Number On A Macbook? 

A serial number can be found on the back of the base of the MacBook.

It can also be found on the original box or the receipt you purchased your MacBook. 

Precautions to adopt when you lose your Macbook: 

Here are some precautions which can be taken frequently to avoid any harm when you lose your MacBook. These steps may help you to protect your data. 

  • Change your Apple ID password to prevent anyone from accessing your precious data. 
  • Change the other account passwords you use with your MacBook, e.g., email addresses, bank accounts, social media sites (includes Facebook and Twitter). 
  • Report your stolen MacBook to your local police/ law enforcement. They may ask for the serial number of the stolen MacBook. 
  • The serial number is printed on the underside of the Mac, near the regulatory markings. It is also on the original packaging, next to a barcode label.

Now, do you want to know about different strategies and techniques to track your MacBook from serial numbers? We have provided a tremendous amount of information about How to find a MacBook with a serial number? But, only the serial number is not enough to find a MacBook. There is no need to worry because we are providing alternative ways to find a stolen MacBook. 

Find My Mac: 

Find my mac is one of the ways which can help in finding a stolen MacBook.In this, go to find my mac on another device and then select your mac to locate it. If your mac is near, it will play a sound. 

iCloud App:

iCloud is installed when you initially use your MacBook. It is one of the helpful tools to find a stolen MacBook. iCloud provides its user with a facility to track your Apple device. An alarm sound can be activated, your device will be locked, and all your data will be erased using this feature. 


The best feature dropbox provides, it syncs all the data automatically. This happens without any notification. Therefore, all the origin and IP addresses can be traced. All you need is to sign in to your Dropbox account and click on the security tab. You will have a list of all the devices which have accessed your account. 


Like Dropbox, Gmail also accesses all the IP addresses. If a thief accesses your Gmail account, it will be easier to find his location. You need only to log in to your Gmail account and find the last account activity. It will locate your MacBook. 


Facebook is an app that facilitates you with all the activities. It also informs you about the name of the city from where it was signed up. What can be a better way to access a thief’s location for a person whose MacBook has been stolen.  

Finding a Stolen Macbook With Serial Number – An Overview

It is not difficult to find your stolen MacBook. There are different plans of action which are needed for finding a stolen MacBook. Some of the ways have been discussed above as we have come to know that serial number is not only an essential part of finding or tracking a stolen MacBook. You cannot only use the serial number facility for tracking it. 

Moreover, the priority of a person who loses his MacBook is to save his data, including his bank details, emails, and, to some extent, his important messages. 

Therefore, we also provided you with some precautionary things. By obtaining those precautions, you can save yourself from a significant loss. The main feature which helps to locate stolen MacBooks is, find my mac. It helps you get a sound if your lost device is near. 


In light of all the above information, we conclude this article with the knowledge that only a serial number can not help find a stolen MacBook. There are many other techniques available for tracking a stolen MacBook. 

Using these techniques can help all the investigating agencies locate MacBooks as soon as possible. People who use MacBooks and store all their data or connect MacBooks with their data should have ways to protect MacBooks. 

Because losing a MacBook full of data can make this situation worse for them, they can get over it by reading this informative article. So, there is no need to head over heels on this problem. Many methods are waiting for you to adopt them and get yourself out of this dark situation.

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