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How to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside?

How to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside

If you are struggling to find ways that can tell you how to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside, this article is everything you need to see right now.

Computer screens are as important as your mobile phone screens are; therefore, it would be a devastating moment for you if these get damaged. Computers are an essential part of daily lives, and if these components get into trouble, we are in trouble as well.

As soon as you discover something wrong with your computer screen, your gut feeling would tell you to either get fixed by a technician or find a cheaper replacement. Remember, broken screens can easily be fixed n don’t necessarily require the replacement of the entire device.

Sometimes, depending on the exceptionality of the case, you might want to head to a computer expert otherwise but, it is recommended to try some fixing methods yourself. These methods can also include partial disassembly of your device regardless of your knowledge of the technicality of electronic devices.

Internal computer screen repairs are usually expensive. To save you from spending an arm and a leg, we have discussed some efficient and helpful methods that will tell you how to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside.

How to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside?

Here are the top methods that will help you guide through fixing a cracked computer screen on the inside. These tried and methods are likely to solve your problems, but make sure you perform all of the fixes mentioned below.

As soon as you see the problem fade away and your computer starts usually working, stop there. But, if you encounter the same issue anytime in the future, try these fixes once again.

Note: These fixes won’t work for a physically damaged screen, and you will have to get it repaired or replaced by a computer repair shop.

Here is how you can fix your laptop’s broken screen on the inside:

  1. Restart your laptop

In case of any trouble encountered with the computer’s screen, the foremost thing to try is to restart the system. Most of the problems arise due to minor glitches that go away when the system is restarted. 

  1. Examine your laptop

Laptops can accumulate small debris particles between the keyboard and the screen that prevent the computer from closing correctly and impact the screen. Try closing your laptop, reopen it and then carefully examine it. 

Pay a careful look at the keyboard and clean it using a soft cloth to remove any debris there. If there is a visible latch on your laptop, clean the latch mechanism and then close the laptop, making sure it is closed properly. 

Now open the laptop; if the screen turns on sometimes and doesn’t the other times, then you have an issue with your laptop’s lid sensor and nothing else. 

  1. Plugin external monitor 

If your screen goes black, plug in an external monitor. If the external monitor doesn’t turn on, make sure you have plugged in the right way but, if the issue persists, it is an indication that your laptop didn’t turn on. Try plugging into a power source and turning it on again. 

  1. Unstick the stuck pixelization

A computer screen is also damaged on the inside by stuck pixelization that makes the screen broken on the inside. To overcome it, you can use some dedicated apps designed for the purpose and unstick them. 

These applications work by generating digital snow and cycling between the colors. This provokes the stuck and dead pixels to work correctly again. 

  1. Examine backlight connections

If you know how to disassemble a laptop, you can check for the backlighting connections by simply removing the hinges, bezels, and other components of your laptop’s case. This will reveal the backlighting connections of your screen. From here, look closely and examine the wired connections; if something looks wrong, fix it if you are aware of the connections or take it to a repair shop.

  1. Try updating your video drivers.

Outdated video drivers can result in the entire blackout of the screen with some visual effects. This happens because older versions of video drivers start acting glitch or result in malfunctioning. If you see something like this happening, understand that your driver has turned old and needs to be updated. 

  1. Fix the burn-in

Screen burn-ins are a common cause of internally broken computer screens, making it as if the ghosts of older images are still stuck on the computer screen. This makes the visuals overlap and look annoying. 

You can fix the burn-in by using white screen savers for quite some time until the issue gets resolved. 

  1. The last resort – get the screen replaced

If all of the fixes above fail for you, the only solution left is to get your computer screen replaced. The screens that, no matter what, need to be repaired or replaced show the signs of black holes, large colored or black bars, etc. 

Causes of a broken computer screen

Are you wondering what could be the possible reasons behind your broken computer screen? Well, several causes can damage your computer screen, be it a monitor or a laptop, the causes are common.

If we talk about the physical causes of damaging a laptop’s screen internally, these could be:

  • The laptop was dropped.
  • Anything was dropped on the laptop.
  • The lid was closed, and pressure was applied to it.
  • It can also get damaged with something as tiny as sand between the screen and the keyboard.

When it comes to other factors, these can be held responsible for damaging the screen internally in laptops and monitors, both:

  • Screen burn
  • Backlight malfunctioning
  • Stuck pixels
  • Outdated driver
  • Cable or connector issues

Symptoms of a cracked computer screen

Sometimes your screen is damaged, but you don’t realize it; why? It happens due to the type of indications your system is giving. However, some significant indications indicate that your screen is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced. 

For example, if you see some cracks on your screen or the structure seems different, it is evident that nothing else except for the screen is creating these issues. As mentioned earlier, there could be various causes arising from such issues.

But, some minor indications cannot be pinpointed easily since they don’t make the damage look evident to the eyes. Even if you identify any issue, the cause remains undetermined, and you have no other choice left than to take your computer to an expert. 

Cracked vs. Defective computer screen

Remember, sometimes your screen is only defective and not broken, which requires a different kind of fix. Usually, a broken screen can be identified by the apparent physical damages evident to the eyes whereas, issues like unresponsiveness and flickering would indicate that the screen is defective.

Apart from cracks or chips, a broken screen could have other evident damages, such as black spots that happen when the screen and its casing have been separated. This separation results from any significant impact, for example, opening the laptop’s lid the wrong way. 

Swelling is another very common and probably one of the best indicators that tell something is truly wrong with your computer screen. It could occur due to physical reasons or even because of the dramatic change in the weather conditions. 

People who own newer computing devices and move from one region to the other region, whether weather change is massive, their device is likely to get damaged. As explained earlier, physical damages can be pinpointed easily but, in case of swelling, other common indications include irregular pixels, discoloring, or backlighting issues. 

Tools required to fix a cracked screen yourself

Before setting out to work, make sure you have got the set of proper tools to repair your internally cracked screen. Following are the tools that you must have to perform the fixes yourself:

  • A relatively large working space
  • Self-locking pin or needles, 
  • Screwdrivers
  • A bowl or screw holder 
  • Plastic putty blade

Does it cost too much to get your broken computer screen replaced?

Yes, getting your computer screen repaired by expert sure costs a couple of hundreds around $200. Whereas, if you luckily find a nicely working screen and replace it yourself, the total expenditure would cut down to $100. 

Final verdict

Screens are the most critical component of a computing device which, if it gets broken, whether internally or externally, can lead to further issues. Therefore, as soon as you determine any issue, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible.

After reading our guide, we hope that you finally know how to fix a cracked computer screen on the inside

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