How To Find Your Lost Tesla Key Card If You Lose It!

Don’t freak out if you’ve misplaced your Tesla keycard and can’t get into your Tesla Model 3. Find the answers in this article.

While a Tesla keycard is an extremely valuable asset that you must guard at all costs because it transmits and confirms the phone keys to work with a Model 3, in the end, we are all human and can lose it anywhere due to poor management.

If you lose your Tesla key card, you should immediately cancel it to avoid unauthorized vehicle use. Terminating your Tesla keycard service is easy by using the in-car touchscreen menu.

However, revocation is not the answer; what should be done instead? How to find a lost tesla keycard, and how to protect it. 

This article is a good place to explore formation on the subject.

So let’s get started!

How To Find Your Lost Tesla Key Card?

Relax if taking the Tesla car keys with you everywhere is something other than what you enjoy doing. There is an option besides using keys; indeed, a Tesla key card is the most convenient way to lock or unlock a car.

This keycard, which fits in your pocket, is compatible with Tesla’s Model Y and Model 3 vehicles and the Models X and S that will be released in 2021. If you are away from home and the vehicle is parked in the office or a shopping mall parking lot, it is extremely inconvenient if the key card disappears while you are away from home.

If you misplace the key, you can either unlock the vehicle with your phone or one of the other NFC-enabled devices or use your phone to locate the key card. You can also get a replacement, but remember that getting a replacement key card is complex; it is expensive and takes a lot of time.

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Some Useful Substitutes if You Lose Your Tesla Key Card

If you’re the one who misplaced the Tesla key card, you will need to find a replacement as soon as possible so that you may access your vehicle. Get inside, head back to your house, and unwind.

Let’s take a closer look at the various options available to us!

Solution 1: Try using the phone key.

If you lose your Tesla key card, you should check to see if the phone is used as a key. Models Y and 3 are the only ones that allow you to unlock the car using the phone key. The process of locking and unlocking the car is made much simpler by employing this.

Solution 2: Track down the misplaced key

Don’t expect miracles to take place. Find the misplaced key by utilizing the Tesla app. The phone can communicate with the Tesla key, like how it interacts with other electronic devices. If it does not function, you should look into purchasing a replacement.

Solution 3: Acquire a replacement from Tesla.

You need to find the Tesla key card. You can either use the vehicle’s keys or purchase a new key card from Tesla. This is not a simple endeavor because Tesla is a well-known firm and its automobiles differ from those of other manufacturers. You will need to go through security examinations and verifications.

When you have completed all the required checks and obtained the new card, you will need to connect it to the app and then program it to work with the vehicle. You must remember to do this because it will make finding the key you lost much easier.

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How to Stop Something Like This From Occurring Again

As Mark recommended, you should purchase extra key cards to always have one at home in an emergency.

Touching the pencil symbol next to each key will allow you to name each key card (for example, “john-card,” “wife-card,” “son-card,” etc.) —

It would be best if you also considered physically labeling the cards to tell which ones you have and which you could have misplaced.

Always have a location to store your key card, whether at home or away.

Always keep a single key card on your person at all times.

This will lessen the likelihood of losing both key cards at the same time, which will reduce the amount of difficulty that would be caused by losing both.

How Can You Make Use Of The Key Card On A Tesla Vehicle?

If you wish to use a key card to unlock the Tesla card, you must remove it from your purse or wallet first. This is because you will not recognize the key card if it is lying within the bag, as access to the card will be restricted because of interference from other items and cards.

Put a card in a horizontal position against the pillar that separates the front and back doors. It is only a few centimeters or inches beneath the camera.

You will notice a single chirp when the vehicle is unlocked, but it will only function when the functionality has been enabled. However, if the lead flashes, this implies that the vehicle has not been locked. You can now take the key out of the ignition and start your trip wherever you like.

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Final Words

Don’t freak out if you lose your Tesla key card. The good news is that there are some paths you can take to find it. The first step is always to have a second copy of your vital records stashed away safely. If you need your Tesla key card, you may easily order a replacement through the Tesla mobile app. 

Finally, call Tesla’s customer service if you’ve tried everything else and need help finding your key card. They will be able to assist you and may even be able to lend you a replacement vehicle while you search for your lost key fob.


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