How To Fix Spotify Airplay Not Working?

Spotify now offers support for AirPlay, but it can be a bummer for the app to get stuck on a black screen on your TV or stop responding while attempting to AirPlay it. Users have reported facing such issues, so how to fix Spotify AirPlay not working?

Using AirPlay and Spotify, you can seamlessly listen to your favorite podcast or music playlists on your AirPlay-compatible or Apple TV from your iOS device or Mac. Nevertheless, connection failures or no sound on AirPlay are problems that can occur when switching Spotify from one device to another. 

Therefore, our article will detail solutions to get rid of the issue- how to fix Spotify AirPlay not working?

How To Fix Spotify AirPlay Not Working?

Spotify AirPlay not working can materialize as a consequence due to many causes, including the internet connection being unstable, providing low-strength connectivity, or simply the devices not receiving a connection from the same Wi-Fi modem. 

Similarly, AirPlay incompatibility with the TV can likely result in Spotify not being established through AirPlay. Also, if a corrupted cache or the Spotify app, TV, and Apple devices are outdated, these versions will not support the AirPlay feature. How To Fix Spotify AirPlay Not Working

Additionally, while establishing Spotify on your TV, if either device is turned on airplane mode, there would be no linking through AirPlay. In the case where Spotify’s server is down, there is nothing much you can do to remedy the situation, but be patient until the outage is fixed. 

Easy Fixes:

Inspect Wi-Fi Connection:

Supposedly, Spotify is not loading or opening at all on your Apple TV, so before proceeding to consider another measure- inspect your internet connection. Download the Ookla Speed test App on the TV to check the Wi-Fi speed. 

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Alternatively, you can also check the wifi network’s strength from the settings of your Apple TV. Open settings and scroll down until you find the option for network where signal strength can be determined under “status.”

If you are still not satisfied, place the router near your Apple TV, or vice versa; bring the Apple TV closer to the router to try and improve the strength of signals.  

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Check Spotify’s Device Limit:

All purchased Spotify subscriptions, especially premium subscriptions, come with a certain device limit. For instance, if you have purchased a Spotify premium family plan, you can stream music from six devices simultaneously. 

Hence, if the app through AirPlay is not working on your TV, check Spotify’s device limit from your plan details to ensure that it has not been exceeded. Through your computer’s web browser, visit the website for Spotify, log into your account, and in the top-right corner, select the profit icon to access from the left menu your account’s overview, and finally, navigate to find your subscription plan. 

To remove all the devices at once, select “logout of all devices” and try signing in again when streaming Spotify through AirPlay on your Apple TV to check if Spotify AirPlay’s not working has been resolved. 

TV’s AirPlay Compatibility:

Any TV incompatible with AirPlay or without built-in support for the feature will fail to AirPlay Spotify for you. Thus, it is crucial to check and analyze whether your TV is AirPlay compatible or not. 

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In most cases, outdated and old TVs lack support for AirPlay, and a confirmation of this can conveniently fix your problem. 

Bring Devices Closer: 

At times, Spotify AirPlay will not work on your desired device because the devices are kept away from each other. This might be a reason for Spotify not functioning well or AirPlay to keep disconnecting from your TV continuously. 

Besides that, the connection could be weak if obstacles or objects are placed between your TV and the device from which you are trying to AirPlay. To fix this, place your OS or iOS device as close to your TV as you can manage and try eliminating any objects that may be obstacles in the way, only in the case where there are any. 

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How to fix Spotify AirPlay not working is nothing technical. In fact, by following our suggested easy fixes, you can quickly get Spotify streaming on your AirPlay-compatible TV, making sure never to face the issue again.

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