How To Fix Volume On Roku Remote

How To Fix Volume On Roku Remote

When you try to change the TV volume, is your Roku streaming device remote getting stuck? No issue! This article explains “how to fix volume on Roku remote.”

Over the past ten years, Roku has become one of the most well-known brands of digital media players worldwide. The company, which has millions of admirers worldwide, is sometimes blamed for unpleasant faults in its products, including the remote.

If you’re a user, you could occasionally run into issues with your Roku streaming device and remote. One of the most frequent problems you will encounter is the Roku volume control problem. This problem typically arises when you use the TV remote to adjust the volume; however, in this case, everything appears to function normally until the volume button on the remote suddenly stops working.

If this has happened to you, it’s time to use the effective solutions in this article to fix Roku remote issues and keep on with your entertainment plans!

How To Fix A Faulty Roku Remote Volume?

The majority of Roku remote controls frequently experience issues with the volume. It can be your fault, a hardware problem, or a software bug. Whatever the cause, you no longer need to worry since we’ve put together a list of fixes to get your Roku remote control working again.

See them down below!

Change the Batteries

When was the last time you changed the batteries in your Roku remote?

It’s time to replace them!

Replace the batteries in your remote control if you changed them long ago. You require a new pair of batteries for your remote, and you are good to go. Remove the remote’s back cover and swap the old batteries with the new ones. Now, try to change the volume with your remote and see if it works. Changing batteries would resolve the problem if they were the problem. 

Check out our other options if not!

Clean the volume button of your remote

If you’re using the remote for a while, then it is most probable that the volume buttons may be dusty. Ensure your Roku remote’s volume and other controls are free of any dirt or filth that could prevent them from functioning. Use a gentle cleanser, such as wet wipes, to clean the remote and buttons. You can also require a paperclip to remove the residue from the confined places between the buttons.

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After cleaning the remote, check to ensure no buttons are stuck and see if the volume starts functioning.

Randomly press the remote buttons.

If you frequently watch TV during cooking/eating, it is most likely that the remote picks up the dirt and grease from your hands. A result of this is that the remote’s buttons malfunction or become stuck. To resolve this problem, you must remove the batteries from the remote and randomly press each remote button. Repeat this procedure for each of the buttons. Use the remote after replacing the batteries. It should be working now.

See if the TV is muted

The volume controls on the Roku remote may cease functioning if you unintentionally mute your TV.

Grab your TV remote and press the Mute button to ensure the TV isn’t muted to see if this is the case. If you unmute your TV, the Roku control should begin to function.

Try Syncing Roku Remote Once More

Re-syncing the remote with your Roku TV is another way to solve the Roku remote’s broken volume control button. You must first unpair the Roku remote before performing the methods below to pair it again.

  1. Simultaneously press the home, back, and pair buttons.
  2. Press these buttons until the LED light blinks three times. You can now unpair your Roku control.
  3. Now shut off your Roku TV.
  4. Start by removing the batteries from the Roku remote.
  5. Switch on the Roku device and put the remote’s batteries back in.
  6. Push the remote’s pairing button.
  7. Wait for the LED light to start blinking after pushing the pairing button. Your remote and Roku will be paired now. After that, try using the volume buttons once more.
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Turn off private listening.

Roku has a private listening feature; if you use it frequently, It may prevent your Roku remote’s volume buttons from functioning correctly.

This is because the sound from the private listening option is sent to your phone or headphones when you utilize it. Thus, using the remote to control the sound on your TV is not an option.

You can fix this by disabling this feature!


Resetting your Device

Resetting the Roku gadget is another option you have.

Reset your Roku by unplugging it for 10 to 15 seconds, then plugging it back in. As the Roku device restarts, wait.

The remote should function now and allow you to adjust the volume.


Why is the Volume Button not Working on Roku Remote?

Besides all these fixes, you should know the root cause of your problem. Let’s try and attempt to understand what might have gone wrong.

Wiring Issue

Loose or faulty wiring has traditionally been the most frequent source of this problem. If the audio from your Roku remote isn’t working, there’s probably something wrong with the HDMI cable connecting your TV to your Roku device.

Incorrect Audio Output

The Roku device or TV’s configuration settings may be the source of the issue. System audio won’t play if the audio output channel is chosen improperly.

A Roku Remote problem

.The volume controls could become ineffective if the buttons or internal electronics are damaged. One requires technical expertise and practice to open and use a hardware device. However, we can quickly check to see whether your Roku remote setup settings are set up or not.



Indeed, Roku equipment is robust and worthwhile; most of the time, they are easy to use. However, problems like volume issues can make a user feel too stressed. 

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In this article, we attempted to deconstruct the numerous root reasons and solutions for a mute Roku system and a broken Roku Remote. We aimed to make this process helpful for you to maintain clarity and accuracy. If nothing of the suggested fixes resolves the issue, we advise contacting Roku customer service. We hope this post will enable you to save time and find a comfortable solution to your problem.

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